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  • L
    Lou From SB
    Amazon’s premarket slide is more than the entire market cap of IBM!!!
  • B
    IBM turned the corner and is now gaining momentum. Hybrid cloud is the only way to go imo for large organizations. Buy.
  • E
    I was asked by another person here if I plan to buy Kyndryl when it becomes available.... My response was: probably not, the remaining part of IBM believes that the Kyndryl half is "cancerous" and therefore is cutting off an arm and a leg to get rid of it. (and they will try to make a go of it without those limbs - it may be hard to walk) I don't think that Kyndryl (GTS Division) is cancerous, but it remains to be seen if that half (or the other) can drive growth... People think that this is just a little division that IBM is divesting - it is not!! it truly is about half of the company. THIS IS MAJORLY DISRUPTING !! The remaining part (labeled IBM) is truly NOT IBM anymore, it is mostly Red Hat and software.. ( this may be good??) And, the part divesting (kyndryl), is more truly IBM. (this might be bad, as its the same old thing??) If your holding IBM you will magically get equal shares in Kyndryl - and the "sum" of both should "approximate" the current value of IBM..... But expect the share price(s) to immediatly do very dramatic things, and expect that there may be hours (or a day??) where your broker cannot execute your share orders for one or the other.... and, as I have posted before, I expect major dividend changes within 6 months of this divestment closing ( A dramatic decrease of the combined dividend value) this does not bode well for the segment of "income" investors and I believe that this (and the divestment turmoil) will put downward pressure on both of these companies for a period of time.... I also believe that remaining IBM is controlling the splits to the "bank accounts" (assets) and that Kyndryl is not getting its fair slice, this will put unique financial pressure on Kyndryl right from the starting gate.... Meanwhile IBM is on a "buying spree" blowing as much money as they can before the "divorce"
  • M
    IBM has transformed to become true Cloud company combined with server business. If you think about this into competitiveness, this is huge.
  • k
    Down 4% for the month of July. But growth "is just around the corner!"
  • B
    Cheap are we yielding 4.5%, 11 PE, growing revenues for the first time in years. Those thinking IBM is the old IBM in the face of so much change will watch our fortunes soon balloon to $160 and beyond. Buy.
  • D
    IBM’s share price could be anywhere until you look at it. Quantum humor.
  • G
    This is yet another example of how the professionals manipulate the market and the retail investors. Almost as bad as the Micron example. Micron beat on every metric Huge cash, strong balance sheet, and raised future guidance for both EPS and Revenue......and the stock fell from $84 to $74. Lots of these examples in this rigged market.
  • S
    IBM reported its biggest increase in revenue in three years on the back of strong cloud-computing demand!
    Sales rose 3.4% to $18.7 billion for the three months ending June 30th. Way to go big blue 👍
  • I
    I’m looking at IBM from a long term perspective of around 2-5 years. I dunno what will happen in the short term. I feel this won’t move up until after the terms of Kyndryl spin off are known.
  • A
    Look at valuation...or go buy Snowflake for a gamble. IBM will return to $150. PE of 23 and 5pct dividend. Buy and hold for the long term.
  • B
    Q/Q growth in cloud and services revenue..... that is a first in many quarters. I can understand Y/Y growth since 2020 was mostly muted, but it is encouraging to see IBM showing Q/Q growth. IBM seems to start showing turnaround... and the departure of Jim doesn't really have any impact on the company's results.
  • L
    Le Pugeron Moffataine salute
    Posted earlier about the virtues of ibm and to my surprised people asked me to explain why ibm did
    A game over to the chip industry with its 2nm chip design ?

    So here is your answer then

    To get to 2nm you need specific breakthroughs in material Engeneering
    This breakthroughs are static and specific one patents what it has and that it is
    Now smaller is not possible because of phisiscs
    In the electronic world smaller becomes fuzzy meaning erratic and thus useless computationally to creat latches
    What is a latch a latch is a I/o switch a collection. Of this make bits and bits and and the logic needed for computation. Mesmore aggressions and hexadecimal all in all the array of single all to compute

    See the 2nm chips is the last station on the electronic race till. Is it with neat is available quantum is not here yet
    It is stil too fuzzy to be useful soo what we have is now ibm

    The second part of the question was

    Well if you know microcomputer architecture which I may be one of the few who does
    Aside from ibm ers

    2nm chips need les power to open and close circuits and they also dissipate heat faster

    And because they are tiny they are much faster at computing
    Sooo what can come out of it

