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    cheap stock with 10 % dividend and a higher guidance for this year.
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    "The tobacco firm released a positive trading update last month. Smokers do not seem to be quitting in a hurry, and its next generation products showed positive results. This indicates that there may be a future for the company when or if cigarettes die out. Management also mentioned that the firm is in line to meet expectations when it reports its half-year results. For that reason, Imperial Brands is likely to continue handing out a healthy dividend as one of the index’s best income stocks."
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    so paying a higher dividend this year . anyone see this breaking out over 25 to maybe hitting 30?
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    Ex dividend should have been announced already and happened by 5/18
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    Their cigarillos, Backwoods have practically free advertising from famous rappers and artists who roll weed in them. And with the ongoing legalization of marijuana around the world (for example, Germany plans to legalize soon), sales of this product will grow. I just hope the company focuses on that and will make new flavors or something.
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    FDA bans Imperial Brands’ myblu vapes
    Alex Ralph
    Wednesday April 13 2022, 12.01am,
    The Times
    Regulators found the potential benefits to smokers who switch do not outweigh the risks to young people
    Regulators found the potential benefits to smokers who switch do not outweigh the risks to young people

    US regulators have banned Imperial Brands’ myblu vaping device after a review found there was a lack of evidence they would protect public health, in a blow for the tobacco industry’s transition from cigarettes and the company’s new strategy.

    The Food and Drug Administration has issued marketing denial orders for several myblu electronic nicotine delivery products, after considering their design and manufacturing and concluding the applications “did not demonstrate that the potential benefit to smokers who switch completely or significantly reduce their cigarette use would outweigh the risk to youth”.

    The US regulator said the order moved it “one step closer toward ensuring all deemed new tobacco products have undergone science-based review and received marketing authorisation by the FDA before they can be legally
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    Killed it with this earnings report. Stabilization in combustibles and ongoing success with NGP. Go Bomhard! PM shills step aside!
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    Saint Preferred
    On the other side, retail sales in the UK increased by 1.4% in April, in contrast to expectations of a further decline of 0.2% due to higher spending on alcohol and tobacco in supermarkets and higher clothing sales.

    Media and politicians would have you believe that gas cars will be banned, ciggs will be banned, and abortions will happen at malls. How ridiculous.
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    maybe we get a BO BTI buy this
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    Not sure what's going on with some sources claiming that this was a bad trading update. It's clear to me that the bleeding has stopped for this company and the transformation is in progress. How NGP products play out in the long-term is yet to be seen, but I personally have not seen any competitive advantage for IQOS apart from being the first mover. We'll still have to wait and see, but this was another solid report, much in contrast to the narrative of IMBBY plunging straight into bankruptcy.

