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JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPMPRK)

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    I just put in an order to my attorney to purchase 10,000 shares of JPM.
  • C
    Need the dividend increase! Reduce Dimon, BOD, and mgt pay if necessary to pay for dividend increase.
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    Dan K
    No dividend increase was just announced. It appears the money generally used for shareholder dividend increases is being spent to pay for travel for employees for abortion cost.
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    Looks like Chase can't make enough money on deposits in accounts any longer, so they are increasing their Fee Schedules on Customer Accounts with a change that took place on June 12, 2022. I aso see they are eliminating other benefits from higher tier deposit customers as well such as safe deposit boxes. I guess the Credit Unions are the better solution yet again !
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    As a shareholder in JP Morgan, I protest their policy of financing employees going out of state for abortions.
    I would think that after the Disney fiasco, they would know better than to wade into the political arena on matters which their stockholders may or may not support.

    I bring this subject up NOT to discuss abortion but to discuss whether or not the company should involve itself in political matters that do not pertain to banking.
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    Captain Hairpiece
    JD said the storm was coming. I think that's the real reason he didn't raise the dividend.
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    At this price I’m loading up
  • J
    Jim Zornow
    Will be back in the 120’s next week.
  • M
    I just purchased 1000 JPM with an at the money July 08 weekly covered call for the divided. I will continue to add through the week depending on the price the next 3 days. Must purchase on Friday. Ex div date is Tues but market is closed Mon.
  • K
    Largest bank in the US, I'm a customer and shareholder. Just sorry I didn't wait to add to my position. Cost basis under $130.00. 1y Target Est $156.56. You only loose money when you panic and sell. Dividends will come and so just play it cool and add at bargain prices!
  • C
    Great safe stock yielding 3.5%!. I have bought at 115, 120, 117. It's a bond with big upside once Republicans retake congress in Nov. Until then, sideways...
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    The crypto market has prove to be profitable over time but it all depends on your choice of investment. Investing wrongly might have you ending up with losses and no one wants that.
  • E
    $200 in three years, plus dividend increases!!
  • J
    J.P. Morgan’s mortgage business slashing workforce as housing market cools:
    Who needs bank mortgages, when houses are being priced at 3 times what
    they are really worth? This is another 2008 mortgage crisis waiting to happen:
    Putin's War causes a Worldwide recession, housing prices collapse, mortgagee's
    walk away from 3 times overpriced mortgages, abandoned homes get trashed,
    hit the market and make overpriced other homes' prices to further collapse.
  • E
    Monday divvy increase, jumbo buyback announcement
  • E
    stress test, buyback, raise divvy, coming to a theater near you!
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    Citigroup, DoorDash, Levi Strauss , CVS, Lyft, Salesforce, Yelp, JPMorgan Chase, Disney, Amazon, Netflix, Tesla, Walgreens among companies offering travel benefits to obtain abortions
  • W
    Wired up
    Sold all my shares...need volitity to calm down before reentry. GLTA