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Mastercard Incorporated (MA)

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306.28-8.64 (-2.74%)
At close: 04:00PM EST
308.00 +1.72 (+0.56%)
After hours: 06:11PM EST
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    This level is unbelievable and we continue to lose ground everyday.......what makes this unexplainable is all the reports of retail sales are exceptional levels YOY, travel over the holiday was over capacity, people are continuing to go out as theatres and venues are open.
    In short, money is being spent on all economic fronts and businesses, so WHY are we dropping? In my opinion it is YE tax planning and profits taking, so MM who sold off at highs (taking in 2021 profits at old tax level/codes). And now they are driving the prices down so they can buy back in 2022 at a reset cost basis to minimize new tax rates on capital gains in future years.
  • X
    the real question is who is selling MA, V and PYPL, and why? extremely undervalued now. And no, their business will not be affected by Covid variants.
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    Country Joe
    As I have said before, I am a big believer in MA. Don't know enough about the science of the new Covid strain to say whether the vaccines will still work, but I do know this. We live in a quant driven financial market, where value at risk (VAR) drives alot of portfolio decisions. When the VIX rises, VAR rises, and the sell programs kick in. Not saying I'd sell MA at this point, but before you think about backing up the truck on Monday thinking a bottom is in, I'd watch the VIX. If the VIX spikes, I'd be careful. You could be be bending over to pick up a dime in front of a steamroller.
  • G
    The whole market today can be summed up by a phrase from Star Wars. " It's A Trap"!
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    I read over the weekend that MA reported they are seeing a 12% increase in sales.........and here we are on Monday down. MAKES NO SENSE!
  • A
    will be tough to get MA under 300 now. We have buy backs and investors piling in.
  • C
    The selling that has gripped the markets as of late, is nothing more than big insititutions deploying a tactic called "Shaking the Tree". As we all know, the markets have run up considerably over the last year, with little room for upside left. So, what big institutions do (together) is they drive the markets down, to get ride of the weak hands. So 'Shaking the Tree' .....shake the tree hard enough, the weak apples will fall, creating an avalanche of apples falling to the ground (apples in this case are stocks). This shaking (selling) triggers margin calls and stop loss orders, which in turn creates for selling, which in turn drives the share prices down further. Once the shaking (selling) as abated, the big institutions swoon in and buy billions of dollars worth of stock. All the big institutions on Wall Street have seats on the exchanges and have deep platforms to see where individual stocks are headed. Basically, the all watch each other and work in unison. Companies such as Mastercard is on every by funds 'buy list' once it hit a certain price poing, which I believe to be around the $320 mark (give or take a dollar up or down). So, if you believe in Mastercards growth prospects, do what the institutions are doing and buy with both hangs at this level.
    By the way, it is my belief the markets will move upwards today, regardless of the lower open. The world is much better prepared for new variants of the virus. And there will be many more, yet, the knee jerk reaction from the markets will be less and less, with each new emerging variant, which by the way, are less potent than the orginal.
    Markets will finish in the green today.
    Peace and cash to the masses.
  • R
    This all could not be MORE of an OVERREACTION. We have no proof and the numbers are not increasing. This is virus that we will have to live with now thanks to the scientists messing around with nature. Mother Nature will ALWAYS win. Now even with that said. What did people do during covid in March 2020. They shopped at home, they ordered food in, they spent money. What did they use? Mastercard. This is a complete overraction and MA is completely oversold.
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    Can we just skip today?
  • B
    Where does the selling end? Below $310 now
  • R
    This should be above $1 trillion market cap. The world runs on MasterCard and Visa
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    Struggling on a huge up day..
  • C
    I mean honestly gotta think to yourself what has changed fundamentally to induce a drop from $400 to $310? Surely it's gotta bounce like it did a few weeks ago; and stay there.
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    Mastercard & Visa hit a double bottom for the year. On Jan. 29 it hit bottom and then again on Monday Nov. 11. Both Mastercard and Visa hit double bottoms on the exact same day this year. Both increased yesterday on above average volume which confirms the bottoom was in. I was an original investor in the Visa's IPO on March 18, 2008 and held, and always bought on the dips. I also own Mastercard shares, which I bought approx. 11 years ago.
    The conversion to cash to plastic (digital payments) is still in it's infancy. Most networks (BNPL) et, all run on Visa and Mastercards networks........The BNPL will add more transactions on the Visa and Mastercard networks, thus increasing transactions and revenue. And most importantly, Mastercard has bought many small fintech companies over the last several years, to secure it's dominance.
    Peace and Cash to the masses.
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    next stop 290
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    Very worried regarding all this Omicron news. It seems now every continent is now reporting omicron cases. And Vaccine companies don't know the efficacy of their vaccines against the new variant. what should I do? Sell everything? even at a loss? I don't have money to average down. I am worried as all news that is coming is negative for stocks
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    The shares of Mastercard Inc (NYSE: MA) have received a $448 price target from UBS. And UBS analyst Rayna Kumar had assumed coverage of MasterCard with a “Buy” rating.

    Kumar believes that the largest growth opportunities for Mastercard are in Latin America, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa. And those opportunities — along with the return of cross-border travel demand — is driving Kumar’s above consensus view
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    MA’s and V’s businesses are outperforming during the holiday season, while their stocks are trading at odds with the strength of their business!🤔📈☝️
    *** You buy now and attain HUGE future gains!☝️💰👍🚀
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    $4 billion buy back and 11% increase in dividens! Investors still not satisfied?
  • D
    so..... they sell shares and they are buying back shares....... why don't I get it?🤔