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Chainlink GBP (LINK-GBP)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in GBP
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As of 09:43PM UTC. Market open.
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    It's impossible to produce a superior performance unless you do something different from the majority, meanwhile every informed person need to know about crypto currency because it's one of the worlds most important development and currency over internet power.
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    Crypto is still so young and most people don't understand it at all and get frustrated when prices move up and down quickly. Most of the current tokens will go bust and now is not the time to take risks. It is a great buying opportunity for the next bull run which will start by the end of the year. Go for the ones you think will survive like, BTC, ETH, QNT, ADA, UNI, DOT, FTT, XTZ, SUSHI, SOL, MATIC, LINK, GRT, AVAX and 1INCH. Throw a little money in these over the next few months and you will be happy. Ignore all the other noise.
  • J
    I got lucky and sold my last 25 link last month at 15 dollars just bought 25 back for 7 bucks.. I'll buy more when the markets rebalance and breakout .. 🤔👍
  • R
    What’s the point of this thing again?
  • P
    Involving proven facts and researchers, any superiority an investment process may have will only emerge with time. The best way to measure your investing success is not beating the market but putting in place a financial plan that will definitely boost your financial destination and it can only be accomplished when you have an experienced, trustworthy and transparent financial manager for your trade. Honestly, Mrs Joann has all the characteristics needed to show for a healthy profit despite the market fluctuations. Write her for more knowledge, information, and begin your trade with no delay.
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  • S
    $LINK.X is doing great today. Already up 7.58% WOW !
  • m
    What can you do with this stuff other than trade it? Can you use it at a store to buy food or gas? I don’t get it.
  • U
    $1 next month
  • E
    Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) provides a universal, open standard for developers to build secure services and applications that can send messages, transfer tokens, and initiate actions across multiple networks.
  • s
    Link break out would be nice right about now
  • A
    👂📮I will shout out to tell people that investment has makes me a rich person today, ma'am DANIELLA B THOMAS has changed my financial status. What more will I ask for when she has done a lot for me, sometimes is not good to be afraid of losing or being scammed, because just here a friend posted it and I was going through the conversation and ended up being an investor with her and she has been doing an excellent job as she promised I must say kudos to her 💯✅
  • B
    Scam, manipulation big time. Yesterday it went only 10 cents up after bitcoin went up 2500, now it's 1600 down and this scam goes 40cents down. Come on guys you need to go to jail.
  • B
    I am keeping the faith...Great Use case for smart contracts WILL CONTINUE TO DOLLAR COST AVERAGE AND ADD.....It will be 100 plus in the near future 1-3 years
  • e
    The Dumpening has begun. Are you startled?
  • U
    this gonna go to$7 cdn lmao
  • H
    Hector Feliciano
    Big time manipulation
  • e
    52 Week Range 11.50 - 52.88

    Bear market?
  • F
    FFIE FF 91 FUTURIST Pre-Orders
    LINK Has Broken its CHAIN and Is Running Towards a $ 7 billion Market Cap.?
  • B
    come on, this should had been over 20$, manipulation
  • E
    "Developers that utilize the Chainlink network pay with the protocol’s native token, LINK. Thus, a token that helps to facilitate the growth of the on-chain ecosystem may also gain prominence over Bitcoin in time as it becomes increasingly critical to the operation of the blockchain infrastructure.

    It is thus already possible to envision a commerce-linked or infrastructure-linked coin that may eventually eclipse Bitcoin. More such possibilities may emerge. Innovation in the chain-based ecosystem is continuing apace and today’s offerings may yet give way to a new invention that garners more attention and assets than Bitcoin." -CitiGroup