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Moderna, Inc. (MRNA)

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    Let's VOTE: who believes in Moderna - thumb up, who not - thumb down.
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    Moderna expects to report data from its Covid-19 vaccine trial in children aged between 2 to 5 years in March.“If the data is supportive and subject to regulatory consultation, Moderna may proceed with regulatory filings for children 2-5 years of age thereafter,” the company said in a statement.If you want investment ideas from real knowledgeable traders, check them out at the platform
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    Moderna developing EBV vaccine, which could serve as a cure to MS.
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    Moderna saved my life. My twin refused to get vaccinated. Just recently buried my sibling. I believe in this company. I believe I'm alive because of this company.
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    A nice NYT article on the mRNA technology: Halting Progress and Happy Accidents: How mRNA Vaccines Were Made. "If these Covid vaccines worked, Dr. Graham knew, they could pave the way for other new shots against diseases as varied as the common cold, flu and cancer — and even against that most elusive virus, H.I.V."
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    It’s official it has been proven the vaccine is safer than not get vaccinated, announced during football game.
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    Fantastic innovation: Instead of an intramuscular injection, Zosano's adhesive patch with a reusable applicator would #$%$ the skin with the drug-coated titanium microneedles to deliver not only covid-19 vaccines, but also Flu vaccines and others.. ZP Partnership Agreement with EVERSANA to Support the Launch and Commercialization of Qtrypta? acute migraine patch. Agreement outlines commercialization and distribution execution strategy upon FDA approval. as of today still waiting for FDA response and new FDA filing.Qtrypta, which pairs a microneedle patch with the migraine med zolmitriptan, is designed to deliver swift pain relief through the skin after the onset of a migraine.EVERSANA to provide commercial services of approximately $250 million over 5 years
    Researchers Develop Microneedle Patch for Flu Vaccination
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    Skeptical analysts keep moving the goal post. Previously they said that Moderna would be a goner in mid 2021 once JnJ's "game changing" "single shot" and other cheaper vaccines entered the arena. We all know now that almost all OECD countries almost exclusively use mRNA vaccines.

    Then they said after that that coronavirus could miraculously disappear at any time making 2022's revenue unclear for Moderna. Well, I hope the $ 18.5 B of preorders and $ 3.5 B in options heavily tilted towards the first half of 2022 alone is convincing enough to sooth their "concern".

    And now they are moving it again saying revenue for 2023-2024 is still mystery. Well, Moderna already has preorders from Taiwan and some other countries till 2023. For 2024, their "analysis" of these highly paid "professionals" is still good enough and still valid as of today but they fail to mention that the number of doses (primary and boosters) to as much as 4 to protect the world until this year alone is as good as generating some of that 2024 revenues in 2022. This fast forward of income is not bad at all considering the noisy rumor for interest rate hikes.

    And they fail to mention that 2024 is the year where investors can reasonably expect more commercial products to the market. So even if (and this is a very big IF), the revenue for covid vaccine declined, other more products will replace that company's trajectory for Moderna with more interesting ones. One such candidate is the pan respiratory vaccine which will build on the covid vaccine but then offer more to end users by including protection against other viruses. In 2024, many will certainly find this a good deal. And this particular candidate chance of success is quite high because it is simply a multiplex of vaccine against infectious diseases having simple antigens.
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    $INO conversation
    Reason for downturn..
    Supreme Court blocks nationwide vaccine and testing mandate for large businesses, allows health care worker vaccine mandate to take effect
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    Analyst Leah R. Cann from Brookline Capital Markets reiterated a Buy rating on Moderna (MRNA), with a $506 price target.
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    MRNA is one of the more profitable companies in the Biotechnology industry with a net margin of 59.69%. Its operating margin and net margin are among the strongest of any peer while its gross margin is above the industry median.
    Effectiveness Analysis: MRNA is consistently one of the most efficient companies in the Biotechnology industry. With a Return on Assets, Revenues Per Employee, and Return on Equity of 55.22%, $9,100,573, and 109.62% respectively, they are among the most effective companies in the industry.
    MRNA uses little or no debt in its capital structure and may have less financial risk than the industry aggregate.
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    So you think the flu is going away????…. Moderna flu vaccines are going to be much more effective than traditional vaccines… they’re going to come out with a treatment for Cancer…. This one is just too good not to own. Holding my hard shares no matter what.
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    Moderna - Moderna Announces Advances Across Its Industry-Leading mRNA Pipeline and Provides Business Update.

