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    Greg M.
    Looks like a breakout is forming...could see a nice climb to the $19 range...little resistance till then...lets see
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    Something that could signal something important. This afternoon, HPE filed a SEC form 8-K which was a statement that they were paying off a $1 Billion long term debt this month. The debt doesn't come due until 2024 - so quite early. It current has an interest rate of 4.65%. The notice doesn't mention refinancing it with new debt with a lower interest rate or a longer maturity. Just paying it off. Given that they declared that they would buy back $250 Million in stock recently and paid cash for a recent acquisition, this is a pretty big use of cash/liquidity with the other things going on. Perhaps they are more confident of getting a big settlement with Oracle soon??? Don't know. But paying off a lot of debt could help their credit rating, and also their earnings! Its all positive !!
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    The company needs to follow in the footsteps of its former parent company and raise their dividend as well by 30%.
    That substantial dividend increase would be the catalyst we need to get this stock to the basic 10multiple it certainly merits.
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    One of these days, hopefully very very soon, HPE is going to make the big press release regarding the windfall ($2 Billion plus??) from winning the Calif. Supreme Court's ruling against Oracle. While Oracle can appeal to the US Supreme Court and try and overturn it, their options there are very limited ( and statistically a very low chance of getting a review) and making a deal now might be in their best interests. Up to now, it has been Oracle 0-3 ( no wins, 3 losses - as in loss at trial court, loss at Calif. Court of Appeals, and loss at Calif Supreme Court) Both HPE and Oracle can hire the best lawyers money can buy, at the center of this are the basic facts of the case. And with Oracle, their lawyers can only play with the cards they have been dealt. And I would think that the 3 straight losses speak for the cards they have been dealt, or they would have won at least one of them! From my reading, Oracle has 90 days from the date of the decision of the Calif. Supreme Court to appeal. Then the US Supreme Court has time to decide if they will even take up the case or not. All the while and even as I write this, the interest on the jury award is accruing at $1 Million a day according to SEC filings by HPE. Now Oracle can go just so long as their options are running out very fast now. If they appeal, and get turned down by the US Supreme Court for even a review, it is game over. And any leverage they have today is totally gone. So while they just have a little bit a leverage today ( saying they will appeal and delaying longer) they might try and make a deal to end it and stop the $1 Million a day clock from running. I believe - the end is near! Of course, HPE gets half of $1 Million a day ( the other half goes to HPQ) so $500,000 a day, which works out to $45 Million in just one quarters earning. We will see what comes of this. Hoping the stock jumps very high upon good news! And also hoping that the Shorts get squeezed Very hard when it happens.
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    Mr Dorpo
    Look up a story called "Prime Contracting No Longer One Of Intel’s HPC Aspirations" on thenextplatform. Intel is quitting prime contracting on HPC projects. This is a big win for HPE as it means there is one less competitor in the supercomputer ring. This move might translate into better margins for Cray installations. It also speaks poorly of INTC's ambitions in this space.
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    This is one of my favorite long term stocks. Patients will pay.
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    Something may be going on between Oracle and HPE. The Calif. Supreme Court just declined to hear the appeal of Oracle who wanted to overturn their now ( with interest ) $4.5 Billion award to HPE & HPQ ( split 50-50 between HPE & HPQ.) Oracle's June 10Q, to the SEC when they lost at the Calif. Court of Appeals, they said they would appeal to the Calif. Supreme Court. In early September, that 10 Q to the SEC said that if they lost the appeal at the Calif. Supreme Court they would be liable for the jury trial amount plus interest ( now about $4.5 Billion) They didn't mention if they lost it ( which they just did) they would try and appeal to the US Supreme Court. Now, if I were HPE, I would love to put out a press release that we just won $2.25 Billion! ( or about 12% of the market cap of the company!!! Why haven't they? Some thoughts come to mind. Are they waiting for Oracle to run up the white flag and admit that they lost before they speak? Or is Oracle spending some time trying to figure if they have any chance in the world of making a go for the US Supreme Court ( which is a very slim chance statistically - if you can even call it at chance at all). Keep in mind that this (Calif Supreme Court decision) a material event for Oracle, so they are duty bound to disclose the probable loss ( I would think) in a timely manner) or potentially risk lawsuits ( haven' they lost enough already?) Also keep in mind that the award as it stands now, is accruing a $1 Million dollar a day interest cost. ( That figure come from HPE's SEC 10-Q filing) Which, should they decide to further appeal to the US Supreme court, keeps adding up. Or are they in discussions to just buy HPE for what ?? $20/share??? The award to HPE works out to about $1.70 share, so deduct that from $20 and you get less than $18.50 /share in true cost. Somethings gotta give soon, as the Calif. Supreme Court's siding with HPE is HUGE!!! Why no announcement? From either side? Make my mind wonder - what is going on? It is such a big event, that this must be consuming a lot of time. Do I hear more stock buy backs in my mind? That is the kind of money you can do Many things with. I am hoping that there is an announcement very soon -which will clarify the situation. In any event, this is a big deal for HPE!
