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ImmunoGen, Inc. (IMGN)

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    Gap at 3.50. It'll fill eventually January puts paying decent
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    File Date Investor Shares

    9/3/2021 Parametric Portfolio Associates Llc 238,733
    8/30/2021 VQNPX - Vanguard Growth and Income Fund Investor Shares 194
    8/30/2021 VITNX - Vanguard Institutional Total Stock Market Index Fund Institutional Shares  163,470
    8/30/2021 SPWIX - Simt Small Cap Growth Fund Class I 43,668
    8/30/2021 VHCOX - Vanguard Capital Opportunity Fund Investor Shares 534,027
    8/30/2021 BBVSX - Bridge Builder Small/Mid Cap Value Fund 33,936
    8/30/2021 VTSMX - Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Investor Shares 5,625,204
    8/30/2021 VBINX - Vanguard Balanced Index Fund Investor Shares 144,561
    8/30/2021 VANGUARD VARIABLE INSURANCE FUNDS - Small Company Growth Portfolio 226,995
    8/30/2021 VMNFX - Vanguard Market Neutral Fund Investor Shares  30,571
    8/30/2021 BBGSX - Bridge Builder Small/Mid Cap Growth Fund 39,040
    8/30/2021 VEXMX - Vanguard Extended Market Index Fund Investor Shares 2,864,827
    8/30/2021 VSTCX - Vanguard Strategic Small-Cap Equity Fund Investor Shares  472,454
    8/30/2021 VSEQX - Vanguard Strategic Equity Fund Investor Shares 2,539,191
    8/27/2021 Profunds - Profund Vp Small-cap 704
    8/27/2021 HCCEX - The Small Capitalization - Mid Capitalization Equity Portfolio HC Strategic 3,165
    8/27/2021 QSMLX - AQR Small Cap Multi-Style Fund Class I 9,277
    8/27/2021 USMIX - Extended Market Index Fund 27,725
    8/27/2021 Blackstone Alternative Investment Funds - Blackstone Alternative Multi-Strategy 43,900
    8/27/2021 DEUTSCHE DWS INVESTMENTS VIT FUNDS - DWS Small Cap Index VIP Class A 30,693
    8/27/2021 Profunds - Profund Vp Ultrasmall-Cap 963
    8/27/2021 SPGM - SPDR(R) Portfolio MSCI Global Stock Market ETF 9,052
    8/27/2021 ASMOX - AQR Small Cap Momentum Style Fund Class I 55,320
    8/26/2021 IWN - iShares Russell 2000 Value ETF 1,027,236
    8/26/2021 IWC - iShares Micro-Cap ETF 488,202
    8/26/2021 JOHN HANCOCK VARIABLE INSURANCE TRUST - Strategic Equity Allocation Trust 33,666
    8/26/2021 NSIDX - Northern Small Cap Index Fund 103,130
    8/26/2021 IBB - iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ETF 1,563,309
    8/26/2021 THRIVENT SERIES FUND INC - Thrivent Moderately Conservative Allocation Portfolio 4,268
    8/26/2021 HIASX - Hartford Small Company Hls Fund 299,500
    8/26/2021 HMIIX - Hancock Horizon Microcap Fund Institutional Class 8,738
    8/26/2021 Comerica Bank 18,747
    8/26/2021 IWV - iShares Russell 3000 ETF 56,321
    8/26/2021 QUANTITATIVE MASTER SERIES LLC - Master Small Cap Index Series 289,327
    8/26/2021 THRIVENT SERIES FUND INC - Thrivent Moderate Allocation Portfolio 17,769
    8/26/2021 MMGEX - MassMutual Select Small Cap Growth Equity Fund 119,872
    8/26/2021 ITOT - iShares Core S&P Total U.S. Stock Market ETF 145,391
    8/26/2021 THRIVENT SERIES FUND INC - Thrivent Moderately Aggressive Allocation Portfolio 11,746
    8/26/2021 JETSX - Total Stock Market Index Trust NAV 3,467
    8/26/2021 THRIVENT SERIES FUND INC - Thrivent Aggressive Allocation Portfolio 2,038
    8/26/2021 HIAHX - Hartford Healthcare Hls Fund 157,708
    8/26/2021 THRIVENT SERIES FUND INC - Thrivent Global Stock Portfolio Class A 2,476
    8/26/2021 MCJAX - MM Russell 2000 Small Cap Index Fund Class A 21,750
    8/26/2021 IWM - iShares Russell 2000 ETF 4,543,365
    8/26/2021 MML SERIES INVESTMENT FUND - MML Small Cap Growth Equity Fund Initial Class 48,719
    8/26/2021 MASTER INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO - Active Stock Master Portfolio Active Stock 3,634
    8/26/2021 IWO - iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETF 838,692
    8/26/2021 HISCX - Hartford Small Cap Growth Hls Fund 746,977
    8/26/2021 JESGX - Small Cap Stock Trust NAV 220,932
    8/26/2021 STSB - iShares Factors US Small Blend Style ETF 89
    8/26/2021 JESIX - Small Cap Index Trust NAV 44,765