    Despite what IMB shorts and PM longs say, Mr. Market is showing their confidence in IMB today with a nearly 4% jump in London.
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    Imperial was my largest holding in 2020, due to health I ended up riding the market to the bottom, never depend on just your brain it can fail in an instant, my wife now could pickup for me, we regularly review my
    plans and strategy. I was mainly an income investor and that saved me, after going offline in January my problem was diagnosed in April and fortunately my abilities returned with treatment. My account was in a sad state but while I was down dramatically my dividends/distributions had been accumulating and I had some wiggle room to trade and by this January had rebuilt to where I was on that terrible January 7th.
    Income was my backup plan I was oh so smart I was getting out of the market just needed a few more minutes, what fun I would have buying during the coming crash. I am thankful every minute of every day that while God didn’t allow me to make extra millions he let me recover both health and financial stability.
    Imperial is no longer my largest position EPD is but Imperial is a solid fourth holding, providing steady income to live a nice life and continue to grow our income. I recommend IMBBY as a steady income stock never going to triple in value, just send cash.
    Bottom line own some solid profitable income producers like Imperial and have someone ready to take over your plan.
    My Best to Everyone
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    This stock is dirt cheap with an amazing dividend. Management has put in place an outstanding 5 year plan to regain market share in key areas for their main combustible business while investing a little into NGP. This stock should have FW PE of 14 in my opinion and it currently has 10. I have fair value around 30$ per share. I think management decision to not go into share buy backs yet and focus on reducing net debt/EBITDA to 2-2.5 is good for the long run. Give 2 years time and this company will have reduced debt, begun share buy back, reversed the trend of losing market share and even gained some, payed a safe and outstanding dividend, and had some top line growth. This is a buy all day.
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    The stagflation economy we are in will hurt everything, I do think Imperial will continue to generate cash flow and pay dividend. Unfortunately I think the declining health of the World economy will cause everything to decline. The magic question is how much, it is better to hold high asset income stocks in a period like this and unfortunately it is a multi year event with a long tail of hurt. I am holding my current level and would normally add at this point but I will wait for once to see end of year report.
    If you are in what I call Perception stocks I would shift those funds to income stocks, especially of must have to live products and services. In this stage inflation helps profit reports as it continues up it reduces margins and makes net profit harder to achieve. Avoid any kind of investments in debt, especially sovereign or government backed. Companies like Imperial will survive of course with addictive products but we may see tighter margins and lower net. If a stock you own is not currently profitable, run to the nearest exit.
    I was a young business man in the seventies and was smart and able to make money when many did not, now I am just a retired not so smart old man, but stagflation is very real and very dangerous.
    Best Luck to Everyone
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    My dividend will increase by over 9% due to dollar depreciation versus the pound.
    The pound is continuing to rise if stock price stays even in pounds will still be up in dollars.
    This was one reason I put so much in British stocks.
    Investors in USA should pay attention to Imbby, over 40 billion dollar companies with huge profits.
    for just over $21.00 a share don’t grow on trees. I know I hate smoking too, but my family needs
    cash flow. My good deed stock is PFE.
    Happy New Year
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    I've stuck to MO, PM from the split, and BTI for the last few decades. However, the price and dividend rate is insane right now so I'm opening up my position in imperial brands. They have the cash flow to cover and I'm fine with their focus on debt repayment and buybacks versus even more dividend hikes.
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    Got my dividend last night, took some cash for regular account but have a nice chunk to invest almost bought more PSXP but with news coming on DAPL in the morning just punted.
    The big jump up came partially from reinvestment in IMBBY, I bought more when it was down and have a lot so I will be looking to put this in a good place before EX days at end of April.
    I have gotten back over 20% of my IMBBY basis in dividends counting my extra dividends from stocks bought with IMBBY money in just 1 and a half years. Not a hummer but my last “Hummer” ended with me desperately punching sell all.
    I like plodding upward.
    I recommend IMBBY for cash flow.
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    I have my IMBBY shares with Fidelity. I have my entire account set to dividend reinvestment in more shares. For some reason IMBBY dividends go to cash. Is this because the stock is an ADR therefore you can reinvest the dividends automatically?
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    Imperial Tobacco reduces prices on key lines in value move
    6 September 2021

    Imperial Tobacco has announced a price reduction on some of its brands to help retailers cater for the growing number of value-focused tobacco shoppers.

    Effective immediately, the MRRP of both Embassy Signature and Richmond will drop to £9.25, and Riverstone Roll Your Own Tobacco will fall to just £11.95 and £19.60 respectively for its 30g and 50g formats, joining recently launched JPS Players Easy Rolling Tobacco in this new price tier.

    Trade marketing manager UK at Imperial Tobacco Tom Gully said: “Following a shift in the market with a rising number of smokers moving to more affordable price points, we have reduced the MRRP on several of our key brands to support retailers and their sales. Demand for value tobacco continues to play a major role in shopper purchasing decisions. By adapting the pricing on these leading brands, we can help retailers ensure they continue to offer customers great quality brands at great value price points.”

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    anyone got dividend?
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    I’m out
    After nearly 3 years holding this stock I sold my stake this morning. Big loss even with the accumulated divvies. I do realise I should not have just looked at the cheap valuation and outstanding dividend record when I bought it. I should have paid more attention to the growth prospect of the company.
    However IMHO the FDA killed this company last year with its heavy handed approach of the wacky-vapes related deaths that had nothing to do with big tobacco. Companies -and their shareholders- with reputable products such as Imperial paid an unfair and sustancial price. I don’t think it will ever recover with the current anti-tobacco sentiment from regulators reflected in the little interest from institutional investors. The best it can happen to IB’s shareholders is for IB to be swallowed by a bigger fish, maybe PMI or BAT. Who knows. I’m no expert.
    Best of luck to all longs here.