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Globalstar, Inc. (GSAT)

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    Want to know more? Search the FCC publication “Part 15 Subpart E U-NII 6 GHz General Guidance Bands 5, 6, 7, 8”, dated February 4, 2021.

    This is one reason why Vangard is now the largest non-Thermo investor in GSAT. GLTLs.
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    Great volume with price rising!
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    I think Globalstar is somehow involved in Starlink. Could be wrong but from what I've read and looked at it may be a possibility. If anyone has any other info to show that GSAT is 100% not involved in Starlink I would like to see it if possible please. Also, if anyone has any other info as to what GSAT may be involved in, I would like to see that as well and if possible please post the link to it. Thanks
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    A lot of options expired today, hopefully the stock will go higher next week
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    This was part of this article I got today: Huawei, Ericsson or Nokia? Apple or Samsung? U.S. or China? Who's Winning the 5G Races -- Journal Report
    BY DOW JONES & COMPANY, INC. — 10/12/2021 ——“When it comes to 5G applications, the U.S. has taken the unsurprising approach of leaving the heavy lifting to the private sector. Many companies have come forward with similar innovations to those being developed in China.
    One obstacle to their wider adoption and a greater number of 5G applications is some carriers' lack of access to the radio frequencies best suited for 5G coverage. Only last year did the U.S. Federal Communications Commission start to free up a significant block of "midband" spectrum, a valuable piece of digital real estate that carriers have been eager to claim for their 5G networks. Carriers are set to begin using the new airwaves later this year.”
    Sound familiar?
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    Short squeeze!
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    Over 3 million traded in the last Hour..Something Cooking me thinks.
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    william f.
    just another possibly partner Sateliot, the satellite operator that will launch a constellation of nanosatellites to universalize the Internet of Things with 5G coverage, will enter the U.S. market before the end of this year thanks to EvoNexus – the accelerator sponsored by the microchip manufacturer Qualcomm and the operator Verizon.
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    I believe GSAT soon will be BIG and profitable. See top holders insiders and institutions this always a good thing they will work hard where their money is to success!!!
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    ok , personally I'm waiting for the dip and reposition , then wait when it's right time to release , just one button away , PERIOD !!
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    Can GSAT form a partnership with Apple now?
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    Airlines might install GSAT or Starlink.......This may touch $5-$10 soon....
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    Based on the options market I'd say we should be above $2 tomorrow. MO
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    a little green is better than no green
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    Who turned on the lights because the ROACHES are out
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    Going to $1.90 very shortly!
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    out of luck
    Does it bother anyone else when pundits like Chris Neiger (Motley Fools) chime in with their limited knowledge of GSAT? He appears to see GSAT as a dinosaur sat company as opposed to what they've become. He seems oblivious to GSAT' relationships with QCOM, XCOM, Pivotal Commware etc.. GSAT' S-band is going to provide a critical part in mmwave, IoT, etc.. Question: How can they fly drones, or have self driving cars in places with no cell tower? As Pickens (VP of strategy of GSAT) states "Globalstar is happy being just a spectrum provider and is not trying to be anything more than that.". Terrestrial phone companies see interest in GSAT S-band and what it can provide and I don't mean sat Phone usage. Seems Chris Neiger could overwhelming enlighten himself reading Yahoo's GSAT board.
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    So, I hear Elon Musk is gonna buy Globalstar…
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    black velvet...
    something is brewing...they want us to panic sell...they want our shares...FOH