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    What would you rather do
    Pay $5 billion + lawsuit or just buy company?
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    Tomorrow is hopefully going to be a great day. I got an email this afternoon ( something I signed up for) from the Supreme Court of Calif who will notify you of changes to a case you are interested in. At 1:58 Pm today I got an email which reported that Oracle's petition for review of their case - where they lost to HPE -was denied. When Oracle lost their appeal at the Calif. Court of Appeals ( in their SEC filing 10Q) on June 14th of this year, they basically said they would appeal ( which they did) to the Calif. Supreme Court. When Oracle filed their 10Q for their quarter just ended, they said they had appealed. But cautioned that if they lost their appeal ( and it appears that they have lost it as their request was denied) they did not mention any other appeals ( like to the US Supreme Court ) or any other avenues - and further stated that if they lost their appeal, it would be a material loss to them. I believe we are there now. We will see if there is an announcement tomorrow to confirm what I have believed. I did notice that the stock was up after hours today, as reported on both Yahoo and the WSJ. The WSJ reported after hours volume of 487,223 shares. Folks, if I have this correct, this could be HUGE!!!.. The award could be as much as around 12% of their market cap, plus a potential short squeeze. I am hoping for 16 plus!! That is my personal hope.
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    Who has the power at Yahoo to remove these posts about HPE and HPQ's win in CA Supreme Court yesterday?
    I have posted a Reuters news link twice. Daniel has posted about it, and another posted a link also.
    I again ask.... who has the power to remove these posts? This is potentially substantive information to stockholders.
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    hpe moves independently from stock index lately.
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    very strange move in today's blood bath.
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    I will say I like watching TV on Line and seeing commercials for HPE.
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    Relax all who are long this stock. The really big news is coming soon. My guess is either later this week ( Wednesday/Thursday) or two weeks after that ( Oct. 13/14) when the Calif. Supreme Court will accept or reject Oracle's request to take up their case for review as Oracle lost in both the trial court and the Court of appeals. HPE has two chances to win, and Oracle only one. The prize for HPE is appx. $2.3 Billion ( their current award plus accrued interest) and HPQ would get an equal amount ($2.3 B) The $2.3 Billion is about 13% of HPE's market cap! Imagine that big of a prize. Hopefully the shorts ( around 35-36 million shares) will get squeezed big time then- so that is another potential So if the Supreme court doesn't accept the case for review, HPE wins - now. If the Court does accept the case for review, then its another - what? year to a year and a half to decide. - in which case either company could potentially win. So the best case for Oracle as of today, is that the case goes another year - year and a half with a hope of then winning. I'm hoping HPE wins now and the State Supreme court declined to review. It would be a huge win. While many may say - Oracle, they are such a big powerful company when compared to HPE, the reality is that both companies have all the cash needed to devote to this case. Also, consider this. Oracle has lost so far up to now ( Trial Court and Court of Appeals in Calif Oracle lost both) . So if Oracle is so big and strong, why have the lost so far? Even so, both sides may just settle out of court for a lower sum, no matter how the Supreme Court rules. A lower sum would still be huge, given HPE's current position of two wins and no losses.
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    I am long (hpe) should be a good long term hold, my guess it will go up in price or get bought out.
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    Expect a settlement announcement soon. Oracle sees it can’t win and HPE would like to wrap up litigation. All systems go for a higher share price, but the market is brutal at the moment, obviously. Sometimes everything gets sold in the panic. GLTA.
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    After some homework, I've decided to purchase HPE stock for my portfolio as a long position.

