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Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp. IV (IPOD)

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  • T
    c'mon do something
  • t
    is this ever going to make a move?
  • T
    Is Chamath still alive?
  • M
    What’s the scoop, who we merging with
  • S
    Shake n' Bake
    why the pop? announcement coming?
  • H
    Great news
  • j
    Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp. VI
    $1.5 marker cap.. would think acquisition coming soon.. $IPOD has only $0.6M..
  • N
    In at ~$12 average for 6+ months. will there ever be an announcement?
  • S
    IPOD just filed with the SEC to report that they entered into an agreement for a non-interest bearing promissory note allowing them to borrow up to $2.5 million from their sponsors, Social Capital Hedosophia...
    Any way this is good news?
    Any way this is related to merger?
    Is this relevant at all?
  • j
    any rumors?
  • G
    Gary D. LeCroy
    I hope you guys are buying because from a technical perspective it looks like it's about to uptrend. look at the all time chart with the 9 day MA turned on.
  • D
    still has hope- holding till announce.
  • B
    Brock Landers
    Anyone else buy all three? $IPOD $IPOE $IPOF? One of them will pop no doubt and such limited downside at these levels...just need to be patient.
  • J
    Thinking about selling for a small <5% loss and dumping into IPOE (Sofi). What do you guys recon?
  • T
    The Real Blake
    Sellers knocked this down by 40 cents today, which is perplexing in my view.

    They are not leaving much room for further downside.

    Two more days like today, and this thing will be trading at $10, which is the cash value.

    Are they really going to try to take it below cash value???

    The risk to reward on this SPAC and many others, has tilted, in my view, towards the bulls.

    At some point, you really have to ask yourself, what further downside is there?

    I understand if bloated Amazon or bloated Tesla want to crash off, but how are they going to take $10 of cash value and drive it below $10? That would be a nifty trick. I want to see that.

    I suppose anything is possible. SPAQ and CFII are trading near $9.

    Of the 303 SPACs in my spreadsheet, I have 187 (62%) trading between 9.60 and 10.

    I have 63 (21%) trading between 10 and 11.

    I have 47 (or 16%) trading higher than 11.

    2 no longer trade (they are not SPACs any more). Only 3 trade below 9.60.

    To me, it looks like the sellers are not leaving much room for further downside.

    Opinions or comments?
  • S
    $IPOE conversation
    RH restricting IPOE and IPOF to 1 share. If you don't do margin and own IPOE switch from RH to So-Fi. You are helping yourself.
  • Y
    Sold out of IPOC and jumped in IPOD today. My thought is that Chamath will be looking to redeem himself with a homerun on the IPOD company selection after the IPOC fiasco if he hopes to continue attracting buyers through the rest of the alphabet.
  • C
    Guys Chamath is very active on Twitter. For the past 5 days he’s been silent... I feel like he’s gonna drop something big soon. I don’t recall him being so quiet for the other IPO’s and honestly since IPOF is the biggest he’s dealt with I’m guessing it’s a bit more stressing. Why would his company file for 7 new spacs if he didn’t have $IPOF and $IPOD in the bag of some sort.... the fact that he filed for (7) new IPO’s taken long for these two and has been silent for the past few days signals a really really good merger announcement coming. Not only that but if he pulls off a big fish with either IPOD or IPOF the newer IPO’s will rise dramatically in anticipation and that’s what he wants! He wants to be able to say “oh my companies are up X percentages since inception and if he pulls of a big merger then help me God he’ll have people flooding to their new ones. Thought?
  • Y
    $IPOF conversation
  • D
    Diaz J. wellington
    $IPOF conversation
    looking for the reason why it is popping up today?
    $IPOE is up 17% as it gets closer to merger. This will ofcourse lure NEW investors into $IPOF and $IPOD.