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Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc. (IVR-PB)

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  • H
    Hung Wrong
    W0W!!!... a 20% divi !..... I just sold all my ABR, CIM, NLY & NRZ and
    put all those 'chips' on IVR !
  • L
    Reverse splits are never good. I don't have a ton investing in this company, but I have lost half the principle. Oh well. Down with the ship.
  • b
    Holding up, this bottom feeder penny ante stuff is just about over. The cost to play is going up on 6 June...
  • b
    Where is the drop to $1.50 that some were expecting? There continues to be a buyer for every share and the AVG daily volume has already been exceeded at this early hour. I'm still adding...
  • K
    ALMOST 17 MILLION SHARES TRADED YESTERDAY WITHE EOD NO CHANGE...6 June we cross the five-dollar threshold with this dividend paying stock having a PPS in the teens. Obviously, more interest as we approach the deadlines, and the hornets get restless. Best wishes, may you live long and prosper...
  • I
    Last estimate of book value was $1.77 to $1.83 as of April 30th. This info was provided during the earnings call and is available on their website.

    Since April 30th, the 10 yr yield has dropped (yes, dropped) from 2.93% to 2.74%. You would think book has increased since the last announcement. Given the short timeframe, you would also think that as long as the 10 yr yield is below 3% by end of the 2nd quarter that book will at least stabilize.
  • I
    Recent predictions on this board:

    Yoshi = -20%...but also said going to chapter 11.
    Joseph = bankrupt
    Bill (#1) = $.20 to $.50 ($2 to $5 post split..."low single digits")
    Bill (#2) = just higher.
    David = not sure.
    Me = $1.50+ until BV stabilizes.
    Kat = $5.
  • C
    Just hold and collect your dividend. If you are down then don’t buy anymore and let what you own keep collecting. They are not going bankrupt and they are shaking all the weak hands. Just chill out and stop making yourself sick. If you are not happy go buy something else and just leave this to collect from your loss. It’s not that hard. IVR with a RS or not will manage
  • B
    strong buy
  • K
    zacks updated IVR to BUY
  • A
    So lets say i bought the shares at $4 dollar per share price... I have 10000 shares... If they do 1:10 reverse stock spilt. I will now have 1000 shares... And now the share is $1.7... What am i going to do?
  • K
    IVR WILL SOON CROSS $5 THRESHOLD...A really big deal for future prospects. My best to all longs
  • Y
  • j
    Do you guys think this is a good long term hold? Just took a position.

    Been working on my DD however I’m not the best.

  • t
    Once reverse split is done it's likely they'll dilute the shares again
  • T
    I’m just going to stop watching this REIT for a while. These ongoing daily declines are too frustrating to fixate on them. This was meant to be a long term investment for me anyway. Good luck with IVR and the rest of the stock market, everyone! This is a brutal correction on Wall Street.
  • b
    IVR PPS push continues upward since recent low. Positive sign for longs....
  • t
    Can reverse stock splits be a signal to sell?
    If a company in your investment portfolio announces a reverse stock split, you might wonder if or how you should react before the split takes place.

    "Just as stock splits are a sign that a firm is thriving, reverse stock splits are an admission of a struggling firm — a huge red flag," said Robert Johnson, a chartered financial analyst and CEO at Economic Index Associates, in an email interview.

    A 2008 study that looked at reverse stock splits from 1962 to 2001 backs up Johnson’s assertion. The study, conducted on behalf of the Financial Management Association International, found a "significant downward price drift and significantly lower earnings and operating cash flows" in the three years after a company’s reverse stock split. This, the researchers said, suggests the market tends to underestimate how poorly companies will perform post-split.
  • b
    INTERESTING...I see CEO and some insiders now also acquiring additional shares.
  • M
    Do they really pay dividend? I’m new here