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  • h
    Intel is in a great position, right now, in this market. Deep value here. May not be realized in 3-6 months, but by 2025, Intel will be generating $150 billion in revenue at around 52-55% margins. Intel is in a unique position with technology process development and design, and manufacturing. With increased Capex to drastically increase manufacturing capacity, Intel will boom over the next 10-20 years. The manufacturing side of Intel will prove to be the edge against competitors. If you believe we are still in the beginning stages of a massive digitalization, Intel is well positioned to lead in many aspects of technical manufacturing and design.

    New CEO is well versed in software and hardware, and is a Intel original. He will prove to be to Intel as valuable as Lisa at AMD or Satya at Microsoft.

    A very large wildcard is MobileEye and the world’s adoption of autonomous driving. Could prove to be one of the smartest acquisitions of memory. Imagine autonomous cars, semi’s, planes, trains, military vehicles etc.

    Unfortunately right now, Intel is in prove it mode by Wall Street, and rightfully so after previous regimes stagnation and lack of innovation.

    I do believe Intel has the correct leadership now. Next 5-10 years should be fun holding Intel!
  • L
    Intel ARC Graphic Cards will be shipping in 1 -2 Months...This is best time to take a position...before the Wall Street stampede in Q1 2022 when everyone will be talking about the disruption Intel is causing in the GPU market.
  • C
    Intel stock price would be 225/share and market cap of $1T if trading at the same P/E as AMD is currently.
  • A
    Nvidia not getting ARM is a huge strategic victory for Intel. Surprised Intel is not up on the news.
  • X
    Intel -1.3, AMD -6.3: in a volatile market Intel is a safer investment
  • L
    Pat's propaganda said we're back, but VMware going with AMD EPYC, modern superior secure 7nm?
  • A
    Some day before long every body will want some Intel...and Intel can name their own price !
    and you don't need a crystal ball to see it.
    The Geopolitical Winds are blowing..straight at Tiawan and the Ukraine, and the clock is ticking.
  • L
    Any one see the price of graphic cards currently? We are only 1 - 2 months away from first shipments of graphic cards from .....INTEL!
  • A
    Only 2 out of 5 largest IT components suppliers in the UK have in stock 2 basic models of Alder Lakes CPU. Out of stock is the message you get everywhere. AL is flying out of shelves. Can't get anything decent. However, every AMD CPU is available to purchase and in stock.
  • F
    Intel To Finalize 3nm Deal With TSMC This Month As Pilot Production Kicks Off – Report
  • M
    Topic "Arc": Discrete GPU market share is around Nvidia 80% (cap 760B), AMD 20% (cap 190). So, let's say Q3/22 it will be Nvidia 79%, AMD 19%, Intel 2% - this reflects a market cap of 19B, right? And there will be billions of subsidies for building foundries in Western hemisphere. Bad news, 2% is far too unrealistic and Intel + IBM are both, ... something with blue!
  • M
    Pros/Cons for owning Intel -
    Pros -
    1. Dividend
    2. Faster processors (than AMD) just released
    3. Chips manufactured in USA
    4. New CEO with better direction
    5. GPUs (supposedly better than NVDA) to be released 1Q 2022
    6. Higher revs than NVDA and AMD combined
    7. AMD trading at 14 times revs, NVDA trading at 35 times revs, INTC trading at 2.5 times revs - trend likely to switch

    Cons -
    1. Intel out of favor
    2. Takes time for public to digest new processors and GPUs
    3. New fabs will take time to build and ramp
  • S
    Buying Intel at $49 with a dividend of Approx. 3% is a very safe investment !! I see Intel around $125 - $145 within a year. Intel will be best of breed again. New CEO is an engineer and knows what he is doing. Great opportunity to buy at these low levels.
  • S
    Intel CEO Expresses Conviction Over Accomplishing 5-Year Goals At Credit Suisse Conference
    Mentioned: INTC
    Intel Corp (NASDAQ: INTC) CEO Patrick Gelsinger reiterated that "Intel 7, Intel 4, Intel 3, Intel 20A and Intel 18A [are] on or ahead of schedule" at the Credit Suisse Technology, Media and Telecom conference. Intel had acknowledged the same during its Q3 earnings call.

