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    Based on what is reported in the latest news there is a long way to go before the reconciliation bill even gets to the floor. And things are such a state of flux nobody really knows what is going to be in it when/if it finally does get to the floor.

    Having said that, a pack of smokes current runs between about $5.70 and $9.85, depending on which state we are talking about. Given Brandon’s inflation and the historical price inelasticity that has long existed with tobacco products a $1.00 increase in price due to taxes really isn’t going to make very much difference.

    And remember, both the federal and state governments DEPEND on the tax revenues they get from tobacco products. They can’t afford to raise the taxes so high that they impact those tax revenue. My bet is that between tobacco industry lobbyists and the fear of cutting their own throats the final tax increases in tobacco will be less than what we have been hearing.
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    Cramer interview yesterday in regard to PM earnings and a possible merger with MO. Says Wall St will LOVE it. Then he says again. will just love it.
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    I bought another 208 shares this morning at $47.97. Probably too high again but I'm good with it. I also bought positions in XOM, OMP, HESM and SBR. All came selling $55k worth of Starbucks. My overall divvy went from $950 per year to $3900 and I expect these stocks to outperform SBUX by a wide margin in the next 14 months.
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    @Josh What is the benefit of posting a daily whine about MO price fluctuations that are consistent with what is happening that day in the overall market?

    It’s obvious you have an axe to grind with MO, but when are you going to post a criticism based on something factual that is being done by the company instead of random gratuitous comments?
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    Dome of these authors aren’t too bright. They attack big tobacco for selling death, but they never question the alternative. Criminalizing tobacco would send it to the black market, which would surely lead to more death. Someone has to profit from the demand; why does the company get classified as evil for selling a safer product than would be found on the illicit market? —Not including all the murders and additional crime that come with prohibition. These anti-tobacco authors don’t think.
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    Battle Royal
    OH my. MO bought me an Alaskan Amber beer with dividend income and it was one of the tastier beers I've ever drank. Try on if you can. Please drink safely and in moderation. Cheers.
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    So the question is, are we rangebound or will we keep going up? I'm selling some Starbucks that I have had for quite some time. I'm going to divide the proceeds into 5 equal parts and buy stock in MO, XOM, SBR and 2 other oil stocks (haven't figured out the other 2 yet). I want to get in at the best price possible.
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    There are currently ~35 million smokers in the USA and the studies that measure how that number changes are projecting somewhere between 30 million - 31.5 million in 2030.

    We probably have several more decades of dividend safety and relatively stable share prices even if ALL of the alternate product strategies don’t work out.

    However, yesterday’s FDA ruling and the continued efforts to legalize marijuana are certainly things that bode well for some of MO’s alternate product strategies. And the IQOS issue is either going to be settled within 6-12 months or ILUMA will end up taking its place.

    The federal and state governments get too much of their needed tax revenues from the tobacco companies to do anything that would jeopardize it.

    I’m in for 14+ years so far and I do t plan on going anywhere. I’m getting annualized returns of about 8% in that time not including compounding from DRIP. Who needs the gamble of tech stocks when we have MO and PMI providing reasonable stability over many decades?
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    Holding a little over 5k shares. I just wanted to give my thoughts abo
  • S
    Divvy Question: A company I invest in pays monthly distributions. The most recent distribution announcement says the distribution will be paid on 10/29 to "unit holders of record on 10/15." I bought some more midday on 10/15. Should I expect to get the divvy or not? What constitutes a "unit holder of record?"
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    Victor Oceanbeach
    Altria Blowout Earnings week : Will Cross $55
  • a
    What are peoples' thoughts on INBEV and MO's plans for its investment in it?
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    Battle Royal
    Dividend received and 100% bank transfer already in motion since I live off of the dividend.

    Hot wings and a Yuengling from the keg tonight. Cheers!
  • T
    Let's go Brandon! 🤣
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    In my view, MO is not a stock you measure based on any particular 6-month timeframe.

    If you’re looking for that kind of stock then you don’t belong in MO.

    MO is a stable, long-lived cash cow that even in a worst case scenario has at least a few decades of life left in it (in the event that not of the alternate product strategies pan out).
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    There remains some work to be done to get JUUL similarly approved, but it’s now apparently just a formally since they are allowing nicotine delivery vi non-combustible devices.

    It remains to be seen if the $2-$3 haircut MO was given on the FDA news when it punted on this last month is returned on this news.

    Also, JUUL had been written down by 87.5%. It might be necessary to revalue it higher given this news.
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    At a forward PE of 10 and 7.5-8% yield, this stock has THREE solid variables:

    1. Price appreciation;
    2. Dividend yield;
    3. Dividend raises;

    Of these three, price appreciation is the least important to building long-term wealth (at least the annual 3% growth I used vs 5% dividend growth on top of current yield).
  • J
    Breaking News:

    FDA Permits Marketing of E-Cigarette Products, Marking First Authorization of Its Kind by the Agency.
  • k
    Cronos invested in Ginkgo Bioworks over three years ago for a specific reason and the results will hit the shelves in Canada shortly. THC/CBG gummies with rare cannabinoids are just the beginning of what it possible with this process. What’s in your wallet? GLTA!!
  • t
    added 2 hundred shares going up from here strong buy