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  • S
    Not sure why bank stocks keep going down.. aren't they benefiting from increasing interest rates?
  • M
    No bank 🏦 bailouts from the fed this time !
  • B
    JPM going out of business?
  • M
    Down to 99 tomorrow
  • B
    I have heard bank executives once said rising rate is good for banks and insurance companies. The increase yield spread will add to their profits.
  • G
    Can someone explain with rising interest rates why the banks are being punished as well as the high P/E growth companies?
  • D
    JPM Monday morning highlight: Putin and the Fed are in a race to see who can inflict the most world-wide pain. The Fed appears to be winning.

    Impeach the Fed
  • J
    JPM paying $1.00 Oct. 31st.
    No increase this time. Maybe we'll get an increase on the next.
  • s
    Wow, I haven't checked on JPM in quite awhile. I didn't realize it is trading at 52-week lows. Anyone think this could fall to $90? As a former shareholder, I would buy at that level like I did last time I held longer term.
  • D
    The markets are finally reflecting a government molded by Democrats. They haven't done a single thing that benefits business in the long term. All of their short term decisions to blow trillions of dollars on inefficient ineffective pet projects did nothing, but drive already rampant inflation. DNC Crime Syndicate patsies like Yellen and Powell were told to keep priming the pump last year when they should have been shrinking their balance sheet and raising rates at a modest pace. Housing is going to collapse even faster over the next six months, than it already has. A Fed induced surge in short term non-productivity followed by a massive surge in inflation and recession. I've know all my life that Democrats know nothing about risk management, investments and capitalism, and the past two years have proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt. The Democratic Party is nothing, but an entire collection of self-absorbed antiquate relics that retain power through buying votes from the most unproductive aspects of America. Illegal immigrants, felons, debtors, unions full of felons, the homeless, and government employees at every level. What a bleeping disaster.
  • J
    It's time for the annual dividend increase Jamie.
  • O
    Going under $100 real soon
  • a
    Gonna be a Green Day
  • E
    JPM @$100...4% divvy.
  • n
    none none
    Where is support when DOW drops below 30K?
  • B
    I feel like if these politicians were actually getting laid by somewhat attractive women, they wouldn't be purposely trying to destroy the country. Covid isolation ruined us
  • p
    Hit 5 yr low from 2017. Unreal!
  • C
    When I started investing I had no clue what I was doing! Thanks to, I was able to build a healthy portfolio with the help of their daily emails!
  • B
    Still short your Bank ! Who told you so months ago this was coming ?
  • W
    Heading straight to $90s
    As each rate cut results in 10% decline in PPS