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International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

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    October 26, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--
    The IBM (NYSE: IBM) board of directors today declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of $1.64 per common share, payable December 10, 2021 to stockholders of record November 10, 2021.
    This $1.64 per share payment is the first dividend that will be paid by IBM after the expected November 3, 2021 separation of Kyndryl. 
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    would I get KD shares, If I buy IBM shares now ?
  • b
    I may get some lost back with this! IBM) board of directors today declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of $1.64 per common share, payable December 10, 2021 to stockholders of record November 10, 2021
  • R
    If for every 5 IBM shares a holder receives 1 KD share, and 1 KD share trades at $39, as it does now on a "when issued" basis, that means every IBM share gets $7.80 ($39/5) in KD "value" per IBM share.
    So, simple math says IBM should trade at about $120 per share post deal, but simple math is fairly irrelevant. IBM is splitting off the KD unit because they believe the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Also, uncertainty about any transaction keeps the price low. That uncertainty will be gone soon. So, my guess is that in about two weeks IBM will trade at about $130 and KD at about $50, giving pre-deal holders a total value based on pre-deal shares of $140 per share. ($130+50/5). It wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for IBM to do this transaction if the result isn't in that ballpark or better.
    Good luck, longs.
  • t
    seriously, a slight revenue miss and a 15 dollar drop in shareholder price.

    I like that we have a big dividend coming up soon.

    That Kendryl will be splitting and I'll be getting shares in that stock as well.

    I think kendryl will hold its own, and the origianl ibm will be in a better growth position.

    If it can spin down on a dime it can spin back up, jsut as quickly.

    There is a lot of expertise within this company within a very complex field.
  • k
    Stayed green for a minute, went into shock, and quickly retreated back red where it feels more at home.
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    Its AMAZING lots of companies going into the trillions and IBM cant get out of 100 millions for a decade
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    Mr. Handsome
    When ibm split off outsourcing from the company and formed issc it was a lean org with only 3 layers of mgmt. they were nimble and won a lot of business. Then Ibm layered mountains of mgmt… accountants,,, laid off good folks and sent jobs to lower cost labor overseas. Then the board hired ‘ gin mill Ginny’ to run the company into the ground. Languishing in the bargain basement of tech. I hope this isn’t another major blunder by the bod.
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    Do I get kyndryl shares if I buy IBM shares today ? thanks in advance
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    If you currently have 1000 shares of IBM and stock price closes at 100$ The day before split. You will receive 200 share of KYN and still have 1000 shares of IBM. Price of IBM share will rest to $80. and KYN to $100 so now you will hold $20,000 worth of KYN and $80,000 worth of IBM shares. So total value of investment will stay constant at $100,000. In another word IBM will loose 20% of its market cap and KYN will have 20% market cap of old IBM. Off course after market opens then share prices will be determined by market.
  • G
    Ibm will pay KD stock as non taxable dividend does it mean our basis will be allocated amongst 2 stocks? If so will it be market determined after first day of trading on 4th November or IBM will make allocation?
  • b
    chanos said there be no divident IBM just said they paid $1.64 what happend if they just pushing it down to buy the shares for cheap ? chart don't lie but don't we suppost to buy when they every one is run for cover ?
    sure there is risk in everything get married is a risk get in your car is risk.
  • J
    It is interesting that Josh Brown is negative on IBM when he is positive on Simon Properties. IBM has strong free cash flow generation and pays a good dividend. Yes this is not pumped as a high growth Tech company but it will survive and will adopt to a ongoing technology company. They the "analyst and hedge funds" trashed AMD, CISCO, Intel and others in the past and will continue to trash stocks so they can make a buck on the drops.
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    Please explain I buy 2500 share IBM yesterday when it crash and add another 1000 shares today for total 3500 shares my average price is $130.74 how many shares Kyndryl do I get ? and how do the split effect IBM current stock price on that day spin off ? do any one know what is the price Kyndryl be set at ? Please explain no negative or name calling please thanks you.
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    Me Fui
    So it looks like we will see IBM at $90 next week, based on KD around $40 today.
    That's a lot less than what I would have expected.
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    Will IBM drop/adjust on the ex-dividend day. For instance, if KD is $35 and you get 1 share for every 5 that sounds like about a $7 adjustment. Is my math way off?
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    This price action is total bull.... Missing out on all the green NASDAQ days.... Really.. What is the goal of the fraudulent hedge funds and shorties... ??
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    Dividend time!
  • M
    Just looking at quarterly revenue, analysts are overreacting.
    IBM is undervalued.
    Look at SNOW. IBM has solid revenue but undervalued compare to some of the startups
  • k
    IBM is Zack's Bear of the Day. It should get that distinction for the year and decade too!