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    Why it always crash st the end of the session ?
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    So the news today was bad? Didn't seem like it to me.
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    $MDXG conversation
    Prescience Point Capital Management - Apr 1

    FDA’s likely rejection of Pfizer $PFE & Eli Lilly’s $LLY new drug for knee OA is extremely bullish for MiMedx and we believe will lead to multiple buyout offers for MDXG from Big Pharma after its phase 2B knee OA trial results are published this summer
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    Cassava Sciences – Up 1214.5%

    It is focused on the early detection and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's. The stock saw positive earnings estimate revision of 67 cents over the past 90 days for this year and has estimated growth of 607.5%. Cassava Sciences has a Zacks Rank #2.
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    To the management at Eli Lilly - your stock and options (specifically your options) are being manipulated heavily - these people in huge should be prosecuted. The SEC is aware of this situation and is reviewing past and current transactions. I hope a hedge fund goes to prison for a long long time!
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    Lilly Chief Scientific Officer Dan Skovronsky said the results appeared to show that patients who received the drug had about the same level of cognitive skills after 18 months of treatment as the placebo recipients had after 12 months.

    "We slowed the disease down by about a third," he said. "In an 18-month study we've given them six months of less decline. Of course it's a 10-year disease. The question is over 10 years could you give them back three years."

    Patients receiving donanemab experienced side effects such as amyloid-related swelling in the brain.

    Not as impressive as i had hoped. the company hyped it. it has a ways to go in terms of testing. the side effects were not good in a good # of patients. The company has a shot at approval a ways out -given the lack of alternatives ... but i can't gettoo excited about it at this point ..
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    Show me the money
    I saw the presentation yesterday and the Lillys's AD drug is just terrible compared to SAVA's simufilam in every aspect:
    Painful 1h injections vs pills
    Brain swelling vs no side effects
    Mediocre results vs cognitive, agitation and biomarkers improvement
    After 34 weeks no effects vs long term revert of AD
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    i looked at SAVA and it is interesting. i looked at the mgmt and they are well credentialed. many alzheimer drugs have crashed and burned in the past. and this company only has the one drug. it is all or nothing. a $2B market cap still very small if successful. so maybe worth a small position, as this is a 50x bagger if it hits and goes to zero if it fails. glta
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    “Every way that we look at the data, we cut the data in many different ways to try and look to see if there’s some anomaly that can explain the results other than a successful drug, and we just don’t see it,” Skovronsky, Lilly’s chief scientific officer, told Barron’s. “That’s different than every other Alzheimer’s study to date.”
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    By Deena Beasley

    (Reuters) - Eli Lilly and Co on Saturday said its experimental Alzheimer’s drug slowed the rate of decline in a measure of cognition and function by 32% compared with a placebo in a mid-stage trial of patients at an early stage of the mind wasting disease.

    The drug, donanemab, also showed positive trends that failed to reach statistical significance on a range of secondary trial goals, the company said, providing details for the first time.

    The 18-month, 272-patient study showed, for instance, that patients treated with donanemab had a 23% slower rate of decline in a measure known as the Clinical Dementia Rating Scale Sum of Boxes, a tool commonly used to gauge dementia severity.

    The ability to carry out activities like dressing and eating is often impacted by Alzheimer’s disease, which reduces cognitive ability like memory and language.

    Donanemab is an antibody designed to remove clumps of the Alzheimer’s-related protein beta amyloid from the brain. It targets a specific type of beta amyloid that Lilly believes can be rapidly cleared, enabling short-term, but durable treatment.

    Patients in the study stopped receiving donanemab and were switched to placebo once their brain plaques reached levels seen in healthy people.

    Beta amyloid has been a popular target for dozens of experimental Alzheimer's drugs, all of which have failed so far.

    Unlike other drugs aimed at alleviating symptoms, Lilly is "thinking about Alzheimer's disease as a pathology of the brain - more like cancer that you treat," said Daniel Skovronsky, Lilly’s chief scientific officer.

    In the study, the drug provided the most benefit to patients who entered the trial with lower levels of plaque.

    A brain swelling side effect, known as ARIA-E, occurred in 27% of trial patients treated with donanemab, the company said.

    Skovronsky said the company is continuing to study the drug in a second, 500-patient trial.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is expected to decide in June whether to approve aducanumab, an experimental amyloid-targeting drug developed by Biogen Inc that has demonstrated mixed trial results.

    The number of Americans living with Alzheimer's is expected to rise to around 13 million by 2050 from more than 6 million currently, according to the Alzheimer's Association.
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    People here comparing Lly and Sava !! Yes both AZ !!! And both should be complimentary to each other !!
    I wish good results for lly and sava

    in both cases this is needed for investors and even more for families around the world !!

    Good luck Lly investors
    But data and science don’t lie here

    Do your DD and see for yourselves

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    Am I lost or is this the SAVA board?
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    Prosperous Bohunk
    Started with 50. Thanks.
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    LLY and BIIB have SAVA and AVXL showing the FDA in later stage trials that their drugs are more effective without the side effects. So as desperate as everyone is for a solution of any kind or efficacy, the FDA has to lean toward AVXL and SAVA... and the market has been seeing that this year.
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    well, Cramer just toasted about $100,000 on his ambitious buying position... costly endeavor....
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    nobody will buy their drug if Sava goes.on market . Sava proven to be More efficient and less Side effect
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    Ouch ! Crammer got this one wrong like big time
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    All the SAVA pumpers in the board are pumping SAVA, but the fact is Simufilam improved cognition by only 10%. “Cassava Sciences study was funded by the National Institutes of Health and found that a six-month treatment of simufilam improved average cognition scores by 10%. Tested levels for dementia-related behavior improved by 29% over the course of the treatment. “
    LLY is much more effective.
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    Jack Rothaus
    Cramer said LLY will be an absolute gift if it gets down into the $160 per share level.