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Inseego Corp. (INSG)

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7.24+0.11 (+1.54%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • M
    Do I believe in this stock? NO. Do I believe in patterns? Yes
    The past says if you buy at this price come earnings you will make a decent return.
    I wanted to wait until it got closer to earning because there is no catalyst to go up at this time, it is hard not to put your toe in the water at these prices.
  • o
    INSG >>> My, Oh, My!! Was today the final flush for the TURD or will there be more flushes to fresh new lows??!!
    Geezzzz......when will the pumpers ever be right??!!!
    Toilet Flush
  • T
    I got in for 11,99 per share in the beginning of last year, I still believe in inseego but it's kinda painfull I've could almost bought a double amount in shares for the same amount of money. And I didn't sell any at 21 because I never would have thought it dropped to 7 within a few months 😭
  • B
    For a company that's put out a lot of good news lately, the action here is stunning.
  • t
    Terrence, I will answer you here so you don't miss out. From the other day about INSG the Lady. A couple of years back before INSG caught fire, Dean gave INSG human attributes such as having a mind of her own and so on. It was all in fun, no sexual innuendos. I was doing the same, just wondered if she could whether the storm coming the next morning.

    Concerning your newest comment, you pretty much nailed it, except I don't own any INSG at the moment. It is getting weird out there so am following suit. I have incurred some loses lately with the down market. What I am doing with The INSEEGO PLACE is poking fun at everyone including myself. If you tell me to keep you on the side line I will do so.

    A note of interest if you are willing to check it out. The night before INSG ran up over three bucks in a day, I wrote the words, IT IS TIME! You didn't acknowledge that statement. I assume that it is still there. I also sold my last 2000 shares @ $21.51. I usually tell the exact time. It was one of the luckiest runs I have ever had. I also posted on this board when TXMD kicked my but raw. Ain't no one perfect, and no one has ever gone without a loss. Also, the last sell I had in INSG was in the mid tens. Took a loss from buys at 16, 14, and 8 dollars. A loss of over 3,000 bucks. However, I had been in INSG long enough to know that things can go South in a hurry.

    Tune in tomorrow to see what is in store for Terrence. Yes, I have two much time on my hands. Have been sick since Friday, and yes, I have a Drs. appointment, Therefore, as I mostly lay in bed with my smart phone plugged in next to me, what do you expect me to do? I am an out of the box type of person, and everyone on this board knows that I like to run on. Just like the scorpion said one time, it is just my nature. Have a great evening Terrence. Do a kind deed for someone.
  • L
    Looks like a nice partnership with Vodafone Spain, testing the outdoor CPE. Inseego fast becoming a strong global company.
  • s
    steven M
    within pennies to the 7.13 low. The news and distribution channels have been good. Just does not figure to stay at these levels. selling at 3-4 times sales,,,,cheap for a growth sector
  • M
    This has been painful to watch. I'm sure the CEO isn't happy about it either. Since Dan has 181,000+ shares, each dollar it goes down, his share value drops $181,000.
    Only 2 weeks until the end of the 3rd quarter and then a month until we hear the results.
    Maybe we'll get some kind of update like we did last year which caused INSG to jump up... A lot of 5G stocks were hit today including Qualcomm, Nokia, Sierra Wireless, etc.
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  • B
    I picked up some more at $7.50 this morning and have several other GTC orders set at $7.00, $6.50 and $6.00. Markets don’t always trade rationally and I have made lots of money over the years taking advantage of the disconnect. I like my chances of doubling or tripling my investment in the next year or so.
  • t
    INSEEGO PLACE What will we see tomorrow? Oil sent over a crate of Cheerleading outfits. Enough for everyone. Dean and Steve will be busy hooking up the new computers to the system. Seems they are having a problem connecting the routers to receive a signal for internet services. They have assured everyone it is not a problem. Dan will take their call 24/7. Rob is still trying to figure out if he indeed owns INSG shares. It seems he has a habit of loaning his out. I tried to call Chuck, but I understand that he is back in Idaho checking to make sure the water is safe to drink. I am not sure why Terrence is over in the corner with his blanket, pillow, and box of cheerios. Gary is over talking to Oil about his bag of Gold. The last thing I heard was, Gary said, "Oil, you will feel better if you believe me." Oil smiled, patted him on the shoulder, finished his coffee, and said, Gary, " have you ever heard of Kenny Rogers?', while walking out the door. Greg comes running in all excited. Look everyone, we are up 4 cents after hours. Donna is just smiling, probably the most savvy investor of the bunch. She mutters to herself and says "this will cheer them up as she prepares the food she lifted from Terry while he was writing a stupid story on his computer while looking for his drink.
    Stay tuned, it beats watching the chart dwindle a little every day.
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    Dean P., Waterbury, CT
    We need a "Token" stock guru to say "Oh no....I want price to go down more so I could back the truck and load up"
  • L
    Nice to visit after awhile, Denny still visit this board? Not much action here, just hoping he held those MRNA shares from 2 years ago. Enjoy and hopefully everyone gets to enjoy a much easier life. Good luck to all.
  • B
    I've been trading stocks for 23 years and INSG is the biggest head-scratcher I've ever seen. When the share price was over 20, if you told me it would fall to 7 in two months AND STAY THERE, I would have guessed the company had gone bankrupt, or some serious distaster had befallen them. But a couple of soft quarters makes 65% of their market cap evaporate? Welcome to the Nasdaq casino, where there are no rules! Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances! Hurry, hurry, step right up and spin the big wheel! Then get out the lube and bend over!
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    The problem with this stock is. When you look up all you see are headwinds in the macro. Supply chain constraints, inflation, higher taxes amongst others. There needs to be some better news. I've cashed a lot, but still holding a few k shares.glta
  • g
    Just a note, to all of us bagholders, no we are not. We are pot of gold holders. Sometimes we take the gold out, sometimes we hold the the pot. Yep, I took some gold between 18 and 21.5. Had a big gtc in for 23.5. Oops no cigar. Sent my wife $ 15k. Thai women love$$. Bought me a UTV and now and then I say thank you Seego. Now the pot still has the gold. No big deal unless you take it out.
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    Dean P., Waterbury, CT
    I'm seeing the largest short covering in over a year and a bunch of nervous Nellie's here.....oh boy, by the way which one of you Jabronis had there boat license, if it was Larry ask him if he can captain a paddle boat