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Marathon Oil Corporation (MRO)

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  • B
    2023 earnings will get bumped closer $6/share soon. And not just for price of oil and nat gas, but due to share buy backs. They bought $1.2 billion in Q4 and mention having $2.5 billion of authorization left in their program, which can be upped. That will be nearly 20% of outstanding shares. Big boost to earnings per share.
  • R
    In at $4.22 and out at $30.21.
    Old man Kennedy said you never go broke with cash.
    Thanks to Ben Graham and Marathon.
    Good luck to all longs!
  • A
    We are in the beginning stages of a multi year bull market for O&G
  • M
    For all of us longs can you believe we are at 30? I remember the time when we could break 6 dollars and it kept falling to 4. LOL. Seems like along time ago. I am happy for all of you. I am going to keep riding this and see where it goes ……. Take care everyone and congrats !!
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    M F
    This is only rumor, the market kids are watching how well MRO has done and are coming over. Everyone wants a piece of the mro pie so next week may be better then this week. Next week is a short week so action will be fast and furious. It's going to be a long weekend to wait but don't loose sleep over it, get your rest. The numerous articles about mro only adds to the curiosity and wiliness of more investors to add to their portfolio. We are fast becoming a favorite for the oil sector. Chevron, here we come,,,
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    Entered my sell stop at $29. In at $3.80 - of course I hope it keeps going but I doubt it. I see Morningstar has no faith:

    Marathon Shares Overvalued After 2022 Surge, Lowering Fair Value Estimate to $19
    Author Dave Meats
    Analyst Note | by Dave Meats Updated May 22, 2022
    We are lowering our fair value estimate for Marathon shares to $19, from $22, after taking a second look at the firm's first-quarter operating and financial results. The stock has more or less doubled since December, buoyed by surging commodity prices, and is now trading at a 45% premium to our updated valuation. But we believe the rallies for oil and natural gas are cyclical, rather than structural. There's no change to our midcycle forecasts, $55/bbl for WTI crude and $3.30/mcf for U.S. natural gas, and against that backdrop shares look overvalued.
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    $OXY conversation
    Due to inefficiencies in the US oil refinery industry, pump prices for gasoline and diesel are so high right now, and "pricing as though crude was close to $200 per barrel." - Dan Dicker, Energy Word Founder, speaking to Yahoo Finance LIVE yesterday.

    That was an eye-opener for me. I thought $110+ crude was the main driver of current pump prices.

  • A
    MRO..Printing HUGE CASH( which is the new normal for many years to come)Best of Breed, NO TAXES until Mid Decade…Daily Zig Zag continues TRENDING HIGHER &HIGHER & HIGHER even if oil was only $60 a brl..Soooo undervalued as we are heading to at least $50++ within the year. SMART MONEY IS BUYING for easy return…..Continue to watch and see as the TREND is/has been our friend and will continue as oil supply will be an issue from here on out until there is a change in political environment!!
  • J
    MRO doing great today, topped $29. One thing I don't understand though - with the very high oil prices, why didn't they have a much better earnings report recently and why are they only paying a 1% dividend?
  • C
    Full disclosure: I sold a small portion of my holdings today just to pull off a scalp at 28+. If it goes higher and I miss I will just as happy. Anyone setting exit targets? Anyone expecting divy changes?
  • F
    Florida Mullet
    MRO hedges are a nothing burger when put up against it's peers
    I see $40 coming down the track


    Marathon has always been relatively lightly hedged, but its position going into Q2 looks even better:

    Marathon Oil Corporation 10-Q; hedges

    Marathon Oil Corporation 10-Q

    Based on the continued flat production guidance, the company is about 20% hedged:

    Marathon Oil Corporation 10-Q; net sales volumes

    Marathon Oil Corporation 10-Q

    More importantly, the price ceilings are not far below the current market prices. Consequently, Marathon stands to lose much less from its hedges than most of its U.S. peers:

    Marathon Oil Corporation; hedge sensitivity

    Marathon Oil Corporation Q1 2022 Earnings Deck

    While some companies like ConocoPhillips (COP) are completely unhedged, COP is also larger and more international. Perhaps Continental Resources, Inc. (CLR) can be seen as a true "peer" which also has limited hedging exposure.
    Marathon Oil is delivering on its buyback promises. The key question is whether the equilibrium oil price is $100+ or sub-$80. See more on MRO stock here.
    Marathon Oil is delivering on its buyback promises. The key question is whether the equilibrium oil price is $100+ or sub-$80. See more on MRO stock here.
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    MRO fellow longs……Zach’s came out with new ratings on MRO……#1 with A rating….We are Printing HUGE PILES OF SERIOUS cash above $60 a barrel not to mention natural gas is near all time highs which is 50% of the income as well….MRO has evolved into BEST OF BREED in 2 years….We will continue the daily zig zag to WELL over $50++…..Why on gods earth would anyone sell when this will be the new normal moving forward. The balance sheet is bulletproof And believe it or not adding to it each day!! Good luck to all smart fellow long’s!!
  • I
    In at 5.65 out today at 30.90! Nice long roller coaster! Not a serious trader so I do appreciate the serious comments on here to help navigate my decisions. Thanks and So Long!!
  • N
    No BS
    ………..Time to pat my own back(toot my own horn if you will)……I said we would hit $30+ 3 days ago and here we are…..I have been successfully trading stocks for many years….Yes I pump them up but not to hurt anybody just because I know there going up higher when I do it…….Around 3 years I said the Future is uncertain and the end is always near on the FB conversation Well that was Saturday afternoon and by Sunday a very Famous well-known guy on CNBC quoted that line to an Interviewer on CNBC.……People that get it right with there predictions get noticed…..Anyway enough patting my back 30+ good job my MRO friends……..👍🤑👍
  • G
    So, what’s everyone’s thoughts about actually hitting $40?

    Been holding since $5.
  • D
    I'm out! I made a big profit from what I originally purchased. Maybe it will go up more...or maybe down?? Good luck to who takes the chance.
  • c
    Oil futures are high , why would anybody sell here?
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    Florida Mullet
    With OIL hanging above 110 for the Q and most likely the rest of the summer I'm really feeling we can make it to $50ish as a short term top. If OIL continues to slowly move up to the 120's and hangs there without causing the big R then it's going to knock out 60 before the eoy
  • t
    titusbythesea 35.40
  • D
    Tomorrow we hit $30.00!!!