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ImmunoGen, Inc. (IMGN)

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    Cryptic posts like the one below by "Steve" are the result of unbalanced emotional frustration and the need to assign away or project one's own personal failure to some other place. In other words, shift the blame. For instance, pull up a max chart and look at the movement of the stock since '97. One could have made huge (huge is a relative term, but applicable to everyone in their own terms) amounts of money trading IMGN. If you did not use these opportunities to enhance your fortunes, then YOU are responsible. Just since February of this year, you could own now more than DOUBLE the amount of shares you once owned (less applicable taxes, of course) in anticipation of the next leg up. So who or what is really the "dog" here? Do not answer if you cannot tell the truth.

    Biotech investing is fraught with struggle, danger, and dismal failures for most along the way. The odds are long and sometimes hard to quantify. IMGN has had it's share of failures along the way.....some extremely disappointing ones at that including, by supposed experts in the field, an utterly botched trial design for Mirv which caused a long delay in what may be a very useful and effective cancer treatment. But the trial was redesigned. The odds for success now seem much better. And there are many other irons in the fire which seem to be glowing. In total, these may move the stock higher if successful. And each one may make IMGN a tempting target to larger fish. So there you have it. Choose. Get on the train or get off.
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    All it took was for 2 shares to be traded at 6.09 pre market and the sheep follow absolutely no reason do be down this much today
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    Nibbled earlier at $5.55.
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    File Date Investor Shares

    9/3/2021 Parametric Portfolio Associates Llc 238,733
    8/30/2021 VQNPX - Vanguard Growth and Income Fund Investor Shares 194
    8/30/2021 VITNX - Vanguard Institutional Total Stock Market Index Fund Institutional Shares  163,470
    8/30/2021 SPWIX - Simt Small Cap Growth Fund Class I 43,668
    8/30/2021 VHCOX - Vanguard Capital Opportunity Fund Investor Shares 534,027
    8/30/2021 BBVSX - Bridge Builder Small/Mid Cap Value Fund 33,936
    8/30/2021 VTSMX - Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Investor Shares 5,625,204
    8/30/2021 VBINX - Vanguard Balanced Index Fund Investor Shares 144,561
    8/30/2021 VANGUARD VARIABLE INSURANCE FUNDS - Small Company Growth Portfolio 226,995
    8/30/2021 VMNFX - Vanguard Market Neutral Fund Investor Shares  30,571
    8/30/2021 BBGSX - Bridge Builder Small/Mid Cap Growth Fund 39,040
    8/30/2021 VEXMX - Vanguard Extended Market Index Fund Investor Shares 2,864,827
    8/30/2021 VSTCX - Vanguard Strategic Small-Cap Equity Fund Investor Shares  472,454
    8/30/2021 VSEQX - Vanguard Strategic Equity Fund Investor Shares 2,539,191
    8/27/2021 Profunds - Profund Vp Small-cap 704
    8/27/2021 HCCEX - The Small Capitalization - Mid Capitalization Equity Portfolio HC Strategic 3,165
    8/27/2021 QSMLX - AQR Small Cap Multi-Style Fund Class I 9,277
    8/27/2021 USMIX - Extended Market Index Fund 27,725
    8/27/2021 Blackstone Alternative Investment Funds - Blackstone Alternative Multi-Strategy 43,900
    8/27/2021 DEUTSCHE DWS INVESTMENTS VIT FUNDS - DWS Small Cap Index VIP Class A 30,693
    8/27/2021 Profunds - Profund Vp Ultrasmall-Cap 963
    8/27/2021 SPGM - SPDR(R) Portfolio MSCI Global Stock Market ETF 9,052
    8/27/2021 ASMOX - AQR Small Cap Momentum Style Fund Class I 55,320
    8/26/2021 IWN - iShares Russell 2000 Value ETF 1,027,236
    8/26/2021 IWC - iShares Micro-Cap ETF 488,202
    8/26/2021 JOHN HANCOCK VARIABLE INSURANCE TRUST - Strategic Equity Allocation Trust 33,666
    8/26/2021 NSIDX - Northern Small Cap Index Fund 103,130
    8/26/2021 IBB - iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF 1,563,309
    8/26/2021 THRIVENT SERIES FUND INC - Thrivent Moderately Conservative Allocation Portfolio 4,268
    8/26/2021 HIASX - Hartford Small Company Hls Fund 299,500
    8/26/2021 HMIIX - Hancock Horizon Microcap Fund Institutional Class 8,738
    8/26/2021 Comerica Bank 18,747
    8/26/2021 IWV - iShares Russell 3000 ETF 56,321
    8/26/2021 QUANTITATIVE MASTER SERIES LLC - Master Small Cap Index Series 289,327
    8/26/2021 THRIVENT SERIES FUND INC - Thrivent Moderate Allocation Portfolio 17,769
    8/26/2021 MMGEX - MassMutual Select Small Cap Growth Equity Fund 119,872
    8/26/2021 ITOT - iShares Core S&P Total U.S. Stock Market ETF 145,391
    8/26/2021 THRIVENT SERIES FUND INC - Thrivent Moderately Aggressive Allocation Portfolio 11,746
    8/26/2021 JETSX - Total Stock Market Index Trust NAV 3,467
    8/26/2021 THRIVENT SERIES FUND INC - Thrivent Aggressive Allocation Portfolio 2,038
    8/26/2021 HIAHX - Hartford Healthcare Hls Fund 157,708
    8/26/2021 THRIVENT SERIES FUND INC - Thrivent Global Stock Portfolio Class A 2,476
    8/26/2021 MCJAX - MM Russell 2000 Small Cap Index Fund Class A 21,750
    8/26/2021 IWM - iShares Russell 2000 ETF 4,543,365
    8/26/2021 MML SERIES INVESTMENT FUND - MML Small Cap Growth Equity Fund Initial Class 48,719
    8/26/2021 MASTER INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO - Active Stock Master Portfolio Active Stock 3,634
    8/26/2021 IWO - iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETF 838,692
    8/26/2021 HISCX - Hartford Small Cap Growth Hls Fund 746,977
    8/26/2021 JESGX - Small Cap Stock Trust NAV 220,932
    8/26/2021 STSB - iShares Factors US Small Blend Style ETF 89
    8/26/2021 JESIX - Small Cap Index Trust NAV 44,765

