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    gayle siebern
    Green Hydrogen Projects in Action -ITM in last sentence.

    And this is happening all over the world, including in Canada. There, the energy company Hydro- Québec plans to build one of the world’s first and biggest production facilities for green hydrogen in Varennes, Quebec. The engineering contract for installing the 88 MW water electrolysis plant has already been awarded to thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers’ Green Hydrogen product division. Expected to produce more than 11,000 metric tons of green hydrogen annually, the facility will deliver the clean hydrogen to a biofuel plant to produce biofuels from residual waste for the transportation sector. Commissioning of the grand project is scheduled for 2023.

    The U.S.-based firm Air Products has also collaborated with Saudi Arabia’s Acwa Power to create a world-scale green hydrogen and green ammonia plant. The 5-billion-dollar facility is expected to be built at the futuristic city of Neom in the Gulf nation and will produce 650 tons per day of hydrogen by electrolysis using thyssenkrupp’s technology which will then be converted into 1.2 million tons per year of green ammonia using Haldor Topsoe’s technology. Green ammonia will be exported to other international markets and the project is scheduled to be on-stream in 2025. The project will help to reduce over three million tons of CO2 emissions annually!

    Back to Germany, where Oil Giant BP and Ørsted also collaborate to develop a 50 MW electrolyzer at BP’s Lingen Refinery or to New Jersey / USA, where local Natural Gas supplier selected McDermott International’s CB&I Storage Solutions business to carry out EPC works for its power-to-gas facility. It will produce green hydrogen from solar energy which will then be supplied into an existing natural gas distribution network for home and commercial use. The project is expected to be completed this year.

    Gas producers are also among the winners of this development, either by participating directly in projects or by building the plants. For example Air Liquide acquires 40 % stake in H2V Normandy / France, to create large-scale electrolyzer complex of up to 200 MW for production of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen. In addition to this, Linde is building the world’s largest PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolyzer plant at the Leuna Chemical complex in Germany. The 24 MW facility will produce green hydrogen and deliver it to the firm’s industrial customers via its existing pipelines. The company will also distribute liquefied green hydrogen to refueling stations and other industrial customers in the region, which will save up to 40,000 tons of carbon dioxide tailpipe emissions per year. The electrolyzer will be built by ITM Linde Electrolysis, a joint venture between Linde and ITM Power.
    The global chemical process industries are aware of this trend and some of them are already undertaking mega projects to accelerate their energy transition.
    The global chemical process industries are aware of this trend and some of them are already undertaking mega projects to accelerate their energy transition.
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    ITM featured in New York Times today. Check it out. Very positive on green hydrogen.
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    gayle siebern
    How Green was my Tesla - WSJ

    Buying battery cells made with renewable electricity is one focus. Faced with very strong demand, European battery startup Northvolt, which is backed by Volkswagen and BMW among others, last week raised $2.75 billion to further expand its low-carbon production facility in northern Sweden, where hydroelectric power is plentiful.

    Another hot topic is the mining of battery metals, notably lithium. The industry used to worry more about cobalt, which is sourced mainly from the Democratic Republic of Congo amid charges of child labor, but in recent years the metal’s role in battery chemistry has shrunk. Lithium can’t so easily be minimized in lithium batteries. The stocks of U.S. producers Albemarle and Livent are trading close to record highs.

    Auto makers Volkswagen and Daimler, German chemical giant BASF and smartphone maker Fairphone last week formed a “responsible lithium partnership” to protect the area in Chile that produces much of the global supply. Earlier this year BMW signed a $335 million “sustainable” supply deal with Livent, which mines in neighboring Argentina. The big environmental question for Andean lithium miners is how much water they use and how it impacts water supplies for the local community.

    Focusing on how mass battery production affects the planet makes complete sense given the largely environmental reasons for scaling up the technology. However, it necessarily comes at a price. Extracting cost reductions from the battery supply chain, which is necessary to make EVs more affordable, becomes harder and slower if auto makers limit themselves to metal supplies they can certify.

    “The data is pointing to the battery cost curve coming down much more slowly than hyped. There are a lot of bottlenecks and challenges that people are ignoring,” says Mio Kato, an analyst who publishes on research platform Smartkarma.