    807 million doses of Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine shipped globally in 2021; approximately 25% of those doses shipped to low- and middle-income countries

    Product sales for 2021 approximately $17.5 billion (unaudited)

    Increasing APAs for 2022 delivery to approximately $18.5 billion and approximately $3.5 billion in options

    Announcing a new collaboration with Carisma Therapeutics for in vivo chimeric antigen receptor monocyte (CAR-M) therapeutics for the treatment of cancer, including solid tumors

    Company continues to scale with 40 programs in development, including 23 in ongoing clinical studies
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    Normal Refrigeration with Medicago Plant-based COVID-19 vaccine. the ‘ Natural Alternative’, plant-based vaccines are faster to make, cheaper, and safer, according to Zosano Pharma scientists. Researcher indicate the plant vaccine also more effective on the immune system. Now in microneedle patches will have little completion .

    I shorted mRNA technology agin for profits
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    Stock way undervalued... with 50B sales for 21-23 at 60pc margin, this is 30B cash... Even with 10B recurring sales starting from 24 and multiple of 10, this will value company at 130 B which translates in a stock price of 320... staying long long term.. good luck and be patient in these difficult days
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    I aake money in Pharma companies, buying those that are extremely undervalued and short the overvalued. Plant-Based Vaccine Technology Has Its Advantages. Medicago is based in Quebec City, Canada and has a manufacturing plant in Durham. The company is a leader in technology that uses virus-like particles (VLPs) grown in, and extracted from, the leaves of plants to develop protein-based vaccines. Traditional vaccines rely on animal products or live viruses.

    VLPs have several advantages over other types of vaccines.

    They’re made to mimic viruses, which allows the body’s immune system to recognize them and create an immune response. But they lack the core genetic material of a virus, so they’re not infectious and can’t replicate.

    Medicago’s technology only requires the genetic sequence of a viral strain, not the live virus. So the company can rapidly crank out a therapy to attack a pandemic infection like COVID-19.

    Vaccine production can be ramped up simply by increasing the number of plants being grown, to support demand.

    Clinical trial data suggest that VLPs can simultaneously activate both antibody and cell responses.

    Disclosure: made a 7 figures shorting Moderna and long term Zosano Pharma patch technology investor.
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    This is my very SUBJECTIVE opinion on the Supreme Court decision. Believe it or not, I am not in favor of a sweeping vaccine mandate as I want people to remember their experience with the mRNA platform as one that they make based on their free choice. A mandate will not change the negative opinion of those who oppose the vaccine, it will only amplify their resentment. On the flip side, reasonable and learned people who care about their own health, their parents, kids, and their community will also take the vaccine based on the science no matter whether there is a mandate or not. Indeed we have seen many who of these folks took initiative to take the booster even before it was approved by the FDA. So far 75% of US population already took at least 1 shot, that's not a bad number. The pleasant personal experience of these folks with mRNA covid vaccine will set the stage for their preference on the platform for their other medical issues. GL all.
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    Wow I hadn't checked this stock in ages because it's been almost a couple years since I bought in at $67 and now I find out that I tripled my money!!! Awesome stock, congratulations to all who had the wisdom to buy in when the pandemic first began. I know I'll be celebrating this long holiday weekend, cheers!
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    Many investors are aware of the potential pitfalls of investing in penny stocks, but sometimes this volatility can work to their advantage or present a good ...
    Many investors are aware of the potential pitfalls of investing in penny stocks, but sometimes this volatility can work to their advantage or present a good ...