    Total of 23,980,783 shares purchased from 8/26 to 9/3 by institutional/fund managers. What did they see in IMGN? Value and great potentials I guess. Hold your shares, be patience, our time and reward will come.
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    Any news today? Looks good so far
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    Excellent announcements/earning, it seems everything is on schedule, with positive data from SORAYA study, to BLA submission, and more from their pipeline, I think 2022 will be a great year for all longs!
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    ImmunoGen is up 5.38% to 5.29
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    Thanks to the wrong headline of the Zacks Earning Report „ ImmunoGen (IMGN) Reports Q2 Loss, Misses Revenue Estimates“ while writing that earnings were a loss of 0.15$ compared to the estimate of a loss of 0.18$ - the share price went down. Are they crazy?

    Earnings surprise was + 16%!!!
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    To clean up some of the formatting (copy/paste) errors from earlier post.

    In the month of July, a total of 21,771,946 shares were added by institutional/mutual funds managers, if that's not the bullish sign, I don't know what else is, be patience, longs will be rewarded:

    Zurich Cantonalbank 32,144 shares
    Wells Fargo Factor Enhanced Small Cap Portfolio 34,629 shares
    VTWV - Vanguard Russell 2000 shares
    Value Index Fund ETF Shares 87,918 shares
    Alliance Bernstein L.p. 287,864 shares
    PBSM - Invesco Pure Beta MSCI USA Small Cap ETF 1,581 shares
    VRTTX - Vanguard Russell 3000 Index Fund Institutional 10,244 shares
    VHCIX - Vanguard Health Care Index Fund Admiral 587,267 shares
    VFMO - Vanguard U.S. Momentum Factor ETF 8,007 shares
    VRTGX - Vanguard Russell 2000 Growth Index Fund Institutional 88,593 shares
    VRTIX - Vanguard Russell 2000 Index Fund Institutional 396,140 shares
    TSGUX - Small-Mid Cap Equity Fund 8,260 shares
    Cwm, Llc 78 shares
    OMFS - Invesco Russell 2000(R) Dynamic Multifactor ETF 3,633 shares
    TFC Financial Management 15,200 shares
    Ironwood Financial, llc 47 shares
    ESML - iShares ESG MSCI USA Small-Cap ETF 67,996 shares
    HDG - ProShares Hedge Replication ETF 575 shares
    John Hancock Funds II - Strategic Equity Allocation Fund Class NAV 29,977 shares
    UWM - ProShares Ultra Russell2000 38,305 shares
    URTY - ProShares UltraPro Russell 2000 14,406 shares
    SMXAX - SIIT Extended Market Index Fund - Class A 41,552 shares
    Kestra Advisory Services, LLC 26,126 shares
    Arkadios Wealth Advisors 2,105 shares
    Hoover Financial Advisors, Inc. 660 shares
    VCSLX - Small Cap Index Fund 91,049 shares
    BIB - ProShares Ultra Nasdaq Biotechnology 41,263 shares
    SCHB - Schwab U.S. Broad Market ETF 100,438 shares
    SCHA - Schwab U.S. Small-Cap ETF 785,606 shares
    Fisher Asset Management, LLC 85,069 shares
    Regions Financial Corp 12,653 shares
    GSSC - Goldman Sachs Active Beta(R) U.S. Small Cap Equity ETF 18,521 shares
    IUSCX - Fisher Investments Institutional Group U.S. Small Cap Equity Fund 37 shares
