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HSBC Holdings plc (HSBA.L)

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    They had some interesting insights about HSBC on ( Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    Its good that they exit USA retail, clearly not much money to be made there for an outsider. They are focusing on their strengths which is global trade and market access. Retail reaaally doesnt use either of these. Leave it to large USA banks to wrestle over
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    There is no doubt that Hsbc had the best value for the Stock price.
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    Focusing on profitable business will make the next few year great.
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    buy buy buy!
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    HSBC has a enterprise value of -337 Billion. Their cash is 1.06T. Market cap at the moment is 89 B. If we add the 89 to the 337, we will have 426 Billions. HSBC is 426 Billion cash positive for a market cap of 89 B. As we all know, banks are the opposite to all other companies out there. Their cash is the debt of the others and their debt is our cash accounts at them. Now, out of the 1.06 trillion of HSBC assests (which are loans as I said), is there a valid reason to believe that 426 Billion which represents roughly 40% of their assets are toxic red loans that will never be returned back to the bank? I think that this is exuberant, obsurd and the market will realise it soon.
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    They’re leaving the U.S. retail market? Good deal. Let them launder drug money somewhere else.
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    awaiting hsbc to break 1 year high
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    79% Profit jump?!?!? that's massive!
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    These earmings is merely what they should have had on 2020 q1, not an improvement just the expectation. Looking forward to wheter they hit their 2022 goals personally..
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    When is next Dividend?
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    Natural Gas is $2.80 per M/cf
    Helium is $280 per m/cf Yes that is 100x more expensive than gas
    Helium One (HE1) are drilling 138 Billion Cubic Feet of Helium Gas (its a $38 billion asset)... Helium is very very rare. Take look at Helium One (HE1)
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    Hsbc will spike to around $36... Starting Monday Apr 12 or Tuesday.
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    This will trade in the 40s soon.
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    The Times of London: Analysts said that the insurer was unlikely to receive a seat on HSBC’s board as a result of its increased shareholding. However, there has been speculation that the bank may increase the number of directors from Asia. Currently only three of 15 are from the region. One of them, Laura Cha — chairwoman of Hong Kong Exchange, with close connections to Beijing — is expected to step down from HSBC’s board soon, having served for nine years.
    Ping An started buying shares in HSBC in 2016 and took its stake above 5 per cent in December 2017, after which it had to publicly disclose its holding and changes. It has suffered a heavy loss on its HSBC’s shares, which have lost nearly 60 per cent of their value in the past two years.
    Asian investors were said to be angry when HSBC along with other big banks in the UK were ordered to freeze dividends earlier this year to help cope with the financial cost of the pandemic.
    HSBC has been hit by several difficult issues in recent months, the most recent of which were reports last week of a leak of documents alleging that it along with other banks continued to move money for clients which suspected of engaging in criminal activity.
    HSBC has also been criticised by US and British politicians for supporting Beijing’s National Security Law to crack down on Hong Kong dissidents and has been attacked by Chinese authorities for its role in the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, finance chief of the Chinese telecoms group Huawei, in December 2018 at Vancouver airport on a warrant from the US.
    Observers believe that pressure on the bank may lift somewhat after the US election in November and once noise over Ms Meng’s contested extradition dies down, although that may not be for many months.
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    If you invest in this company you're supporting drug cartels and the Iranian regime:

    Also, their dividend yield is the worst I've ever seen for a bank but maybe I'm spoiled.
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    HSBC not into Bitcoin. Only cronyism and corruption.
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    China’s Ping An Insurance Group Co. raised its stake in HSBC Holdings Plc, cementing its position as the lender’s biggest shareholder.

    Ping An Asset Management Co., a unit of the insurer, bought 10.8 million shares of HSBC on Wednesday, according to a Hong Kong stock exchange filing on Friday. That brings the group’s stake to 8% from 7.95% previously. BlackRock Inc., the second-biggest holder, currently owns 7.14%.
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    How low is this going? 15$? Bankruptcies / bad loans / leveraged to the max / housing payments halted / mortgage crisis 2.0 - what happens to the price when this all impacts HSBC 2-6 months from now?
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    mike s
    Bought this back in 2015 around $43... with dividends reinvested I am at about +15%... thinking I sell out of it - take the money and run. Thoughts?