    Easy super fast computing
    Like super super fast
    If you care to know exactly there is a formula arrive. That will calculate the number of computations per second
    But it will be in the millions
    That is enough to give the advantage to all users of ibm chips
    That means
    Absolutely necessary appreciations such as defense
    It will improve research of all kinds including bio technologies
    Financial markets will be unable to operate well with anything slower

    Generally a fast chip fuels massive technological break through that depend on computational speed

    This is how important is this advancement

    Clear now

    IBM will start running now as we NPV future revenue
    And future revenue in this instance is not derive from elective consumption
    IBM tech consumption is a must in the competitive landscape of any army weapons manufacture business
    And research institution
    A must
    A new tool that
    Is pure advantage on implementation
  • a
    IBM quarterly earnings have established a pattern. Revenue consistently down or flat. EPS up by a penny, significant charges for resource action, heavy on rhetorics: IBM positioned well to capture hybrid cloud worth 100 trillion dollars. making progress on strategic imperatives. It clearly shows company in crisis. CEO can not deliver results so resorts to slogans. When IBM was experiencing poor leadership under Akers board stepped in and made the naccassary leadership changes so IBM not only survive but also thrive. Current board feels no responsibility and actively managing demise of IBM. It is puzzling why IBM board is doing this. IBM company with its great employees, relationship with major companies, technology and a proud past has to come to this state. Look no further than IBM board to find the cause.
  • B
    Not sure where the sellers came from today. Thought we were free of them from the Whitehurst heist. Nonetheless, the revenue beat was what we want to see. Buy the lights out below $150. Going much higher.
  • K
    Expect bounce back up after yesterday pullback after earnings SP action. IBM position continues to strengthen.
  • R
    Future is bright blue. Sell off was an expected correction. IBM delivered and we are good to go!
  • i
    I have a suggestion for James Kavanaugh.
    I think IBM should be buying back stock instead of paying down debt.
    The stock dividend is costing IBM 4.72% annually whereas, I am sure, the interest rate on their debt, especially short term debt, is probably much lower. Besides, dividend payments are not deductible for tax purposes as is interest. A solid and consistent stock buyback plan would be very well received by the market.
  • E
    Gravity is going to be expensive for both IBM and KYNDRYL.... the "gravity" to recover what you have lost, what has been cut off (divested) it will pull and pull at you to rebuy the lawnmower, and furniture, and real-estate, and accountants, and lawyers, and friends.. yes, yes yes, for one (or both) they will be rid of the "hated spouse" and there will be some "value" there ....and one of them will take their belongings off to live in a new apartment - and the other will stay in the big expensive house. -the intrinsic costs for both of them will increase in some places due to lost synergy, but yes spousal stupidity spending may go down a bit. But for both parties functions will be lost, and both companies will have to buy/recover/build back what they have lost.... one, or the other, or both, (or neither) may be successful long term ..... But one thing is for sure!! both companies probably NEED EACH OTHER more than they can understand thru all the internal vitriol. So on those points, as we will hold shares in BOTH companies (magically) in a couple months.... There may be some quick SP gains simply based on emotions on being rid of the "dead weight" - but when the rubber meets the road both of these companies will suffer the loss of their partner and suffer the huge expenses of getting their feet back under them... (layoffs, loss of contracts and services to the other half, etc.) Trust me, they say they will play nice in front of the judge - but one minute after leaving the court they are both trying to subvert the kids into being the best parent and telling lies about the other half. if you are long long term here you may wish to LOOK AWAY for awhile... and for those playing for short term gains you may get trapped. - for awhile I believe "shorts" may take control... be cautious - no matter what. BOTH companies are still bred of the legacy parent (IBM) ...and that has not been all that great for a DECADE NOW!!! ugh - and yes I have been holding a large chunk for several decades... (feel free to call me a maroon, I probably deserve it) But I am not sitting on my hands here anymore - I will watch both companies very close, and seek exits FOR BOTH as I now believe the next decade for this divorced and angry set of "me-too" companies will be no better then the last decade - AND THE DIVY is not likely to continue for one or both, given restructuring costs and a readily available "excuse" for canceling it....... Kyndryl will probably be the one to cancel it -as they never had one in the first place (wink wink) and IBM will definitely not carry the current whole divy on its own. - For both, it is super easy here to point fingers at each other when the child support does not get paid. and when the news the cumulative Divy is reduced -- Its going to be like lemmings on a sinking ship for the investors who have held IBM specifically for the dividend ratio.. (stupidly punching myself right now) ....good luck!!! - if nothing else, this is going to be fantastically entertaining.
  • M
    Comparing IBM management to MSFT, AMD, NVDA, and other tech companies, IBM needs to learn how to move forward more progressively.