    BRSDX - MFS Blended Research Small Cap Equity Fund A 67,689 shares
    Janney Montgomery Scott LLC 50,842 shares
    Signaturefd, Llc 271 shares
    Strs Ohio 129,000 sharesAVUS - Avantis U.S. Equity ETF 14,474 shares
    AVUSX - Avantis U.S. Equity Fund Institutional Class 508 shares
    NSPAX - Voya SmallCap Opportunities Fund Class A 114,142 shares
    FSCFX - Strategic Advisers Small-Mid Cap Fund 103,600 shares
    FSMAX - Fidelity Extended Market Index Fund 1,050,270 shares
    FCPEX - Fidelity Small Cap Enhanced Index Fund 123,067 shares
    FCTDX - Strategic Advisers Fidelity U.S. Total Stock Fund 3,610,600 shares
    FSKAX - Fidelity Total Market Index Fund 350,293 shares
    FNCMX - Fidelity Nasdaq Composite Index Fund 102,165 shares
    FCFMX - Fidelity Series Total Market Index Fund 183,298 shares
    ONEQ - Fidelity Nasdaq Composite Index Tracking Stock 52,259 shares
    FBIOX - Biotechnology Portfolio 1,176,923 shares
    Diversified Trust Co 37,560 shares
    Royal Bank Of Canada 179,161 shares
    Candriam Luxembourg S.C.A. 2,461,459 shares
    Cutler Group LP 1,000 shares
    Arden Trust Co 18,159 shares
    Wolff Wiese Magana Llc 1,825 shares
    Pinnacle Bancorp, Inc. 229 shares
    Focused Wealth Management, Inc 100 shares
    SOA Wealth Advisors, LLC. 67 shares
    NEXT Financial Group, Inc 232 shares
    IFP Advisors, Inc 70 shares
    Carroll Financial Associates, Inc. 221 shares
    State Street Corp 9,023,479 shares
    Hall Laurie J Trustee 1,040 shares
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    1.5 million shares trades and the stock is up .33 and it only took 190000 to knock it down.30 small investors get screwed all the time it’s just a completely corrupt system
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    John D
    To all the negative posters on all the boards highlighting IMGN-Over the next 6-9 most you will be eating your words!
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    loading zone here
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    If mgmt doesn’t announce any good news or just something positive this stock will be under 3 by the time they release earnings in November
  • Z
    I first bought this in 1999. Prices are great now so just keep adding and adding. We should be back in the teens at some point. No rush. GLTA!
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    Worst management team in the USA they do nothing but take from the company the good news is that there’s not much more stock they can pilfer for their stock options I’m pretty sure the 200m shares they asked for at the 2020 annual meeting was shot down.
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    IMHO a major red flag if they’re not presenting at ESMO this week
  • P
    Pfizer buys Trillium. Maybe Immunogen is moving in sympathy.
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    So much for a bounce after cc but a stock did get a bounce Sgen up 7 bucks I guess the analysts didn’t like the bs today
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    ImmunoGen is up 5.47% to 5.59
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    Did I miss that they’re presenting at ESMO later this week