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    When discussing the 6 out of 6.8 million blood clots, heard one anchor on the news say even 1 incident is not acceptable, shaking his head. Tells me a little about how some people interpret data....I guess expectations are high in a fantasy world. Wonder what would happen if he seen all data on all vaccines and drugs....would he refuse taking them?
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    Mighty Thor
    It's fantastic that this is already going up without an earnings report or a resumption of vaccinations. Here's hoping it continues.
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    The “pause “ has gone on long enough. No, I am not a doctor, but I have common sense.
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    For the vast majority of people, they should get immunized. I was immunized two months ago, I have not worn a mask in a month. I'm going to nightclubs and crowded restaurants. Living completely normal with no mask.
    Just 6 cases of these blood clots have been reported among the 6.8 million people who received the J&J vaccine, according to the CDC. They occurred in women between the ages of 18 and 48 with low blood platelet levels. Their symptoms developed six to 13 days after vaccination, and at least one of the women died.
    Should you be Concerned About the Moderna and Pfizer Vaccines Too? Experts are saying no. The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, which include two doses and were developed with mRNA technology, are different from the J&J vaccine, which is just a single dose and was created with adenovirus vectors. It is impossible to take your risk to zero. For me, I chose the slight risk of the vaccine, versus the risk of the China Virus.
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    Captain Hairpiece
    JNJ will come back online in less than a week. will make more overseas in it. They will also time with it a dividend increase. Buy the dips.
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    It's a good time to buy/add JNJ shares here. The sizable upside dwarfs the downside risk.
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    The odds of being struck by lightning in the USA is
    1 in 700,000.
    How many blood clots?
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    6.8 million vaccines and 6 blood clot cases. One fatal out of nearly 7 million. That seems like a pretty good vaccine to me.
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    Jack Rothaus
    The rate of deaths from the common flu vaccine is the same as the rate of blood clots from the JNJ vaccine. This doesn’t sound like an issue to me.
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    JnJ is now a woke Corp siding with those against the voter ID requirements for Georgia.

    As a former employee at the New Brunswick HQs, then and now, can’t get in without an ID.
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    CDC needs to close up shop...enough FEAR about Janssen - the numbers don't warrant it and the numbers of those vaccinated that still did get COVID is small but include the majority that had the Pfizer or Moderna so why aren't they shut is all crazy and shows the CDC is off the wall and no longer an effective leader. Boolean
  • r
    Article out today that MODERNA AND Pfizer..Both have incidents of blood clots of 4 per million it appears that unfortunately like most medicines there are going to be rare instances of bad outcomes. I think that birth control pills show risks of increased blood clots in 3 out of ten thousand to put it in perspective
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    Like I told my wife many times. If JNJ was $200 per share I wouldn't sell it. We are retired and the JNJ dividend is part of our passive income retirement strategy. What we changed is that we no longer reinvest the dividend after over 25+ years of reinvesting the dividend. We just take the proceeds in cash.
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    Mr. Handsome
    IS it better to get a vaccine out there quickly that is proven effective and save the lives of hundreds of thousands and maybe lose 1 to a reaction? Get a grip. .
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    JNJ certainly not trading like the end of the world is near with their Covid shot. They probably have a good idea whats going on since the cases seem to be confined to women with low platelet levels and of child bearing years. We may see a recommendation this demographic take one of the other available shots if the so choose.
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    Market watch article diff between mRNA and viral vector...let’s go, stop the media hype and get vaccinated
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    Bought more at 157.75 today
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    $NVAX conversation
    $MRNA and $BNTX are getting crushed pre market, likely due to the freshly released Oxford study. Taking us down with them it looks like - same trendlines. Big Pharma is spinning it that you are 10x more likely to get a blood clot from COVID than the vaccine, but they aren't looking solely at the female cohort, which appears to be most affected here. $AZN & $JNJ are going to come back online, and our SP will suffer as a result. Only 1 million shares left to short according to iborrowdesk.
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    Panic sell = profit buy.
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    Glad to see this already turning around