    I look forward to the eventual growth of this company.

    Why? I just watched a Yahoo video interview of HPE CEO Antonio Neri. I like his clear and lucid answers and his background as a professor of drawing and painting. That made my decision to invest in this company.

    Long on HPE.
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    Nice press release today. Keeping the mojo rising.
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    I recognize everyone has a right to their opinions about why a stock is gaining, losing, is flat. And while everyone is entitled to their opinions they’re not entitled to their own facts. These are the facts about HPE revenue and earnings in each quarter since Q2 2017 and can be independently verified by anyone who chooses to go the HPE investors relations website. Referenced here for everyone’s convenience:

    Q2 2017 Revenue $7.445B Earnings -$612M

    Q3 2017 Revenue $8.209B Earnings $165M

    Q4 2017 Revenue $7.660B Earnings $524M

    Q1 2018 Revenue $7.674B Earnings $524M

    Q2 2018 Revenue $7.468B Earnings $1436M

    Q3 2018 Revenue $7.764B Earnings $451M

    Q4 2018 Revenue $7.946B Earnings $-757M

    Q1 2019 Revenue $7.553B Earnings $177M

    Q2 2019 Revenue $7.150B Earnings $419M

    Q3 2019 Revenue $7.217B Earnings $-27M

    Q4 2019 Revenue $7.215B Earnings $480M

    Q1 2020 Revenue $6.949B Earnings $333M

    Q2 2020 Revenue $6.009B Earnings $-821M

    Q3 2020 Revenue $6.816B Earnings $9M

    Q4 2020 Revenue $7.208B Earnings $157M

    Q1 2021 Revenue $6.833B Earnings $223M

    There’s at least one person who likes to reference vague Barron’s articles without citing any references, so I did some diligence and researched the latest Barron’s article and here’s the link for those that want to read it.

    The revenue portion of that article is copied below here where it DOES discuss double digit growth in some smaller segments of HPE’s business’ and that good for HPE. The article also ,however, mentions that the core compute segment which is nearly half of HPE’s total business is down 9%.

    Revenue in HP Enterprise’s core compute segment was down 9% from 2020, to $3.1 billion, but up from just under $3 billion in the fiscal second quarter. High Performance Computing and Mission Critical Systems saw sales jump 11% to $741 million. Sales in Intelligent Edge, which provides edge-computing systems, jumped 27% year-over-year to $867 million, accelerating from 20% growth in the April quarter. Storage revenue was up 4% to $1.2 billion.

    The NET NET of all this is HPE is not demonstrated any real growth in revenue or earnings since Q2 2017. I think that will be changing going forward and those the buy in or hold will be rewarded.

    I encourage everyone to do their own research, look deeper than reading headlines or summaries, and draw their own conclusions about investing in any security.
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    Got a feeling we'll see Oracle pay up by EOY on the HPE/$HPQ Itanium lawsuit. They owe about $4.5B including accrued interest on their $3B verdict against Oracle which has been tied up in court for 10 years since HPE and HPQ were one company. Looks like Oracle has reached the end of the line. They have 90 days from September 30 to appeal the decision to the US Supreme Court which I feel is unlikely to happen. If they fail to appeal, I belive they have to pay up.....
    "In July 2016, Oracle said it would appeal a decision that required Big Red to make a $3bn payment to HPE. The jury agreed with (by then) HPE's claim for $1.7 billion in lost sales before the case started, plus $1.3 billion in post-trial sales.

    So could this latest ruling be the end of the matter? Well, according to an appellate law firm, when a claim comes through a state court, the loser can appeal to a state appellate court, then that decision can be appealed to the highest state court, in this case, Supreme Court of California, which is where the current ruling was made. There is the possibility to appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States, but only in cases where there is a question of federal law at stake."