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JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)

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  • B
    Wish I could say I bought more at 90. But, as a 30 yr shareholder, I did double my position in Oct. at 99. BY FAR, the best Big Bank investment in America! Also like USB as the largest regional bank.
  • e
    Dimon promised to buy back $30B worth. JPM bought back $4B in Q1. $26B in buy back to go plus recovery from the virus is nearing. Two hundred bucks is a distinct possibility near term.
  • S
    Scott A
    I know it's not fashionable to do a stock split anymore due to being a big influencer on the indexes, but this is traditional 2:1, 3:1 split territory for JPM... Any rumours on doing this, or is it just "old ways of doing business" now?
  • J
    The run is over!!!sell now
  • C
    $200 in a few months
  • G
    JPMorgan Chase cash on hand for the quarter ending March 31, 2021 was $1,327.019B, a 50.37% increase year-over-year..... What are they going to do with that - Launder it for the Cartels?
  • T
    Any one gets the dividend payment yet?
  • j
    JP Morgan giving out a Bad Rating on a UNIT !! Which makes Money and Beat earnings!! 3/4 of 5G runs Through UNIT !! No matter where in The U.S.A. and in North America!! I bet next quarter We find out JP Morgan was Buying UNIT cheap!! JP Morgan has done this Before. Gave a Company a Bad Rating then bought shares of the Company Cheap. Then next quarter after JP Morgan Bought a ton of shares of that company. Changed their Ratings on that Company to Positive.
  • R
    It is easy to say it's a fools game to "time the market"; however, it doesn't take a genius to look at a a bit of history over the last one hundred years of the stock market to realize that "all time highs" is not the right time to start adding positions in stocks; any stocks. There is going to be a 15-40% correction within the next few years. It "always" happens after one of these 2 year "super"run up periods. Don't take my word for it - just check the history of the stock market. My advice: Sell your big winners, no long term bonds, build short term CD ladders to get a little something on your cash, and be patient. The next good buy opportunity for blue chip stocks will come much sooner than most people realize. When you get a 15% correction, put 1/3 of your cash to work. When you get a 20% correction, put another 1/3 of your cash to work. Save the last third of cash in case that 20% turns into a 2000 or 2008 type of rout (40% routs happen rarely, but do happen). Also, when these 15-20% corrections hit; don't buy right away. Allow the corrections to take a foot hold and stabilize (usually 6-9 months into the correction will work); then put your first 1/3 cash position to work. Waiting will minimize the "falling knife syndrome". Concentrate on blue chips. Nasdaq high fliers rapidly become low fliers so stay away from new company tech stocks and small caps during this period (opportunities to add positions in these will come a bit later). Always keep in mind two of the most useful words ever coined for investing in stocks: "Buy Low"!!!!!!! Don't let any CEO make you sit on your stock positions when all instincts tell you that the stock prices are too high. Let history be your teacher, not some CEO. Pearls Gen Z'ers - I'm giving your pearls. The philosophy above has worked for me since 1978 when I bought my first position in GE. Lastly, it is Just fine to sit on cash for a while and wait for the next big inevitable downturn. It will happen.
  • G
    Remember now JPM can't actually start their share buy back yet. Another month to go.
  • M
    I know the stock market is serious. We all make and lose real money.
    However, it’s hard to take too seriously when JPM is down today, and GME is up 18 percent.
  • j
    Jamie Diamond and half the Upper Management at JP Morgan should be in Jail!! This overpriced overhyped bank should get investigated for some of the practices they Do!! Oh that's right JP Morgan has been FINED NUMEROUS TIMES!!! JP Morgan should NOT BE ALLOWED TO give out any Ratings on any Company's!!!
  • L
    Plenty of runway left for stock to exceed $195 per share.
  • c
    They had some interesting insights about JPM on ( Definitely made me think twice about the company.
  • t
    Lol I bought 4,000 at $91 in sept!!!!
  • k
    If you’re looking for a short and sweet guide to the day’s biggest news, I recommend ( They breakdown the most important pre-market news and it only takes a few minutes to read.
  • T
    May 1 is the big silver squeeze raid to all you dollar lovers there will be 100,000 people purchasing 100 ounces of silver this is a worldwide movement to protect your purchasing power JP Morgan owns 25,000,000 ounces of Silver there is a reason maybe you should own some to even if you can only afford one ounce buy it.
  • T
    How much of the gold and silver market does jpm own?
  • p
     Just give it a few days until the market realizes what the earning actually mean for the company‘s future and present value

    But in the meantime buy a great Company at a fair price
  • r
    I can't see why anybody would buy at this point. We're looking at a $463 BILLION market cap, with a P/E of 17.2. These are not the numbers of a growth stock. How much bigger can it get, and how much of a premium would you pay for that growth? As an income stock, the yield has fallen to 2.35%, not bad, but certainly not top shelf in that category, you can do much better. I'm long, have been for many years. But can't see any reason for positive pressure on the buyer side.