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LexinFintech Holdings Ltd. (LX)

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5.41-0.49 (-8.31%)
At close: 4:00PM EST
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  • H
    The company made so much money and P/E ratio is so low (~2.X), why can they buy back own shares or pay dividend? :)
  • G
    Share price going below EPS? trailing EPS=2.34....
  • S
    It was down 8.31% purely driven by pessimism triggered by Alibaba slashed outlook for 2022. But think about it, is there any new information related to LX? Absolutely No. We have known it for months that China is slowing down from 8% growth rate to 5-6%. Alibaba cut its outlook also because it lost market share to JD, whose stock price went up 6% yesterday. How does it have to do with LX?
    LX management is extremely honest and conservative in that they laid out all future risks, including regulatory uncertainties, during the last two earnings reports. But investors were scared and sold off LX. Other companies in the same boat, such as QFIN, did not go to this length so that their stock price did not fall as LX did. If you compare the stock price of QFIN and LX, LX is obviously undervalued.
  • S
    $LX worth atleast $10. Bought 9000 stocks @ 4.66 . Will rise to $7 in few weeks.
  • J
    $6 coming soon. Get on the Ship before it starts to Board. Wont be surprised if it crosses $7 after Short Covering. it has to happen sooner or later. Great Deep Discount Value Buy at this rock bottom prices.
  • S
    Some funds are accumulating LX for a rebounce in the coming weeks. Manipulation as usual.
  • R
    Now is the time to close short positions and take profits or even hold the shares for some time to profit on the bounce back.

    It is turning Tuesday.

    This week just before thanksgiving and Black Friday is normally a plus week for all shares.

    A bounce back is due soon and the bounce could be strong.
  • z
    $QFIN conversation
    I was reading the annual reports of $QFIN, $FINV, and $LX and found following interesting statistics. End 0f 2020, there are 1643, 3066, and 3313 employees in these 3 companies respectively. For each function, the ratios are as follows, general and administrative (8.7%, 7.8%, 6.85%), operations (32.5%, 27.63%, 5.43%), R&D and product (44.67%, 21.98%, 22.37%), risk management (5.36%, 24.07%, 10.23%), sales and marketing (8.76%, 18.53%, 55.12%). First of all, it amazes me that the number of employees of
    $QFIN is just half of the other two, while achieving higher revenues and profits; second, most of the employees at QFIN are for R&D and products, while FINV uses relatively more people on risk management and Lexin mainly focusing on sales and marketing.

    Any thoughts on those numbers, investors? How did QFIN achieve higher revenues and profits with half of the employees of its competitors and its competitors have generally more people dedicating to risk management?
  • S
    Some are selling because:
    1. The Q3 result is not as good as the Q2 result; 2. There are uncertainties in the coming months as LX transfers some of data collected and algorithms to Baihang (a credit rating agency), as required by the new regulations. Thus LX might lose some of its prowess vis a vis its financial partners (banks etc), which will deal directly with Baihang.
    Although these concerns are valid, they are not new and already priced in. Three months ago during the Q2 conference call, we already learned that LX will focus on qualty rather than scale, to go through this transition period. The stock price plummeted to $7-$8. Since then, LX has done a better job than expected, as shown in the latest earnings report. So now the price should be at least $7-$8.
    This new regulatory framework is not only for LX, but also for other players like LU, QFIN, FINV etc. But all others have gained 20% in the past few days. So I predict that LX will go to $7+ in a week.
  • Y
    Here are some statistics for LX: PE 3.59 vs sector median 11.38; FW PE: 2.93; PEG - 0/03 vs sector median 0.2; PS - 0.59 vs sector median 3.37; PB 1.03 vs sector median 1.29; EBITA margin 29% vs sector median 23.4%; cash on hands $394 million... average analyst target $11.91. You do the math.
  • S
    Accumulate $LX now before it skyrockets to $6.5 in 1 -2 weeks. Price Target : $7.5 by end of Dec.

    This is one sector China wants to grow since it contributes so much to its GDP.
  • J
    Loading $LX as much as I can by selling other Stocks . One of the best Professionally managed , Deep Discount Value Stock with a 250% Return in 1 yr with LT Cap gains . Will get ALL IN . Short Operators will be Short Covering soon and then watch how it Sky Rockets from next week.
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    Bought 20,000 $LX . Yahoo..
  • a
    One of those companies that i actually want to go down. Like i would hope it goes to 2 so i could increase by position by alot.
  • R
    The PE ratio heading towards 2. - is there any other company with a current PE ratio of 3 and likely earnings of half the Market Capitalisation?
  • M
    After the market close yesterday, LexinFintech (Nasdaq: LX) issued preliminary results for the September quarter.
    Net profit skyrocketed 68% - and gross margin improved by almost 20 percentage points.
    The total outstanding principal balance of loans increased 38%.
    And the Chinese consumer loan company continues to pick up new customers. (The total number of registered users of its website increased 45% to 154 million.)
    Yet its 90 day+ delinquency rate remains quite low at just 1.85%.
    The stock is higher this morning on the news. But I’m surprised that response isn’t much bigger.
    This is a healthy business with profits increasing 68% year over year. Yet the shares trade for three times earnings and 90% of book value.
    If investors begin to warm up to the Chinese market even a little, this stock could trade substantially higher and quickly.
  • p
    Great Earning report strong growth on all metrics.
  • א
    Still waiting for an actual explanation why this is crashing when it has such insane fundamentals...
  • k
    Stomach turning.
  • R
    Anybody knows what the forward numbers
    is estimated to be for the forward PE and forward EPS for 2022 and 2023?