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iShares Global Clean Energy ETF (ICLN)

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22.54-0.64 (-2.76%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
22.60 +0.06 (+0.27%)
After hours: 05:30PM EDT

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  • s
    Guess I never understood the scope of greed, I get it you invest to make money. However, do you also feel a moral obligation to invest in green because science says fossil fuels are causing the earth to warm exponentially and that a nightmare scenario is highly possible. Get out of coal and oil what are you waiting on 130 F in Chicago for a month straight?
  • s
    I guess a lot of you think the stock market is a fast buck.
  • J
    the euro is getting devalued amid the energy crisis. where is the money pouring in from western countries for green energy? Alot of talk about going green and becoming energy independent, but little action. These people need to put their money where their mouth is
  • n
    For a pure auto play QCLN is a better play.
  • J
    what made it down today?
  • P
    This may take a little time but will eventually hit $30 again
  • E
    Seriously, such a waste of time and money. And this is coming from an environmental professional. Huge regrets putting any money into this ETF. Now we have to spend years of our lives to try and gain our original investment back to pull out.
  • e
    this is more like a bond
  • T
    Turnin n Burnin
    oil $122 a barrel and this dumpster fire still can't have a green day. Glad I have oil stocks at least they are making money.
  • H
  • J
    the irony is that the western world needs energy independence via clean renewable energy more than ever. And yet big oil company stocks are reaching new highs. thank you icln
  • A
    Sounds like there are some first time investors who don't seem to recognise there are many other holdings in this ETF that aren't going to move as quickly as PLUG - the balance between solar, wind and clean tech utilities make this much less volatile, and much more appealing, because it's led by a high flyer and grounded by solid companies. I'm not sure why two New Zealand companies are in the top ten, but they have a combined market cap around 30B, and actual strong revenues. You don't buy this to swing trade. You buy to hold for many months if not longer.
  • J
    There seems to be a lot of mixed sentiment on this board. It seems there is a lot of impatience among the investors and traders here as well. I’ve had a position in icln for a few months. It was 19 a share at that time. It’s had fast growth to where it is now, and it’s shown support and consolidation following corrections. This is healthy and steady growth. If you’d like more risk and more volatility there are plenty of other options. I believe this etf will do best for longs who regularly add throughout the next several years. Please be patient if you buy into this. The fact that you can still get this at this price is a damn good deal. Buy, add, and hold and you have a solid bet of making money. This is gonna be a top etf this decade. The main reason I buy this instead of qcln is because I can accumulate more shares of icln and I believe in it long term. I’m sure qcln will be a decent pick as well. Remember a famous quote from Warren Buffett about the market and patience, “The stock market is a device for transferring wealth from the impatient to the patient.” Just because this loses some steam for a few days sometimes doesn’t mean sentiment is low or will be for the rest of the decade. Icln is getting written up, talked about, and there is a lot of genuine positive sentiment about this etf.
  • P
    This ETF should be a long term hold. Probably not a short term gainer, but many of these companies will do well as the countries outside the US invest heavily in renewable energy. Luckily, it has a global scope, and there is a renewed realization that clean energy is the way to go if countries want energy independence. Also, solar and wind energy are now cheaper to produce so energy businesses will wake up to that fact soon enough. In it for the long haul!
  • B
    I don't understand people buying ETF for short returns. Maybe I invest differently. But ETFs for me are long term investments. People complaining they got in at $30 or $28. Big deal. I keep adding shares weekly. Each week I been buying 5-10 shares. I have a nice solid average at the moment.
  • T
    Turnin n Burnin
    another day and another red. EU banning Russian oil can't save this dumpster fire. Meanwhile my oil stocks are soaring.
  • M
    I think this is the safest clean energy etf for the long term. Still with massive gains just like the others. I would recommend finding a second more risky clean energy etf to invest in as well if you want to be heavily edged on clean energy. I’m in my early 20’s and clean energy may make me millions when I’m an old man.
  • T
    this ETF is the baby of my entire portfolio. Nothing but consistent growth since I bought in at $15. Love checking this ETF on a daily basis :)
  • A
    I should have done more research and put less money in an ETF headed by a COVID surge stock like Plug Power.
  • K
    A bipartisan deal was reached today on an infrastructure package that reportedly addresses green energy. Let's hope it goes through and give this ETF a little boost.