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Lumber Liquidators Holdings, Inc. (LL)

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6.93-0.09 (-1.28%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
6.93 +0.02 (+0.29%)
After hours: 04:06PM EDT

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  • J
    With the cash burn and low cash amount, I'm wondering if they'll be put on a credit watch?
  • n
    82% loss over 5-years and Chuck and the Nancy's still have jobs. Wow great job
  • J
    Great one year chart..looks like profile of Mt. Everest while skiing downhill.
  • O
    Ooh Blah Dee
    Here's hoping that Norma from Fort Myers, her family, and her flooring business is alright. I know we are pretty far down on your priority list, Norma, but when the rest of that list is done, I'm sure we'd all appreciate an update to let us know how it's going down there.
  • O
    Ooh Blah Dee

    I just saw the tail end of an LL ad on Fox news.

    Too little, too late? It reminds of the old marketing saw about the storeowner who refused to advertise, until he went out of business. But the going out of business sale was advertised. And the people there said, "Why are you going out of business? This is great stuff!!"

    In decreasing order of bullishness. 1. Maybe Charles proved his point about not supporting Fox. @. Or maybe he listened to the audience numbers finally. 3. Or he decided to fire the do-nothing media and creative ad agencies. 4. Or the woke fad has finally jumped the shark to the point that even a snooty Brit can read the tea leaves.

    (Why is #4 bullish for LL? Because that alone could signal an end the policies that have jacked inflation, and so rates and so housing unaffordability.)
  • T
    When it comes to investing, we want our money to grow with the highest rates of return, and the lowest risk possible. While there are no shortcut to getting rich, but there are smart ways to go about it.
  • B
    Bullish Editor
  • K
    Unfortunately I am still here. Probably means nothing but the trading volume from last Friday and today are the highest of the year except for a couple of days 6 months ago.
  • n
    Is there anyone on this board that can defend Chuckie and Nancy
  • L
    LL Value Committee
    Every time I comment on your posts (nuhusky82), you delete the post. So I will make my own post. But for anybody looking for the back story on this long conversation, just click on my profile and you will see. I urged people to sell at $17+, at $14, and now again at $8. Posting on a message board is easy. I tried my best to fix this company, and at one point, investors in my group had, if I recall correctly, almost 7% of the company. I spent my own money on press releases and the website. I really did try my best, in the face of a total stonewalling from management. In the end, it was all for nothing, and a total failure and a waste of about 2 years of my life. But I learned a valuable lesson, and I sold my shares and never looked back. And I could clearly see that the stupidity of management and how this company was destined to fail. Some people on this board were at least supportive of the movement and could see that things were going from bad to worse. Others simply were ignorant and obstinate and critical. I don't have any position in the company, I simply see the way things are going and feel like giving everybody here a gentle reminder that this ship is sinking, rapidly, and to the investors that I know and have talked to over the years, I would urge you to make the right decision and not lose all your money and hair and years, waiting for this stock to "turn around." The company is a total mess. I sincerely hope the stock could rebound at least a little, and if it does, you should unload every darn share you own.
  • G
    5 million on hand is scary. Give it a year until bankruptcy
  • B
    I have been warning you. This is $2-3 @ max
  • A
    This company is insane. Can't win when the industry is booming. Will excessively loose when the industry is contracting. Can't even be "average". LL is an example of how to go out of business via death of a thousand cuts. Needs to either be liquidated and/or sold to someone with a vision and a plan.
  • O
    Ooh Blah Dee
    If you, or I were in a difficult spot, we might try to solve it by normal means. Like, if our motorcycle wouldn't start, we might try kick-starting it with the throttle open to clear unburned gas. Or do the opposite if that didn't work. But we'd do something.

    If Charles Tyson and team were in the same fix, they'd first sit for hours, making engines noises like a little kid. Then after a while he'd try to rotate the engine by sucking on the exhaust pipes, first one then the other, so rapidly, repeatedly and forcefully as to actually move the pistons and so crank the engine.

    Would something like that actually work? Maybe not for you or me, but we just don't suck as quickly, repeatedly and forcefully as Richmond does. So investors back off, let them work, and to wait for results.

    You'd think our board chair, Nancy Taylor, would bring some other ideas to the table. But maybe she's the one giving Tyson tips on his technique.
  • O
    Ooh Blah Dee
    Looking at the homepage, I notice that it's been 116 days since CFO Tyson and CEO Walson, under the supervision of Board Chair Nancy Taylor (Valmont, Tourvel, and Merteuil?) trotted out their "What! Me Worry?" fairy tale about the businesses prospects for long delayed growth. Their next update will likely tell a very different story, unless someone wants to risk a shareholder class action and possible jail time. (And neither is impossible given the history of deliberate sabotage.) I almost admire their chutspah.

    I also note that the website, like the commercial I saw earlier this week, still explains "formerly known as Lumber Liquidators". The thing about picking your own nickname is that it has to stick and not require constant reminders. When Prince chose an unpronounceable symbol, he became the laughingstock formerly known as Prince, and set off a 20 year running joke. Yet when Karen Johnson chose a new name, no one ever looked back. And she's been Whoopi Goldberg ever since. I think our new name is turning out more like his than hers.

    In other news
  • O
    Ooh Blah Dee
    Deleted another one. Winning!
  • J
    Looks like Famous Rhodes just bought 6635 shares with his own money. That doesn't happen often at LL.
  • O
    Ooh Blah Dee
    Expanding store count in a recession. Brilliant.
  • S
    I thought MAYBE this time they can surprise to the the upside. Yeah, right.

    Time for new leaders at this sinking ship.