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  • M
    The company is operating on salaried staff. It should give the union everything it demands then layoff 1/3 of the work force to cover the increase. Net gain of employees who are grateful for raise and having a job. Oh to be fair the layoff should be done via lottery.
  • e
    Kellogg should move all its plants to Tennessee where the people are smart hard working employees. Dedicated to the company and family. Who appreciate what the company provides for the today and future. Labor in Mich will destroy this company.
  • G
    Strikers should just leave the company. Why keep working for a company that mistreats you? Especially in today's environment where everyone is hiring. So either you like your job or you don't. If people walked then Kellogg would have to compete for your labor and provide better accomodations.
  • A
    I may be just an average American and I just own 30 shares of Kellogg which I considered a good investment. Nevertheless, I would hope the company would have more respect for their valuable labor force. These stories of having to work 60 -80 hours a week is just wrong. I hope Kellogg's will consider the quality of life of their workers. Who wants an exhausted and abused workforce?
  • D
    Kellogg wants it's employees to not have a comfortable living on 40 hour week. They have been forcing people to work 60 to 80 hours forever. They want them to only make a comfortable living working 80 hours. The employees should demand no more forced overtime, then Kellogg would have to hire twice as many people. Those are hours of their lives that cannot be made up, they are lost forever!! Keep up the strike!!
  • B
    Just started at the Omaha plant 30 days ago. Now on strike because new employees are paid half of what regular employees make. For new employees there is no path to full pay, good insurance and you never get a pension. Employees have to work 12 hours a day 7 days a week and often only have 8 hours off between 12 hour shifts. The CEO just got a $3,000,000 raise because of covid and the workers got $500. Corporate Greed at it's "finest".
  • S
    Divy raise coming for Kellogg’s GIS and ConAgra
  • L
    Soon strike will be over and k will be $65.I think investing with crypto will be the best option now especially with the rate of the current market.
  • M
    If I were a union leader and wanted assert control on how my members we paid, I would own alot of shares in the company. I would direct my members to buy shares in the company….but then I would actually have to consider the ramifications of a strike….my dividends… my initial investment. Hmmm guess thats why unions leaders invest in companies that have no unions….lol
  • A
    well, you put a price tag on the union demands and turn it over to your CFO. Then you set back and see who gets the hair cut. The company, union workers, stock holders or the consumer and go from there.
  • D
    Willing to renegotiate?? They will offer top wage to everybody already employed, lay off 70% of the work force, hire them back at half wages and benefits. Don't cave in, protect the future employees!!! Keep up the strike!!
  • G
    They should give them shares in Kellogg as a 401 or IRA contribution. That way everyone has a shared interest and workers are getting a future requirement. I guess wages aren't going up fast enough. This will backfire on them I'm pretty sure.
  • S
    Nobody ate their cereal today?:p
  • T
    Tell No Lies 🎃
    Let’s be honest, we all want more strawberries in our pop tarts but is it worth $5M 😹
  • b
    Nice dividends. Beware, overpaid Michigan workers destroyed the auto industry and cereals are next.
  • S
    I understand Kellogg's workers are now on strike. Good! I will never forgive the company for discontinuing Product 19!
  • a
    HOW CAN k + AABB Up 2,700 % YR + ALPP Up 7,700 % YR = BEST GAINS in 2021 / 2022. ??
  • T
    Time to go long on Tony the Tiger shelf stock before the supply is depleted. Should be great for q4 sales.
  • G
    is special k a legal substance?
  • R
    I hope they don’t sell out of my Raisin Bran Crunch