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  • C
    What’s with the 10% drop today?
  • B
    Maybe because PLUG files mixed securities shelf offering and FCEL reported lower revenues than expected?
  • a
    Half an hour of latest report and -17% share price probably because the word profit never was spoken. Oh! It’s the city again!
  • a
    So linde have a BP link. Does this mean ITM is in bed with BP as linde has big shareholding in ITM……or do I miss something? If correct ITM shares are vastly under valued ?
  • T
    Tony Leedham
    I’m all in, this is a bargain price, the sky is the limit.
  • g
    gayle siebern
    Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton, CEO of Hydrogen Europe Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, and 20 CEOs and executives representing companies including Advent, Bosch, Convion, Cummins, De Nora, Elogen, Enapter, Genvia, Green Hydrogen Systems, Helbio, H2B2, HyStar, John Cockerill, McPhy, Nel Hydrogen, Siemens Energy, SOLIDpower, Sunfire, Thyssenkrupp nucera and Topsoe, met and signed a Joint Declaration, establishing a clear goal of paving the way towards achieving the objectives of the REPowerEU’s proposed Hydrogen Accelerator, which sets out a strategy to double the previous EU renewable hydrogen target to 10 million tons of annual domestic production and an additional 10 million tons of annual hydrogen imports.

    Under the Joint Declaration, Europe’s leading electrolyser manufacturers agreed to increase their manufacturing capacity in an effort to have, by 2025, a combined annual electrolyser manufacturing capacity in Europe of 17.5 GW, as well as to further increase that capacity by 2030 in line with projected demand for renewable and low-carbon hydrogen.

    This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:
  • R
    Can someone tell me why this #$%$ just keeps tanking? Is there something fundamental going on, or just sector-specific? At the current rate it's at zero in about 3months.
  • A
    Backlog is only 75MW (Backlog is defined as orders in hand not completed within a Financial Year). The 755MW the article is talking about is pipeline.
  • a
    May 18 th …2022. why aren’t the shares over £5 when 20% share holder linde has a tie with BP or have I got something wrong?
  • J
    The London Exchange (Home exchange of ITM) is closed for a bank holiday today. Nevertheless some genius trading on NASDAQ decides to have a fire sale and unload his position on ITM at a near 6% discount. Go figure.
  • a
    Come of it I,m running out of money to buy .
  • M
    ITM Power will be huge in the coming years and it’s already gaining momentum. When you look at the likes of plug power (the current hydrogen big boy) I believe that ITM has got soo much opportunity for growth. I honestly believe they could be Europe’s answer to plug power. I know they may not get the market exposure seen as though they are traded on the London stock exchange but I honestly believe that ITM will be in the FTSE 100 within the coming years. In the past year the drive to turn greener is becoming bigger and bigger; governments across the world are promising to invest heavily in an effort to make their nations carbon neutral. Covid has has only caused this drive to accelerate, the hottest markets in the US are all centred around Green energy: EV, batteries, wind, hydrogen anything that is reducing carbon emissions has seen stock prices double within the last year. The U.K. markets tend to lag behind the US and okay it sees nowhere near the investment. However if you can find those winning stocks that are going to change the way we do things forever then their going to see moment regardless of what market they trade on. Petrol and diesel cars will soon be a thing of the past in the coming decade. ITM are primed to take hold of this opportunity to gain there share of the market, not only do I expect that they will monopolies the UKs hydrogen supply; they already have contracts in place outside the U.K. here’s what makes ITM a good Investment right now:

    ⁃ ITM have just finished completion of their giga factory in Sheffield and manufacturing has commenced ( check their website to see it)
    ⁃ With production ramping up they’ve already announced (this week) to supply their product to linde in Germany and have a partnership agreement with a sales company ‘optimal’ to support sales in Australasia. They’ve have funding to support a study in offshore green hydrogen production with Siemens.

    ITM share price is currently £6.63 and looking at the chart (if your a technical analyst) you may think it’s due a pull back but I can guarantee you people will be saying I wish I’d bought when I read that article as opposed to waiting for a drop that never came. This is only the beginning for ITM and the future for hydrogen with contracts likely to come in thick and fast. Moreover with manufacturing at their giga factory under way they are soo far ahead of any competitors.

    I see this stock as a long term hold investment. Please ensure you do your own research, the above information is solely on my own research and should not be used to determine any investment. DO YOUR RESEARCH ALSO.
  • M
    So I regrettably sold plug power tonight (the US hydrogen big boys) after seeing the riots in the states, I thought there was too much potential risk to lose the profits I’ve gained only for them to release a $1.5 Billion dollar deal article after close you can only imagine the increase in price tomorrow. But rather than beat myself up I thought what are the potential upsides to this deal. The hydrogen market is getting more and more momentum. I was only reading an article today stating how the weak pound would have a positive impact on the U.K. economy simply for the fact that foreign investors get more bang for their bucks. With the UK out of the EU the government are going to want to inject money into developing industry on home soil especially green energy and considering that the UK is more likely to come across tariff with EU trade. Also if the U.K. are showing European hydrogen dominance it puts them in the upper hand for European trade deals. The fact that plug power is about to go to the moon only makes ITMs shares more undervalued. Manufacturing at their giga factory in Sheffield has just commenced, these are and will continue to be the UKs hydrogen leaders for the foreseeable.
  • T
    The Rover
    Some good news: ITM Power completes the world’s first hydrogen gigafactory --

    The news came as ITM announced a 16 per cent increase in income to £4.4m in the six months to October 31. This was despite revenue falling 92 per cent to £200,000 due to delays in the final installation of projects caused by Covid-19 issues.
  • M
    IT Power is spinning off a new company ITM Motive where all hydrogen fuelling stations are combined. That Bungee Jumper the stock. They should have announced it as a big move rather than this hidden transaction.
    This is one problem with most companies. They are not good at Selling the news and doing poor PR.
  • E
    just was looking at the chart, if you scale out to 2 years, there are 2 clear patterns appearing. A reverse head and shoulders, and a Cup and Handle. Both are very bullish, the technical picture is positive. Fundamentally you don't get much stronger than a worldwide focus to convert to hydrogen and ITM has the worlds largest factory to build electrolyzers, and they are currently building and even larger one. . A third bullish indicator is insider buying by the CEO. Not very often you get all three indicators positive-Its a pretty good bet this goes higher.
  • M
    Anybody see this morning's article on LIN? Attaching the part which mentions ITM:
    Linde is a global leader in the production, processing, storage and distribution of hydrogen. It has the largest liquid hydrogen capacity and distribution system in the world. The company also operates the world's first high-purity hydrogen storage cavern, coupled with an unrivaled pipeline network of approximately 1,000 kilometers to reliably supply its customers. Linde is at the forefront in the transition to clean hydrogen and has installed close to 200 hydrogen fueling stations and 80 hydrogen electrolysis plants worldwide. The company offers the latest electrolysis technology through its joint venture ITM Linde Electrolysis GmbH.
  • M
    Everything EV and hydrogen related on the US market had seen massive gains over the past month soon be time for the UK to have its turn and I’m sure ITM will see good gains over the coming months