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PARTS iD, Inc. (ID)

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At close: 04:00PM EDT

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  • r
    They should be selling Enough Tires alone should be profitable!!!!!!
  • p
    Dude, this is going up alot soon!
  • r
    Is $20.00 PER SHARE buyout coming?????‽
  • G
    What a joke Wall street is... Company reported $130m rev and market cap of the company is near $150m, so we are trading at 0.33x rev. Is there any other cheaper stock than this ever?
  • K
    Not sure why the huge upside move today on average volume but we’ll take it!
  • R
    Rock Johny
    I'm in at 6 - close enough to support for me
    i've a feeling these prices won't last long
  • w
    Great company great for the end user....this could be a big one
  • H
    Husein K
    All is in place for activist investors to put this into play - cheap and a management team in need of advice. Amazon to Car Parts retailers could be buyers as could private equity.
  • V
    + 60% today what a ride! Merry Christmas!
  • R
    Rock Johny
    Weird board here - almost as weird as the ID chart. Why doesn't Yahoo have any old news links?
    Weird all around - probably a good time to buy.
    What's the history of this thing, why the weird price action? anyone know?
  • P
    $GILD conversation
    Remdesivir Clinical Trials

    In a news release, Allison Brashear, dean of the UC Davis School of Medicine said, “Given the urgent need to find an effective treatment for COVID-19, clinical trials are essential for determining, from a scientific standpoint, if remdesivir is safe and effective. With this new study funded by the NIH, UC Davis will be an important contributor to these critical efforts.”

    UC Davis Health

    The nation's first known case of community-acquired #COVID19 was treated successfully at @UCDavisMedCntr. Now our experts have published details about the case so others can learn. #ID #research @ISDAInfo
    View image on Twitter

    7:29 PM - Mar 30, 2020
    Twitter Ads info and privacy

    238 people are talking about this

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    Q&A With UC Davis Professor About the Use of Remdesivir

    GV Wire spoke with Angela Haczku MD, Ph.D., of UC Davis to gain insight into what this could mean for other COVID-19 patients. She is the Professor of Medicine Associate Dean for Translational Research.

    GV Wire: “How was the patient when she first arrived at the hospital?

    “The patient’s status was very, very grave. At the time, when the doctors were desperately trying to help her, this drug worked very well for her. So, I think within a day or two, the course of the disease turned around.”

    “Do you think that the drug helped her or do you think it was just absolute blind luck?”

    “They (the infectious disease doctors) feel that this drug saved the patient’s life.”

    “In California, can the governor approve remdesivir as a treatment without waiting for FDA approval?”

    “I know it is a possibility. … I am very very hopeful that very soon we will have this resolved, and very soon we will have some treatment approved (by the FDA) for this disease.”

    “By soon, do you mean months or do you mean sooner?”

    “I would say one (month), but maybe not too many … could say maybe weeks.”

    UC Davis Health has written a paper that’s now published in Clinical Infectious Diseases about their findings.

    Related Story: COVID-19 Vaccine Participant Explains Why Trial Will Take 1 Year

    COVID-19medical treatmentsremdesivirUC Davis

    Coronavirus Job Losses Could Total 47 Million. But Economy Could Bounce Back Quickly, Fed Says.
    A Guide to Surviving Financially as the Bills Come Due

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  • D
    After visiting their online store and pricing some parts, I like this company. They need to do some advertising.
  • I
    i see more people fixing their own cars and upgrading their own cars. Youtube helps me fix my own car and I have time because of covid
  • M
    I work at a collision shop and fix up project cars on the weekends. This place has a nice site and is competitive on what they offer. I normally don't have much interest in IPO's since it's easy to get burned, but I took a stab on ID.
  • t
    ID is way cheaper than PRTS. check out growth rates, margins, etc.
  • j
    2000 tire shop. If each one is worth at least 1m. This means this company is worth 2B just for the tire shop. Right?
  • H
    $GILD conversation
    31 minutes to an YES response from Gilead for compassionate use of Remdisivir. They wouldn't be handing this out, if they were not sure that this was safe and working to some extent.

    First day of #ID service only to manage a confirmed #COVID19 ICU patient being evaluated for #ECMO. Some pearls about #remdesivir compassionate use: 1)only available as online request 2)#Gilead super e-responsive (31 minutes for yes) 3)prior #kaletra NOT contraindication
  • r
    After earnings this stock will TakeOff like a Rocket am looking to sell at$20.00!!!!!!!!!!!+!
  • s
    $WFC conversation
    Stumpf, Sloan and Tolstedt are auditioning for a new, updated version of the film, "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
    The Reuters article regarding the Feds targeting WFC EXECUTIVES about what they knew and when they knew it has caused them all three to ... shall we say ... broaden their horizons for future employment opportunities ... before being incarcerated in federal prison ... that is!;_ylt=A0LEVrxvn7xYJPEAZGMnnIlQ;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=Oh+Brother+Where+Art+Thou+Movie&fr=yhs-mozilla-003&hspart=mozilla&hsimp=yhs-003#id=34&vid=72e54b18732fdf916b35b4bf2be66fe3&action=view
    Oh Brother Where Art Thou Movie - Yahoo Video Search Results
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