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Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMT)

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    CNBC Halftime show.......Pete Najarian says he bought LMT on Monday. Says it's going much higher.
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    I noticed in Robinhood’s order book right now 10am size: 3,200 ask $418 👀
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    Since recent earnings, LMT cash flow/ Ebitda fair value is around 410. It was 416 last q.

    Taiwan, Ukraine, and multiple smaller nations are feeling tense with big dawgs starting to show their "manifest destiny" hand in their respective geographic areas.

    It is a horrible situation these democracies are facing, Lockheed will definitely help to protect these nations. Hoping for the best for them to peacefully ease the situations.

    Either way, lockheed will need to produce their products to sustain these nations need for protection.
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    I'm too poor to afford 1 share, but this company has a promising future
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    $LMT to $NOC ratio seems low.. both great companies though and bullish on both.
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    Yes rumor is Lockie Martin has UFO technology reports will be released in June
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    Harry Reid believes LMT has UFO fragments.
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    Could be a tight range for the next week before advancing through 400
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    Sharing this with you. This is why investing is difficult.

    There is a news story from MT Newswires that there was some "significant" selling of shares by insiders at LMT over the last 90 days. That's what's moving the stock lower today (4/26).

    Some things to consider:

    1. MT Newswires has a disclaimer that no news they report should be considered investment advice.
    2. MT Newswires is on many trader and retail traders news feeds (like mine).
    3. Company beat earnings estimates and raised earnings estimates for next quarter and full year.
    4. 2 Brokerage firms lifted the price target for LMT in the past week based on the ER.
    5. LMT still has a backlog of $148B.
    6. Insiders sell for lots of reasons ......many not tied to the company's future profitability.

    So there you have the list and decide what you think you should do. I am holding.
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    Lockheed Martin Corp. has declared a dividend of $2.60 for 2Q 2021
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    Thoughts from a novice… IMHO I think this correction is normal, as in the earlier higher price probably includes the earnings. Therefore, it’s now like back to base/starting and it will continue to climb to $400+, as projected by some major analysts. I think I see the same pattern with some of the others e.g. MSFT, TSlA… their prices were moving up and up… til the announcements. If there’s some truth in my observation, then we might see a similar drop with AAPL. I just added a small amount of LMT and I think it could meet a resistance at around $380. Basically, there’s nothing seriously wrong with LMT. Also, the insider sell off is normal? Thanks.
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    @steven, you really think all the “bad news” on F35 isn’t anything more than agenda-driven anti-LMT propaganda ?
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    Was looking back on the chart to see any pattern that looks like what we are seeing now, and the last two times was on 2/10/2020 and 10/4/2018, there was a lot of down before heading up again. I'm not a big fan of using past charts to predict the future (I'm strictly a fundamentals guy), but I know someone who's very good at it (I call it "watching the wiggles") and I have a pretty good idea he would agree with my assessment.... Fortunately for me, I sold 90% plus of my shares (2550 or so) on the April 8th at $381, to transfer to a new retirement management fund (I believe it was "Eric" on the board that disparaged me from having so much in LMT... ;-) ) Hope for some major news, or expect a fair amount of drop before bouncing..... Too much of this company's earnings are riding on the F35, which isn't healthy....
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    I have few inside informations from my uncle, he works on some secret projects for LM. Soon they’ll have major announcements about reversed UFO technology and some HAUC invisible complex flying machines. 🛸 🛸🚀
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    Looks like successful launch from Vandenberg of NROL-82 by ULA Delta-IV Heavy. 15 minutes ago.
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    $LMT Morgan Stanley maintains buy rating on Lockheed and increases price target to $458 from $445.
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    Close above $390. Come on baby!
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    How's that saying about May go again?
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    Controlled buying today