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Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMT)

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  • P
    The pension offload is a positive. Non cash charge short term to off load a huge risk to future earnings. I like this move, more companies will be offloading these heavy retirement obligations to third parties. I view this as a positive, will accept short term pain for long term gain.
  • S
    "Even if you take Q2's "miss" at face value, (due to a Top Secret project) Lockheed Martin expects to make up its missing penny in short order. Issuing new and improved guidance for the rest of this year, Lockheed predicted it will end 2021 with earnings of $26.70 to $27 per share -- about $0.30 ahead of previous guidance."
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    Help wanted: Former CFO experience desired.
  • E
    As I've said, GREAT companies reporting earnings that beat estimates are being unduly crushed; e.g. CCI, HON, INTC (to some degree), and now LMT (these are some of the positions I own) BUT social media (SNAP & TWTR) and other unprofitable or NO PRODUCT/SERVICE companies report (NKLA, QS RIDE, and any other EV company) zero/negative earnings and are generally rewarded with a pop to yet more astronomical valuations. Ok I'll admit I'm old school and I don't "invest" in dreams, wishful thinking, hopes, "green" nonsense etc but I've lived through the 1987 crash, the dotcom joke, the financial crisis, the housing bust prior to the existing one we're in now, the great recession and whatever else was out there and survived intact buying good quality companies on these insane dips of good, solid companies. Just a rhetorical question, who's gonna pay for all this "free" money and when the reckoning does come, who will survive??!!
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    Looks like NOC is the better investment going forward. I own both, but may sell LMT for more NOC. Not sure yet. Still pondering it lol
  • K
    LMT posts news of 4.9 Billion Pension Funding and then CFO retires IMMEDIATELY at same time. Seems these 2 events are linked as I don't believe in coincidences.
  • R
    I might do you all a favor and sell my position. I know if I did that, LMT would be at $450 in 2 weeks.
  • R
    Does anyone have any insight as to why this is down after hours?
  • J
    Great buying opportunity in LMT the order backlog alone insures ample profits always to pay an ever increasing dividend alongside the modest 10% or so yearly return on ROI. If it drops below $375 today I'm adding more.
  • R
    Eventually, this will be a space story. when that happens, we will see PE expansion to the 20s, which means 500 or better.

    until then, just collect the growing dividend
  • s
    Tomorrows gonna be wild- bets on down 10?? Going to need stiff drink by 3:00. While Taiclet and the boys plan their next deception. Probably rehearsing next Jan CC to explain how they cant really say why we missed their Holy Cash flow so massively.
  • T
    LMT pays a great dividend. People overlook this FACT!!!
  • A
    Okay. Someone tel me what’s happening. NG reports good earnings and climbs nearly $9. We are up around $3 and then fell like a rock to our usual loss position. I see nothing in the news so what do you think caused the fallout?
  • -
    Solid earnings call. nothing unexpected really. EPS guidance for full-year being raised is always a good sign
  • M
    Steven and stock guru are the same profile😂😂😂. if anyone picked that up
  • D
    Beautiful buyin opportunity.
  • S
    Overreacting to a $0.01 miss on earnings... Lockheed Martin is vital for the security of the United States and its allies. LMT has contracts with governments going out decades. Should this be trading at a P/E in the very low teens? I'd say unequivocally, that's a NO! A market multiple at the very least. Good luck to those long LMT shares.
  • R
    buy time. IDC yearly price flux. I care about their gov contract that has them working til 2075
  • s
    Fellow investors- reading the conf call one more time- our scummy leadership is setting us up big time. We missed big time on ‘cash generation last quarter’.They stated that their’ holy cash generation ‘that they always point to as their barometer is said to now be mostly generated in the fourth quarter. Watching Taiclet and the rest operate I can absolutely see us sitting here next January and hearing them say- ‘ there were issues w this and that we really can’t talk about that caused us to miss our ‘cash generation’ but we will correct in future. Meanwhile we give them all more fresh shares for $0.00.
  • s
    Taiclet is so FOS. At presser hes going to go on and on about $$ returned to shareholders- like we are down $40 from last year MFer and you want to brag about a $2.60 dividend .