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Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC)

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    Does anyone have news on why the big move today? Oh, maybe we just own one the best stocks to hold for 10+ years
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    Lithium producer LTHM and near term producer LAC are green, LAC is so close to production, hold or add your shares until Q3, you will be rewarded big time
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    It will be really exciting when the lac management comes up with a revised forecast / budget that includes production from Cauchari. Do not think that this revenue is included in the current budget 2022? There must be some income, and information about production volumes and price level.
    For production in facts could well be the trigger that sends us to the next level SP 40-70
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    LAC might be the only stock that will be doubled or tripled by the end of this year, judge ruling and CO production will happen very soon, that is when LAC shareholders are rewarded.
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    all you need to know: there is not enough lithium to meet demand today and it could get worse tomorrow if this Administration gets its way with green energy.......Lithium America's will prosper from this supply/demand scenario.......go lac,,
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    Check out this May 2022 Video of the Argentina Project.
    Cauchari-Olaroz May 2022 video update
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    50 by year end.
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    Great White Shaak
    $LAC moves from Junior Miner to Full Blown Profitable Miner within 75+/- Days 3,2,1 💥 🚀.
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    Good company:

    Princeton University disclosed that it owned a large stake in an early-stage lithium miner.
    In fact, Princeton’s holdings of 2.4 million shares of Lithium Americas (ticker: LAC) make it the fourth-largest investor in the Vancouver-based company. Princeton disclosed the holdings in a form it filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.Princeton University Investment Company, which manages the school’s $38 billion endowment, didn’t respond to a request for comment. ….
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    Lots of gloom on this board. You need to keep reminding yourself that every ounce of lithium is sold, every ounce of lithium to be mined in the next 12 months is also sold. Prices are up 100X, not 100%, but a 100X. The US DoD has listed Lithium as a National Security Risk, they want to have operating mines on US soil. EPA legislation is forcing autos to become Lithium battery powered, solar power needs Lithium batteries for dark-hour power storage. Lithium prices are based upon competitive markets, it is not regulated. Expect more price increases, and more demand. It takes years to develop a mine, and this creates a barrier to entry for new mines, making the existing mines to have oligopoly pricing power. All you have to do is buy it, and hold it. Don’t look at the price everyday.
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    Amid the downtown, Lithium producers have DOMINATED earnings. $LAC begins initial production run in September and unleashes Thackerpass around the same is joining the oligopoly at a time when Li is king 🤴. Find the bright spots in the chaos.
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    I don’t pay too much attention to Motley but it’s ok:

    Lithium Americas (TSX:LAC)(NYSE:LAC) stock has taken a huge fall in the first half of 2022. Shares continue to drop, down 23% year to date and 47% from 52-week highs. And yet analysts continue to recommend the stock, giving it an average price target of around $50 per share.
    This could mean that Lithium Americas stock could double in the next year. So, what do analysts know that investors possibly don’t?
    The catalyst
    United States president Joe Biden invoked the Defense Production Act last month to help create critical-minerals production domestically. This would include lithium and may help Lithium Americas stock with its large new mine in Nevada.
    The move comes from a variety of reasons. Canada and the United States continue to try and create their own supply rather than be reliant on China’s critical minerals. China remains one of the largest miners of lithium, and the largest producer and consumer of electric vehicles.

