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  • GASP!!!! MEGABull(sh_tter) and MODERATOR of proboards' "mnkdcirclejerk" forum is GRIPING about Mannkind FAILING to live up to expectatiotns:

    "Michael Castagna was quoted in an interview that he considered the Afrezza pediatric trials to be the highest priority. The target date for enrollment was June 15, but they had to have missed it. The FDA requires companies to file the details of trials to be published at the website no later than 21 days after the first enrollment.

    Mike was right. The ped trial is HUGE and I don't understand the delay. I suspect that lack of funding is the issue. Our new CEO had better explain it at the upcoming calls when he presents his strategic plan for Afrezza and MannKind. If he doesn't, then Wall Street may view him as just another paper tiger.

    As a shareholder, I expect him to communicate a viable plan in a few weeks and then to deliver results."

    I'm willing to bet THAT sends CHILLS down the backs of the BAGHOLDERS!!
  • IF you want to HEAR total FAILURE in MOTION, just check out my FAILED music career!!
  • Meanwhile at MNKD headquarters
  • Wanna see FAILURE in MOTION? Try COMPARING today's Nrx of 159 to the Nrx for some diabetic drugs for JUST the EIGHTH week after their original launch:

    Victoza 3,264

    Byetta 3,877

    Januvia 15,212

    YES! Those numbers are for just ONE WEEK and they are for just the EIGHTH WEEK after their initial LAUNCH! Afizzle is now TWO and a HALF YEARS after its initial launch and has add TWO ADDITIONAL launches in the meantime!

    Does anyone REALLY need to look up the definition of the word DOOM?

  • I can hear the BAGHOLDERS whining already:

    The FUNNY thing is that the article doesn't even BOTHER to mention afizzle! Then again, since afizzle is STUCK with THIS statement from the insert:

    "AFREZZA provided less HbA1c reduction than insulin aspart, and the difference was statistically significant. More subjects in the insulin aspart group achieved the HbA1c target of ≤7%."

    ...maybe the author just figured there never WOULD be any decent insurance coverage for it, so why even BOTHER to worry about LOSING it!


    Insurers Heavily Restrict Diabetes Coverage in 2017
  • BAGHOLDERS can BET that Solomon Steiner -- the INVENTOR of technosphere -- knew how PATHETIC TODAY'S NEW SCRIPT NUMBERS:

    Nrx = 159

    Refills = 161

    Trx = 320

    ...would be!

    Yeah! He LEFT Mannkind around 2003, 10 YEARS after selling them the technology, and then started his own company -- "Biodel" -- for delivering -- are you ready for this? -- an "ultra-rapid-acting concentrated insulin" using an INJECTION! REALLY now? Go figure!

    He also later started Perosphere which ALSO does NOT use inhalation to deliver ITS product.

    What does THAT tell you about what HE thinks of inhaled medications?

    I mean, if the INVENTOR not ONLY abandoned ship FOURTEEN YEARS AGO, but went on to form TWO companies, NEITHER of which use technosphere, that OUGHT to tell you what the INVENTOR himself thinks about the potential of TS and afizzle! Right?
  • MORE awesome analysis from Spencer Osborne:

    "In essence, MannKind is juggling this financial overhang at the very same time that it is considering a marketing push. Something has to give, and more likely than not it will come at the expense of the common shareholder. "

    So what ELSE is NEW -- right?


    MannKind: Afrezza Scripts Stable At A Bit Above 300 - Will Ads Help?
    Afrezza scripts come in at 320. Television ads have now run. Cash situation remains top priority.
  • BAGHOLDERS just HATE it when I post articles like THIS:

    "Novo's Victoza wins backing of FDA panel on CV benefit"

    "Sales of Trulicity totaled $373 million in the first QUARTER of 2017, up 160% from the same period a year ago. And Lilly executives believe the Trulicity brand strength among ENDOCRINOLOGISTS compares to Victoza, perhaps signaling further STRENGTH in the future."

    In what CENTURY does ANYONE with an IQ greater than squirrel's testicle believe that afizzle will reach 373 MILLION in a CENTURY!


    Novo's Victoza wins backing of FDA panel on CV benefit
    A vote in favor of Victoza's cardiovascular benefit moves the Danish drugmaker closer to winning an expanded label for the important GLP-1 drug.
  • Seems apropos after today's NEW SCRIPT NUMBERS:

    Nrx = 159

    Refills = 161

    Trx = 320




    Nrx = 159

    Refills = 161

    Trx = 320

  • Show of thumbs up....Does anyone else think Jerry should shove his own fist up his Qsshole?
  • Spencer Osborne out with MORE insight:

    "...I feel that the ad impact will be much more muted than the MannKind bulls would like to see."

    I'll go FURTHER and suggest that if any diabetics and endos DO see it, they will DISS it to EVERYONE they meet!

    MannKind - Afrezza Television Ad Debuts - What Investors Need To Know
    Afrezza commercial aired twice on premiere of Reversed. Television advertising is a new medium for Afrezza. Investors need to consider how ads might impact stoc
  • You mean the MOST POWERFUL treatment AIN'T afizzle:



    Why the Most Powerful Treatment for Diabetes Turns Out to Be Surgery
    Surgery that shortens intestines gets rid of the illness, and new evidence shows the gut—not simply insulin—may be responsible
  • Short all you can
  • Even the BAGHOLDERS should be able to see how SUPERIOR this farxiga ad is to that EMBARRASSMENT that Mannkind offered:

    Yeah! You DON'T see a bunch of LARDAS_ES sitting around dreaming of hamburgers FLOATING down from the sky or sandwiches EMERGING from a lake!

    No, you see people being ACTIVE and EXERCISING as though they are actually INTERESTED in taking care of their health!

    And farxiga actually BOASTS near the TOP of the commercial that it lowers A1c on average 1.2 points! Too BAD that the BEST afizzle can do is claim it is non-INFERIOR, huh?

    Go FIGURE!


    Farxiga TV Commercial, 'Listen Up'
    Tackling Type 2 Diabetes can feel like a battle. As two people with Diabetes start to exercise, one going through a boxing routine with a trainer and the other going for a run, the makers of Farxiga tell viewers that the medication, along with diet a
  • Hi-my name is Paul. But you'll know me better as Bagholder Humper, Redhaw2000, Bobby, DWP, Newt, Que??, SamFinta, and a host of other names.
    You see, I'm just a failed musician trying to earn my way by convincing,you to sell your shares in this stock. Why, do you ask? Well sure as Hell not for YOURE benefit, but for the benefit of my bosses who Ned your shares to cover their short position
    Please, please sell them today
  • I am a supporter of MNKD. That commercial was absolutely terrible. I have watched Eric Fanar's commercials in the past that were spectacular. What is management doing? They hired top notch commercial leaders. How could they allow that to be aired? Poor management in my opinion. Mike look at that commercial and ask yourself, "Is that the best we could do?".
  • Didn't even make the top 150 hows:

    Was even BEAT by "Masha and the BEAR" to BOOT! How EMBARRASSING!


    UPDATED: SHOWBUZZDAILY’s Top 150 Tuesday Cable Originals & Network Finals: 7.18.2017 | Showbuzz Daily
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