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The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. (GS)

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    One more note: they had an average stock price before 2020 of around $250 per share. If you factor in the $80 Earnings from 2020 and 2021, plus the 30% increase in the money supply, the stock should be trading at 250+80=330 x 1.3 = $430 per share, just to trade flat with 2019 prices. That discounts all the value created at the company. If you want to remove the $80 in earnings and additional cash on the balance sheet and share repurchases, then the floor should be right at $350 which is where we are right now. Of course, that $80 per share of earnings from 2020 and 2021 adds significant value, so we should be sitting at $400 minimum as a floor price.
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    Powell will TANK the economy with floor of rate hikes.
    Welcome to 2022 market CRASH.
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    Trading and investing in cryptocurrencies often carry a considerable degree of risk, as you may have observed given the volatility of Bitcoin and some other digital currencies. Despite the disadvantages currently associated with cryptos versus fiat currencies (like lower liquidity and minimal payment options), the advantages of holding cryptocurrencies will increase as they become a more common form of payment.
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    2022 MARKET CRASH in the works.
    New Covid variant discovered will take the economy and consumer sentiment to new lows.
  • V
    10 PE, $50 earnings in 2022 makes GS a $500 stock. $8 dividend while you wait.
  • M
    Midnight Cowboy
    What is holding back GS? The stock price is too high. Split 4 - 1
  • R
    Due to its excellent performance in 2021, GS distributed more bonuses to employees in 4Q. The stock price fall because of this. Is the market crazy?
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    Goldman could literally buy back all their shares ($115 billion) with their cash on hand of $261 billion right now. It's ridiculous how cheap this bank is. They earned over $21 billion last year which is about 20% of their market cap. How many other companies have done that recently? You think Apple has earned $500 billion of their 3T market cap in one year? Not likely!
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    Doubled up on $GS today and bought some $ABNB and $XOM
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    See Russell 2000 in bear market territory as early as the end of this month---as month-end redemption calls take hold. Nasdaq likely to follow a little after that. The decline could hold at 20% or drop as much as 40% as early forward 1Q earnings guidance starts to get reflected in numbers. Not all companies are going to be able to pass through cost increases w/commensurate higher pricing as there will a fight to gain market share among larger players. Small companies w/smaller scale economies are going to get destroyed and have to hang on. It is a time of capital preservation and a time to upgrade portfolio quality by avoiding leverage both at the individual company holdings level and for the portfolio exposure as a whole. Margin is going to be lethal for many. Algorithms raise the risk everywhere whether one wants to call it momentum trading or cascading forced liquidation of over-leveraged participants. What is rational is different from what is overdone. Overdone is probably more the rule than the exception as human intermediation takes a back seat to the computers.
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    Time  to lock in profits
    Financials are next bear 🐻 market as credit contracts bonds, loans, and credit cards default.
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    Looks ugly again tomorrow, especially for tech and small caps, as we likely enter the world of margin calls and forced liquidation from anticipated or actual fund redemption requests. That $5 trillion sitting on the sidelines could be about to become $6 trillion soon. Individual investors are turning bearish but that positive contrarian indicator could be overwhelmed by algorithmic driven capitulation at any time. The Fed has taken away the punch bowl. Any additional fiscal spending is unlikely. Monetary velocity is going to ebb as investors are hoarding cash. Interest rates are moving higher and inflation is running unabated. Higher labor and raw material costs and supply chain issues are here for a while. Earnings forecasts are going to get cut. Not sure how you define "a perfect storm" but I think this may qualify. Didn't even mention geopolitical risk. There is a wall of worry and then there is Mt. Everest w/zero visibility and 100 mph winds.
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    I predict GS goes up $15 in the next 3 trading days.....IMO.
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    Good news - GS raised bonus pool 40%. This company favors paying its people over shareholders .
  • P
    pay your partners absurdly vs. your shareholders and -$60.00 and counting. 30m comp packages... please!
  • h
    FB earns less than $3 per quarter and priced at $320. GS earns $10 per quarter and priced at $350.
    make connection pls.
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    The Legendary Dark Knight Sparda
    have a feeling Goldman won't be as profitable in 2022 as some US equity prices begin declining...
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    Bold prediction: The 10-year is gonna have to go close to 5.0% to tamp down inflation. That will be the wages of runaway fiscal spending having used COVID as the excuse. What was gonna fail should have been left to fail. Economic Darwinism is much less painful than what we are going to be looking at going forward, or more precisely what our children and their children will have to pay for. California is on the verge of becoming a socialist state w/tax rates that will exceed Federal income tax rates. That is the future for most blue states. There is going to be massive relocation and migration to states like Florida and Texas. People will refuse to work in NYC, Chicago or L.A.
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    IMF says Rate Hikes will SLOW GLOBAL ECONOMY !
    hope POWELL is listening here.