    So, the move by President Biden puts money into the hands of lithium companies like Lithium Americas stock. It could fund both production efforts and technology to encourage clean energy projects. And that’s excellent news, as the company attempts to put its Thacker Pass project online, which could become the largest lithium mine in the United States.
    Can’t reach goals without it
    If the United States wants to succeed as an electric vehicle producer, analysts believe the U.S. needs Thacker Pass. Those goals cannot be reached without it — especially as costs should remain low, while production could rise as high as 80,000 tonnes per year in phase two.
    While Lithium Americas has other projects, Thacker Pass is 100% owned by the company. And none of them come anywhere close to producing the amount of lithium that this one should. Plus, it’s not just electric vehicles that the company should benefit from. Lithium batteries are used in everything from cell phones to lap tops.
    With results of its feasibility study on Thacker Pass due in the second half of 2022, investors may see shares rise around that time. Meanwhile, it continues to have a strong balance sheet, with plenty of support from the U.S. government.
    How high could it climb?
    Lithium Americas stock currently has a share price target of about $50. That would provide today’s investors with a potential upside of 79%. Still, some analysts believe a recession is underway, meaning shares could drop further before they start climbing.
    All in all, Lithium Americas stock received a boost from growth-stock enthusiasts looking for a way into the electric vehicle industry. But long-term investors should see today’s share price as an opportunity. Shares have climbed 550% since 2017, and with the boom in electric vehicle use still on the way, that
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    Princeton University Discloses Large Stake in Lithium Miner.


    Ed LinFollow

    May 14, 2022 8:00 am ET

    Princeton University disclosed that it owned a large stake in an early-stage lithium miner.

    In fact, Princeton’s holdings of 2.4 million shares of Lithium Americas (ticker: LAC) make it the fourth-largest investor in the Vancouver-based company. Princeton disclosed the holdings in a form it filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.Princeton University Investment Company, which manages the school’s $38 billion endowment, didn’t respond to a request for comment. It’s not clear if the university bought the shares or...
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    Chinese EV-battery makers hammered by high raw material prices
    Chinese electric-car battery makers, including leader Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. (CATL), were hammered by surging raw material costs in the first quarter, despite strong sales of electric vehicles (EVs).
    In the first quarter, CATL posted 1.5 billion yuan ($221 million) in net profit, sliding 24% year-on-year — its first drop in profits in two years. That came even as revenue surged almost 154% to 48.6 billion yuan.
    CATL-BYD battery rivalry altered by Covid and surging material costs.

    The above is facts news from China. What can we use it for?
    It confirms why I invested in Lac (miner) and not in EV or battery companies. EV companies are out, because it is difficult to find the winners, there are so many to choose from, and the whole structure is complex.
    Battery manufacturers could well be a bid, but technologies are shifting, and it's expensive to modified productions, the big wins? I see Lithium will be part of the batteries for many years due to weight in terms of performance, will be hard to avoid?
    It also tells that now the high Lithium price is taking hold, that is, the accounts for mines will be significantly better, we have seen that, but not the full effect.
    Note that although prices have increased, sales have increased 154%. Part, of course, is price increase, but the raw material cannot be attributed to this large increase at all. Therefore, electrification is well underway even though it is also affected by War, Inflation etc. We want to see really good times for Lithium?
    We've got to be in the right segment, whether Lac is the right one I don't know, a lot of you probably know that better. All I can see is a Leadership that is credible and serious. This, along with the US unlikely to sit and watch China put itself on the Lithium market, Tacker must have a good chance and then we see the final approval, we have whole other business case. Remember we have now see from Cauchari, they can build production and have know how from Gangfeng (“ know how” are now also paid).
    That Lac has been dragged down along with the general index decline is therefore far from fair, but we should take comfort in the fact that we come back just as quickly and hopefully to a higher level. A lot of other stocks don't. This time I've had the patience and I'm happy about that.
    For new investor buy buy…………………….., remember only for money you have.
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    LAC to produce lithium initially in Sep in Argentina, Judge Du TP decision to come down by Sep as well. Looking for the largest move in this stock's history after these 2 announcements.
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    LAC!!!! Anyone who was lucky enough to jump in early congrats it's about to pay off!
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    The disclosure by Princeton University that they own 2.4m shares of LAC is a positive indicator of the interest behind LAC. The Princeton investment fund has $38 billion under management!!
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    LAC is stronger than the market and other lithium stocks, it is a clear indication that LAC will start going up from here
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    old timer
    breaking thru downtrend line here. very positive tech signal
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    Elon says Lithium production will be the limiting factor in battery production.