    Wealthy consumers might continue to adopt luxury EVs, but in the absence of generous subsidies it is hard to see the technology taking over much of the mass market until they are cheaper than traditional cars. Many forecasters currently expect that to happen around the middle of this decade. The need to keep EVs green is, ironically, another reason why such hopes might prove optimistic.
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    Check out gigastack proj on ITM website. Shows promise. Also strong growth rept. Huge pipeline.
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    Given the choice to invest in ITM or Plug Power, but not both, which would you choose?
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    Up big on strong volume? somethings up. Linde or plug buying them perhaps?
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    This will double from here with what ITM are currently doing
  • A
    Is this still considered a buy and hold long term?
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    There maybe hope I see light at the end of the tunnel I’m in n this if we have a few more days like today
  • j
    is an EPS of -6.7 really that bad? id hate to see what the price would be like if EPS was down into double digits.
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    Chile Chile Chile here we go
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    IT Power is spinning off a new company ITM Motive where all hydrogen fuelling stations are combined. That Bungee Jumper the stock. They should have announced it as a big move rather than this hidden transaction.
    This is one problem with most companies. They are not good at Selling the news and doing poor PR.
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    Hydrogen economy and energy storage are great places to invest for the future.
    My favorite in this "Green Tech" space is IPWR.
    Do your homework.
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    gayle siebern
    Today's WSJ
    Does the hydrogen hype that once surrounded cars have better prospects with planes? Yes, but probably not in time to meet the aviation industry’s emissions targets.

    The past year has brought some vindication to those who see hydrogen as aviation’s passport to a cleaner future. Last fall, European plane maker Airbus unveiled three hydrogen-powered aircraft concepts for 2035. More recently, U.K. startup ZeroAvia got backing from British Airways as part of a $24 million funding round. Likewise, Universal Hydrogen, led by former Airbus executive Paul Eremenko, has just raised $21 million from heavyweights such as the venture-capital subsidiaries of JetBlue and Toyota.

    For decades, hydrogen was a promising future power source for passenger cars. Now most light vehicle makers favor batteries, and hydrogen is looking for a better home in trains and trucks, as championed by startups such as Nikola.

    The aviation industry has set itself a target of halving emissions by 2050, which would be roughly in line with the 2016 Paris Agreement to limit climate change. Only a third of the reduction is expected to come from improvements in turbofans and airframes. Sustainable fuels can play a role, but production capacity is limited, and the most affordable ones remain pollutive.
    Hydrogen packs a lot more energy per unit of weight than other power sources…
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    The runt that just keeps on giving we down 25% in a week. Hydrogen they said it’ll be the future they said the market and earnings don’t think so 🙈
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    ITM Power will be huge in the coming years and it’s already gaining momentum. When you look at the likes of plug power (the current hydrogen big boy) I believe that ITM has got soo much opportunity for growth. I honestly believe they could be Europe’s answer to plug power. I know they may not get the market exposure seen as though they are traded on the London stock exchange but I honestly believe that ITM will be in the FTSE 100 within the coming years. In the past year the drive to turn greener is becoming bigger and bigger; governments across the world are promising to invest heavily in an effort to make their nations carbon neutral. Covid has has only caused this drive to accelerate, the hottest markets in the US are all centred around Green energy: EV, batteries, wind, hydrogen anything that is reducing carbon emissions has seen stock prices double within the last year. The U.K. markets tend to lag behind the US and okay it sees nowhere near the investment. However if you can find those winning stocks that are going to change the way we do things forever then their going to see moment regardless of what market they trade on. Petrol and diesel cars will soon be a thing of the past in the coming decade. ITM are primed to take hold of this opportunity to gain there share of the market, not only do I expect that they will monopolies the UKs hydrogen supply; they already have contracts in place outside the U.K. here’s what makes ITM a good Investment right now:

    ⁃ ITM have just finished completion of their giga factory in Sheffield and manufacturing has commenced ( check their website to see it)
    ⁃ With production ramping up they’ve already announced (this week) to supply their product to linde in Germany and have a partnership agreement with a sales company ‘optimal’ to support sales in Australasia. They’ve have funding to support a study in offshore green hydrogen production with Siemens.

    ITM share price is currently £6.63 and looking at the chart (if your a technical analyst) you may think it’s due a pull back but I can guarantee you people will be saying I wish I’d bought when I read that article as opposed to waiting for a drop that never came. This is only the beginning for ITM and the future for hydrogen with contracts likely to come in thick and fast. Moreover with manufacturing at their giga factory under way they are soo far ahead of any competitors.

    I see this stock as a long term hold investment. Please ensure you do your own research, the above information is solely on my own research and should not be used to determine any investment. DO YOUR RESEARCH ALSO.
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    So I regrettably sold plug power tonight (the US hydrogen big boys) after seeing the riots in the states, I thought there was too much potential risk to lose the profits I’ve gained only for them to release a $1.5 Billion dollar deal article after close you can only imagine the increase in price tomorrow. But rather than beat myself up I thought what are the potential upsides to this deal. The hydrogen market is getting more and more momentum. I was only reading an article today stating how the weak pound would have a positive impact on the U.K. economy simply for the fact that foreign investors get more bang for their bucks. With the UK out of the EU the government are going to want to inject money into developing industry on home soil especially green energy and considering that the UK is more likely to come across tariff with EU trade. Also if the U.K. are showing European hydrogen dominance it puts them in the upper hand for European trade deals. The fact that plug power is about to go to the moon only makes ITMs shares more undervalued. Manufacturing at their giga factory in Sheffield has just commenced, these are and will continue to be the UKs hydrogen leaders for the foreseeable.