    Total of 23,980,783 shares purchased from 8/26 to 9/3 by institutional/fund managers. What did they see in IMGN? Value and great potentials I guess. Hold your shares, be patience, our time and reward will come.
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    Cryptic posts like the one below by "Steve" are the result of unbalanced emotional frustration and the need to assign away or project one's own personal failure to some other place. In other words, shift the blame. For instance, pull up a max chart and look at the movement of the stock since '97. One could have made huge (huge is a relative term, but applicable to everyone in their own terms) amounts of money trading IMGN. If you did not use these opportunities to enhance your fortunes, then YOU are responsible. Just since February of this year, you could own now more than DOUBLE the amount of shares you once owned (less applicable taxes, of course) in anticipation of the next leg up. So who or what is really the "dog" here? Do not answer if you cannot tell the truth.

    Biotech investing is fraught with struggle, danger, and dismal failures for most along the way. The odds are long and sometimes hard to quantify. IMGN has had it's share of failures along the way.....some extremely disappointing ones at that including, by supposed experts in the field, an utterly botched trial design for Mirv which caused a long delay in what may be a very useful and effective cancer treatment. But the trial was redesigned. The odds for success now seem much better. And there are many other irons in the fire which seem to be glowing. In total, these may move the stock higher if successful. And each one may make IMGN a tempting target to larger fish. So there you have it. Choose. Get on the train or get off.
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    People working at this company get paid pretty well for a $5 stock.
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    To no ones surprise the stock is down again today it just can’t hold on to 6 and it’s going lower when on Oct 1st they announce inducement grants this company will need to cure cancer before it ever gets to ten
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    Nibbled earlier at $5.55.
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    All it took was for 2 shares to be traded at 6.09 pre market and the sheep follow absolutely no reason do be down this much today
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    IMHO a major red flag if they’re not presenting at ESMO this week
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    I do want good things to happen for this company I’m just a very frustrated long venting
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    Well she’s about to turn red to no ones surprise with the nasdaq up 250 smh it seems to me every 2 cent day trader has found this stock
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    Another 8,900,483 shares added from 9/13/21 to 9/29/21. My previous post was 23,980,783 shares added.

    Institution/fund managers are adding positions like crazy, they are expecting something major within next 12 month,

    Just be patience, longs will be rewarded.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    ImmunoGen is up 5.38% to 5.29
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    When will it re-explode?
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    Any news today? Looks good so far
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    1.5 million shares trades and the stock is up .33 and it only took 190000 to knock it down.30 small investors get screwed all the time it’s just a completely corrupt system
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    If mgmt doesn’t announce any good news or just something positive this stock will be under 3 by the time they release earnings in November
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    Excellent announcements/earning, it seems everything is on schedule, with positive data from SORAYA study, to BLA submission, and more from their pipeline, I think 2022 will be a great year for all longs!
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    Worst management team in the USA they do nothing but take from the company the good news is that there’s not much more stock they can pilfer for their stock options I’m pretty sure the 200m shares they asked for at the 2020 annual meeting was shot down.
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    Partnership Accelerates Development Path for Mirvetuximab in Greater China and Expands Huadong Medicine’s Oncology Portfolio with Innovative ADC

    Combines ImmunoGen’s Lead Clinical Program with Huadong’s Regional Oncology Expertise

    ImmunoGen to Receive $40 Million Upfront Payment and is Eligible to Receive Up to $265 Million in Potential Development, Regulatory, and Commercial Milestone Payments

    ImmunoGen, Inc. (Nasdaq: IMGN), a leader in the expanding field of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) for the treatment of cancer, and Hangzhou Zhongmei Huadong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd., today announced that the companies have entered into an exclusive collaboration to develop and commercialize mirvetuximab soravtansine in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan (Greater China). ImmunoGen will retain all rights to mirvetuximab in the rest of the world.

