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Millicom International Cellular S.A. (MICCF)

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    They had some interesting insights about TIGO on ( Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    Higher subscribers but lower revenue . Numbers are not making any sense. I think they are acquiring non-paying customers in order to beef-up their KPIs with the hopes of converting them to paying costumers down the road. If you know tigo, it is not the cheapest option for its market they could very easily be playing with a double edge sword, costumers won’t pay and leave to a cheaper alt.
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    I live on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala and for 10 years we have struggled with poor quality internet. When I heard about Starlink I regained hope until I started to investigate. Finally Tigo started a new offer, unlimited internet with 50 Mega bandwidth for 60 dollars a month, installed and functioning in 5 days. Bullish on Tigo
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    Amazing that this stock isnt' doing better. CEO just went out and explained they're expecting 2020 to be like 2019 but with a positive twist. He mentions that south american markets have adopted digital tools much faster which means post Corona markets are likely to surge. Despite 2020 expected to be like 2019, it trades 40% down. That's right boys and girls, 70% upside to this one
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    IQST in negotiations for broadening the network in Latin America to 5G with TIGO, and may get a 10% share of TIGO in return as part of the deal. IQST is only $0.50 a share, strong buy anyone?
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    Really strong report. Good cash flow, lowered net debt, massive amount of new customers onboard despite Covid 19. Should be up 30% on the current info. Not to mention their guidance of Minimum $1,4b in cashflow 2021.
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    Possible catalyst is this increased price target from Swedbank:

    Towards a possible doubling
    Millicom's share has been under strong pressure for two years now, in 2019 mainly due to technical factors (index changes) and this year due to the pandemic. In the meantime, the company has improved its geographical exposure through acquisitions, even though this has resulted in increased indebtedness as a result, and subscription revenues have continued to grow at the expense of prepaid cards. Very strict restrictions in Millicom's markets almost stopped the movement of people and even though the recovery has been slower than elsewhere, we now see signs of a faster recovery. Based on our relatively cautious estimates, a return to the valuation before 2019 means an upside of 100% for the next two years. A resumed share dividend or share repurchase can be a significant trigger for the share. We estimate that this could happen at the beginning of next year. A five-year internal interest rate calculation indicates an annual return of 24%. We repeat Buy and raise the target price to SEK 420 (360).

    Elevated target price
    During 2017-2018, Millicom was valued at a reasonable 6x times proportional EBITDA, when management's efforts to focus the company on Latin America, and based on subscription revenues, began to pay off. The focus has continued with massive investments in expanded fiber networks and acquisitions have improved the business mix, but the share has underperformed, mainly due to technical factors but also due to the high indebtedness that led to a canceled dividend. Although reopening has been slower in Millicom's markets, we are now noticing a sharp rise in the mobility index at the end of August and the beginning of September. We take a cautious stance in our estimates, but based on our belief in a resumed dividend and return to historical values, we see an upside of 100% for the next two years. Even at such a price level, the return on free cash flow would be a decent 5.4% and the direct return 5.2%. We repeat Buy and raise the target price to SEK 420 (360).
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    Tigo needs to continue deleveraging. My belief is organic growth is nonexistent, they only way for them to continue growing is to keep investing, and more CAPEX will only add more debt to their balance sheet. Not a good position to be in. Should have deleveraged earlier.
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    so company showed a fantastic q2 with impressive cash flow. stock dips.. lol, this is #$%$ results for q2 is similar to last year where Lilac wanted to buy the company for a price 150% up from current stock expecting a correction in the price of at least 30% within 6 months or were likely to see a hostile takeover of the company.if not, divvys that will be back next year will give 10% returns at least
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    morteza m
    STOCKHOLM (Nyhetsbyrån Direkt) The Millicom management is relatively confident of achieving its goal for 2020 of maintaining its cash flow at the same level as last year and plans to invest all cash flow above that level in the business.
    The company's CFO Tim Pennington said this at Friday's report conference.

    "We will make capex increases to an extent that we also reach the goal of a $ 1.4 billion cash flow," he said.

    During the first nine months of the year, the operating cash flow for the Latin American segment amounted to $ 1.14 billion.

    "We have probably done better on the cost side than we previously thought," said Tim Pennington.

    He added that there are some investments that the company has identified that are expected to be able to drive the underlying growth in 2021 and onwards.
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    $10 is my target. Great market niche, but the countries it serves don't get good treatment from US, let alone from Trump, in time of crisis.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    TIGO is down 5.19% to 40.15
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    Tigo will need to come down to mid $20’s in order for it to be a value grab otherwise you are paying for an over leveraged, low margin business.

    I was expecting a relatively bad outcome due to covid, but these numbers they posted are horrible.
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    6% on no volume!!!
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    TIGO is down 8.91% to 22.90
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    TIGO is down 8.90% to 25.89
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    TIGO is down 9.74% to 25.93
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    all in
    by by div.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    TIGO is up 7.90% to 24.99