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    For fellow KSU shareholders waiting for the shares and $ payout from the closing, that should be forwarded to your broker on Friday, Dec 17! Depending on your brokerage house, it will, likely, either be reflected in your account on Friday or more likely Monday Dec 20? Why the delay? guess is, just like so many dividends that are paid on Fridays, the banks/brokers get to 'kite' the funds over the weekend? Thats a lot of spare change (interest) when you are dealing with a transaction of this magnitude! Just my opinion!
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    Is it looking like deal closes and cash deployed tomorrow Dec 14?
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    The cash and CP shares are in my Schwab accounts as of this afternoon! Very nice indeed!
  • A
    CP investor here. Out of curiosity, how many of you are selling your new CP shares?

    I'm looking for an explanation of the unusually high trading volumes on declining prices that we've been seeing with CP this week.
  • B
    In as much Mr Elon Musk has aided in the current liquidations,it's unavoidable,the market had it coming,time when traders and investors will be able to contain leverage positions. But considering the fact that crypto is the future it's also inevitable that another speculative growth is coming soon.
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    I have had a change of mind on KSU. If the board is purchasing shares, which would make it more difficult for anyone to buy the company (hostile or friendly alike). If the railroad wants to add value, perhaps it can find some smaller railroads, whose purchase would expand the reach of KSU, and add to KSU's profits. That would be a win/win situation for the company and the shareholders.
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    As a longtime share holder in KSU I am opposed to the merger with CN. I don't believe it serves the best interest of the KCS especially its employees. The KCS has always been a unique railroad and profitable one despite its small size. A CP merger just make more sense. While the CN offer was higher the CN will be in debt and that is a major concern in the longterm. The CP offer allows growth in both combined railroads so the longterm is bright because there will be fair competition and the railroads can grow and expand. The CN sees that, why do you think the late bid to outdo the CP aggrement to purchase KCS? They see the competion, they know a CP-KCS merger is a threat. So they used their larger buying power to outbid. This is a modern day Morganization of a railroad. They basically can eliminate 30% of the NA rail system. Reason if the KCS-CN merger allowed the CP only alternative move is to be abosorbed by another mega railroad, it has no other choice. Thus CN eliminates its competion, that is Morganization. This is why I highly doubt the STB will approve this merger.

    I have always respected the KCS management, it has run this railroad the right way over the years. Mike Haverly got the KCS back, he brought on the Souther Belle passenger train, that is pride. Pride means a lot. Pride is good for investors and rail employees. Today I question managements decision here. As I wrote to the KCS board in May just because CN's offer is higher doesn't make it the right decision. They are risking our investments. If they would of accepted the CP merger agreement in which they had a gentlemans agreement on, the KSU stock would be booming by now not dropping. They now risk it even further by awaiting a STB approval to even continue the process. Then what after a year the board can and will in all likelyhood not approve it which will plummet the stock. This is gambling with investor money. You may as well go to the racetrack. They are wasting precious time, the CP merger would of been easily approved and shareholders reward but now you have to wait and hope and you've already seen what has happened to the stock.

    I can't wait to August to vote my NO to the CN merger, I urge all of you to vote NO, we need to take the CP offer. This is just my opinion but I believe it makes the most sense for longterm investors.
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    Genese Wyoming was taken private about nine months ago. Always figured KSU would be bought or merged into one of the other railroads at some point most likely BNSF or UNP.
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    The latest CP merger with KSU will give KSU shareholders 2.884 shares of CP + $90 Cash. Assuming $68/share x 2.884 + 90 = $286/share. Current KSU price is $280/share. I would buy KSU now just because of this and that you would get CP which is a much better railroad system (2000 miles of rail) between US and Canada. Also, CP/KSU merger valued KSU at $300/share... in the short term, this will go up towards that point. These are my thoughts.
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    I'm curious what shareholders prefer, a CN or CP deal?
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    Today's selloff appears to be overdone? Feels like STB may not approve CNI deal and someone has leaked some insight? In any case, KSU is worth more than the current trade! IMHO
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    As a railfan, if the merger does go through I really hope CP lets KSU keep their paint scheme. The engines are much better looking than Norfolk and UNP locomotives. CSX, BNSF, CP, and the previously publicly traded Genesee & Wyoming locomotives.
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    With the CN offer of 33.7 billion and KCS outstanding shares of 90.93 million. That should equal $370.6 per share.
    Anyone know why KSU is trading way too low for this strong of offer.
    This has incredible over whelming support. I believe it's going to happen forsure.
    Please let me know What am I missing?
    Thank you
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    If I buy an option for $260 right now and deal is approved for $330 per share, does that make me 7,000 in the money and I’m profit?
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    rumor has it BNSF may be making a move to buy kcs
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    If the CNI/KSU merger fails to get approved, the $2B payment to KSU by CNI will fit nicely into our KSU balance sheet!
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    Isn't today (Aug 31) the deadline the STB self imposed to announce a decision on the 'voting trust' issue for CN?
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    I am just as happy to take a CP deal for my taxable account. A greater payment in shares (in kind) means less capital gains tax on the cash portion of the transaction. Plus, as KSU is relatively larger in a CP deal when compared to a CNI deal, maybe CP will have more share price upside, post takeover, if they nab KSU.
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    Henry Joseph
    I could kind see this happening, but didn't buy when I could. A big miss on my part. Hope a deal goes through, as a North-South merger makes a lot of sense.