    This collaboration provides ImmunoGen with access to the second largest pharmaceutical market in the world via Huadong Medicine’s development, regulatory, and commercial capabilities, while supporting Huadong Medicine’s growth strategy to build a deep portfolio of oncology, endocrinology, and autoimmunology candidates. Mirvetuximab adds a compelling late-stage oncology asset to Huadong Medicine’s portfolio.

    "With extensive regional experience, the right development and regulatory capabilities, and access to a deep local network of hospitals and clinics across Greater China, Huadong Medicine is an ideal partner for us," said Mark Enyedy, ImmunoGen’s President and Chief Executive Officer. "This collaboration reflects mirvetuximab’s potential to deliver meaningful value to ovarian cancer patients as well as our ability to translate our work in ADCs into long-term relationships that create sustainable value for ImmunoGen and our partners. We look forward to working closely with Huadong Medicine to develop and commercialize mirvetuximab in Greater China as we advance the mirvetuximab program and prepare for the first potential commercial launch in the United States in 2022."

    "ImmunoGen is a leader in the development of ADCs for the treatment of cancer and this partnership provides us with a late-stage asset that will enable us to further expand our pipeline of innovative oncology programs," said Liang Lu, Chairman of Huadong Medicine. "The compelling clinical data generated to date highlights mirvetuximab’s potential to be a promising therapy for an extremely difficult to treat disease and we look forward to beginning its development as we seek to meet the growing needs of ovarian cancer patients in Greater China."

    Under the terms of the agreement, ImmunoGen will receive an upfront payment of $40 million and is eligible to receive additional milestone payments of up to $265 million as certain development, regulatory, and commercial objectives are achieved. ImmunoGen is also eligible to receive low double digit to high teen royalties as a percentage of mirvetuximab commercial sales by Huadong Medicine in Greater China.

    Huadong Medicine will be responsible for the development as well as potential regulatory submissions and commercialization of mirvetuximab in Greater China pursuant to input from a joint steering committee comprised of individuals from both companies. Huadong Medicine will also have the opportunity to participate in global clinical studies of mirvetuximab conducted by ImmunoGen. ImmunoGen will continue to be responsible for the development and commercialization of mirvetuximab in the United States and other geographies.
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    Someone name Anonymous asked me:
    The failure rate of cancer drugs is ridiculously high. What makes you so confident here?

    Well, I've been invested in biotech for more than 30 years now, and I understand people like you are worry and concern.

    Company have been working on cancer drug ever since it exist, but never have one FDA approved commercial drug, but in 2nd quarter last year, IMGN announced their drug to treat/fight ovarian cancer FINALLY shows promising results. Company will submit NDA this year, and PDUFA - FDA approval in less than 18 month from now is my estimate.

    My first buy of IMGN was 10 years ago, for less than $3, sold it above $14 about 6-7 years ago. I re-purchased this in this last September, for 20,000 shares and average about $3.70/shares.

    There are three known companies with ADC technology to fight cancer, SGEN, IMMU & IMGN. Where SGEN ($150) will not sell the company, and IMMU was sold for $88/share last summer, I own 10,000 of IMMU, average price was $2.97, I bought this at the same time as IMGN.

    Why am I so bullish on IMGN you asked, it's on my biotech watchlist as long as I remember, I read every PR, pay attention to every movements/announcements, insider activities, institutional purchases, why brokers upgrade/downgrade the stock, so when I pull the trigger, I'm confident it'll reward me well, bottom line is you need to do your own research (homework).

    Btw, I've five stocks got taken out from my portfolio in the past (ARIA, ARRY, ACHN, JUNO & IMMU), and I believe IMGN will be the same after approval (same as IMMU). And just a FYI – Next one to be bought within six month is AUPH (got approval one month ago), I own 16,780 shares of this.

    If you are new to this, and have 'free cash' sits around, try to get in before this thing runs away from you. The ultimate goal to invest in biotech is buyout at the end, and when it’s all said and done, IMGN will be above $50, at least 500%+ increase from current level in less than 2 years.

    Above are my personal opinions, if you made money congrats yourself, if my predictions are wrong, don’t come after me 😊.

    Long & Strong IMGN!!!