    Intel admitted the possession of a unique set of assets with a strategy building on those assets.
    Gelsinger aims to increase the value of this company dramatically.
    Gelsinger admitted the requisite investment while remaining a pretty clear-minded view of the strategy and execution to get there.
    Gelsinger expressed conviction over the accomplishment of its 5-year guidance disclosed during the earnings call.
    Intel sees its revenue growth accelerate to 10% - 12% CAGR over four to five years.
    Intel sees 51% - 53% gross margins over the next two to three years before moving upward.
    Intel expects revenue of at least $74 billion in 2022 and CAPEX of $25 billion - $28 billion with potential for further growth in subsequent years.

    Best tech company to buy now !!
  • M
    Mantra Man
    One good thing about Intel in the GPU space is that gaming cards will get cheaper. More competition the better. AMD/Nvidia Duopoly have been keeping GPU prices high and skimming off profits.
  • J
    tomshardware has article, "Intel's Core i3-12100 Demolishes The Ryzen 3 3300X In An Early Review"

    "the quad-core chip with Hyper-Threading is only carrying Intel's Golden Cove cores"

    "up to 19% faster than the Cypress Cove cores inside Rocket Lake"
  • L
    With Samsung, TSMC, GFS building more capacity in the great USA. Undervalued AMD will have enough supplies of modern superior secure 7nm - 5nm products to take more market share from competition. Metaverse, Tencent and many other cloud companies have tremendous appetite for superior AMD EPYC to replace its outdated products and be ready for the future digital transformation.
  • D
    $DMRC conversation
    If you search through my history, you can found INTC board post, dated 7 month ago (March 2021, when Intel was overpriced with SP almost at 70$), when I tried (unsuccessfully) to warn people about a big price drop. I got just a straight agression in response, same on this board.
    Here it is:

    "DanyaDanya 7 months ago
    $INTC conversation

    Well, Iam not short/long in INTC.
    But this is super-overvalued stock right now.
    Loosing competition with AMD, Apple declined Intel chips..
    Also the prices for processors are higher than competitors!

    Latest Apple M1 is hugely faster than Intel's analogs, that is a disaster.
    and buyers just pushing price 25% higher after that..
    Care longs!

    P.S. This is just my little DD. It is your choice to purchase or not, just warned you guys.."
  • L
    $AMD conversation
    @johan aka @Uv, $intc is still below $50. LOL
  • b
    $NVDA conversation
    The following example showed how far ahead Jensen had envisioned and positioned $nvda for ai/cloud/edge computing. Pat Gelsinger, $intc CEO, was the former CEO of $vmw. In a VMware-centric article, Pat Gelsinger highlighted the partnership between Nvidia and VMware. It's very interesting how Pat was challenged by Jensen to think bigger with excerpts below:
    Some of the tech world’s biggest advances often begin with a simple conversation.

    In this case, the two people involved were Pat Gelsinger (pictured), chief executive officer of VMware Inc., and Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia Corp. Gelsinger was interested in capitalizing on VMware’s work with network interface controllers, hardware that connects computers with computer networks.

    “Jensen said: ‘Hey Pat, you’re thinking too small,’” Gelsinger recalled. “’Let’s do the entire artificial intelligence landscape together and let’s make AI an enterprise-class workload from the datacenter to the cloud and to the edge.’”

    Huang wanted to have Nvidia’s graphics processing units work like first-class citizens in the vSphere compute virtualization environment, according to Gelsinger. By using the smart NIC as a data processing unit, the entire network could be connected together in a new and profound way.

    “Now, its CPU, GPU and DPU, all being managed through the distributed architecture of VMware,” Gelsinger said. “We are rearchitecting the datacenter, the cloud and the edge. This partnership is really a center point of that.”

    Happy Thanksgiving!