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Lloyds Banking Group plc (LLOY.L)

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  • P
    Peter Anthony
    Do I want shares in a company forever in court defending fraud or bad practice, a company which is trying to become a landlord (more visions of bad press ahead) a company closing branches and forcing customers to use machines in the remains ones so it can close them claiming reduced footfall, I now have to claim I'm paying in coins to get to the counter!
    I've less than 20,000 shares ( on the drip ) and I now feel no point in remaining a customer or indeed a shareholder in a company bent on policies which seem anti social on so many levels.
  • P
    Can’t believe they’re paying such low dividends. Will we ever see pre pandemic dividend levels?
  • S
    Check out the shroders web page (lyg pension arm). Their montra is we don't care about making you money, we socially responsibly invest. #$%$. I couldn't even find links to investment options.
  • e
    The P/E ratio is listed at 9,000. Is that a miss print? Isn’t that way way too high. The banks earnings have been much better this year. They are making much more money. I am totally confused here.
  • A
    I asked a similar question last week... I'll ask again. Why is this ticker so dead in the water? If there's concrete info vs speculation that would be excellent. But my god down down down it's depressing to watch.
  • D
    Dr. Elmo
    dumped it. will someone please explain to me the bull case on this stock right now?
  • S
    Charlie you have two choices get on your bike and ride away or...
    sell all the last in town branches and pension business, invest. 1 m of ur own money in Lloyds and buybacks buybacks buybacks
  • D
    David O
    Let’s hope Mr Nunn looks after banks as well as he looks after bicycles !!
    £5 mil a year Charlie, no time for honeymoons this stock needs to shift now !!!
  • N
    FT article today on lloyds
  • e
    The results from the last two quarters appears to show LLOYDS has greatly improved their earnings. Why the SP isn’t reflecting this accomplishment I don’t understand. What other headwind are we facing? The virus? We are eventually going to have a SP that reflects our growing success. I just hope I live long enough to see it. If not my kids will be pleasantly surprised.
  • N
    what is wrong with this stock?
  • a
    Nunn’s job now, shareholders say, will be to fully exploit the mammoth market share that merger created for Lloyds in UK mortgages, savings and credit cards. Thirty million Britons have an active account of some sort with the bank.
    He has it much easier than Antonio Horta.
  • e
    On the London exchange the P/E ratio is 6 something. What’s going on??
  • s
    Should be 50p......something very wrong here...!!!
  • D
    The new CEO starts next week.
    Let's see.
  • J
    Prediction: January 1st 2024 the stock is 8.50 the yield is 5pct...I’m never right so I’m over due LFG
  • l
    Any guesses as to what the dividend will be next year. Assuming normalcy has returned. I was hoping for a bit more then what we were getting pre COVID but reading around for opinions and it seemed like most are predicting 5pct which is only .13 I was hoping for .20 so I could leave my job, not expecting it just wishing but certainly disappointed if it goes down from 2018 and 2019
  • R
    R. K.
    What is going on with this puppy? No matter what the broader market does, LYG always keeps dropping. Makes no sense at all.
  • i
    Sweet 10M shares traded, 1 cent price increase.