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    IBM and AT&T is said to work together to help enterprises manage their applications hosted in hybrid cloud environments with IBM Cloud Satellite leveraging Red Hat OpenShift, over AT&T networks. Also, these other companies said that consumers are clamoring for product to help alleviate stress, anxiety, pain, and even chronic issues! Head over here and check disclaimer on landing pages:
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    Under Valued Companies Investors Need To See In The MJ Space!
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    $AMD conversation
    Lol looks like my $ibm post on 3 directors buying disappeared lol
    Search this:
    "IBM CEO Rometty buys $3 million in company stock"
    See the pattern? Rometty buying in 2018...wasn't good was it? Lol don't be fooled always do your own research !
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    So correct me if I am wrong. IBM is putting everything in one basket and it is the cloud business. Outside of that , all other sectors of IBM are on a serious decline. Given the fact that other big companies are way ahead of IBM in the cloud business that it’s not a sure thing for IBM anymore. How can IBM convince the investors that they can take the market share from amazon, msft, dell.. just to name a few.....?
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    It is not just Wall Street now. Notice the falling revenue even in the midst of what is supposed to be the golden era of high tech, the revenue is falling? That means even the customers are losing faith. That said I do not think it is fair to blame the current CEO, the Titanic was already sinking half way when he took control.
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    $AMD conversation
    SERIOUS THOUGHTS - what is common between $ibm $intc and $nvda vs AMD's future ?
    This is not intended to bash any of the respective long investors in those companies. Just hopefully to start an open mind thought provoking process in a hope all will do whatever is best for them, with my best wishes for such!
    Let's start with IBM, recent move to spinoff a third of itself into a new company so to focus better on cloud. What happened? Well they have failed growing cloud in past year and realized that they need transform their business completely. Obviously they couldn't find a buyer to take such segment of their revenues which is substential so they split it. I'll not discuss the difficulties and prospects of such it's beyond the scope of this post. But ibm bought Redhat for $34B, and place it at the center of its future of cloud. Obviously cannot beat cloud kings Amazon and Microsoft not even Google. So they're talking about hybrid using OpenShift from Redhat.
    To me it means they hope Redhat business can scale to replace all future revenues of IBM. All legacy will be sold or spinoff. So more is coming possibly but...can that really happen ? I doubt it but they have no choice failing to gain cloud traction years ago, so now they need think about smaller operation. It's like HP split into HPE and Compaq based consumers HP.
    If you understand that you can see both Intel and nVidia looking for a different business.
    We already know Intel clearly stated they don't want to be mostly CPUs focused. They try buying all kind of companies to do something else. Why? They realized after their delays they cannot beat AMD. Too late. Trying GPUs. .won't work. .trying Altera FPGAs. ..trying Mobileye etc. Just like ibm focus on Redhat expansion intel tries to find alternatives. It's yet to be seen what business will emerge but no CPUs which could lead to selling all fabs, just like ibm has done as it moves to other business.
    Now the best is last. What is nVidia doing? I know you cannot agree all with me. But as I've posted in another post, both gaming and datacenters GPUs are in danger. Not winning any supercomputers in the US and abroad is a clear red flag for once dominant company.
    So nVidia trying to find completely different businesses. Mellanox isn't enough as the network gets integrated into the chips. See Cray own network and infinity fabric possible expansion with other emerging standards like Gen-Z etc. ARM licensing business is to be nVidia's Redhat. They can shift to it all, adding better GPUs IP but no longer make discrete GPUs as AMD taking over this market as I've explained.
    There you have it. My thinking. It's clear where AMD is going. What isn't clear is if Intel and nVidia and IBM can find their new niche or a major new revenues segment. HPE bought Cray - expanding HPC as a mainstream product to also help its datacenters offering. AMD is to gain the whole market from Intel and nVidia in GPU's and CPUs. That's my thinking with the obvious impact to come.
    Good luck all!
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    The CEO just bought more shares at the $110.31 price so he knows something we don’t. Hang in there and we will see this move up quickly.
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    Green Machine
    Buy during this market correction, and be rewarded if you hold for a while. Anything under around $115 - $120 is a bargain, as this will rebound soon in my opinion. This company is HUGE! And they have a ton of money, and some very smart people working there. They can turn this around, I'm sure. Good luck all!
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    IBM, a once quasi monopoly is reduced to a nonentity, pursuing the fads
    developed by successful companies....and the latest price action shows it has
    finally started circling the drain. True, much of its debt is from financing its
    customers, but with falling revenues, bankruptcy is a sign on the horizon. This
    will be an example in business schools re how, at least in technology, a CEO
    should understand the business, and politically correct hiring and promotion
    needs be kept under check.
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    $AMD conversation
    Think about it. .. $ibm paid $34B for Redhat cash talking lots of debt. AMD gives shares to Xilinx no debt.
    Do you really think ibm will do more out of Redhat than AzmD with Xilinx? Lol not even comparable!
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    $AAPL conversation
    With Apple down more than five percent after earnings, expect the volatile selloff to resume on Friday. Good luck to all and be disciplined when entering and exiting positions.

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    $AMD conversation
    Here's why one needs do independent deep technology understanding and not trust anything. Latest example $ibm 3 directors buy shares in coordination or coincidence at the same time?
    So latest trick to wave at innocent investors to suggest that the emperor's new clothes are amazing but the directors see them better than you. Don't be fooled. IBM's board of directors was preceding for years of decline. Do you think they now "see" those new clothes to as of by magic 3 of them deciding to huy shares...?
    Don't be fooled. ..! Think for yourself about one else can do it for you.
    Search :
    "3 Different IBM Insiders Just Bought (A Lot of) Stock: Should You Follow?"
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    Green Machine
    This seems very promising to me.... 7% revenue increase in cloud and cognitive software, including a 20% gain in the cloud and data platforms subsector. Cloud-based sales soared 60% higher.
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    Losing a third of its value so far. Ginney knew these numbers were coming out she ran a failure. Women being promoted for political convenience. The India CEO pushed IBM to the Cloud 15 years too late.
    Ballmer at Microsoft another CEO failure but only 10 years late to the Cloud
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    Remember when people were claiming IBM was the buy of the century at $120?
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    Market telling IBM it better start turning it around and give future guidance
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    In the past couple of weeks, I have read posters on this board promoting their prices targets between $220 and $400. What is the time frame for reaching these targets? Will any of us still be alive?
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    Some buys are a given. At 106, IBM was a screaming screaming buy. I just can't believe people were selling at that price. Especially with the dividend announcement
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    Management should completely turn-off the "Dividend Bilge Pump" in this old boat
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    Massive 6% div payout confirmed. Funds will load up for that yield. Back to $136
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    15% drop in 11 trading days, This stock is the laughing stock of tech stocks.