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    From Earnings call transcript:

    Glenn Schorr

    Perfect. Exactly what I needed. Thanks. The other one, James, is the long-term goals, if you look at the last slide, I think those are great long-term goals. And if you could do that sustainably, I think you would get your multiple expansion, people would love it.

    James Gorman

    Would be $200 stock, my friend.
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    Other Matters
    • The Firm repurchased $2.8 billion of its
    outstanding common stock during the quarter as
    part of its Share Repurchase Program.
    • The Board of Directors declared a $0.70 quarterly
    dividend per share, payable on February 15, 2022
    to common shareholders of record on January 31,
    • The Firm early adopted the Standardized
    Approach for Counterparty Credit Risk (SA-CCR)
    under Basel III on December 1, 2021. As a result
    of the adoption, as of December 31, 2021 our risk-
    weighted assets under the Standardized
    Approach increased by $23 billion and our
    Standardized CET1 capital ratio decreased by 82
    basis points.
    4Q 2021 4Q 2020 FY 2021 FY 2020
    Common Stock Repurchases
    Repurchases ($MM) $2,833 NA $11,464 $1,347
    Number of Shares (MM) 28 NA 126 29
    Average Price $99.80 NA $91.13 $46.01
    Period End Shares (MM) 1,772 1,810 1,772 1,810
    Tax Rate 23.9% 23.0% 23.1% 22.5%
    Standardized Approach
    CET1 capital17,20 16.0% 17.4%
    Tier 1 capital17 17.6% 19.4%
    Advanced Approach
    CET1 capital17 17.5% 17.7%
    Tier 1 capital17 19.3% 19.8%
    Leveraged-based capital
    Tier 1 leverage18 7.1% 8.4%
    SLR19 5.6% 7.4%
    $1B less on BB than spent during Q3.
    The SRP has $5.4B to spend before June 20, 2022 in fulfillment of the $12B authorization for share repurchase.
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    Prosperous Bohunk
    That was a great flash sale. Hope you loaded a few shares. Don’t bet against Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. Enjoy. Watch for dips. 🍷
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    Muted response considering how much it drilled yesterday in sympathy with GS. If the price action were to be trusted this early we’d have gone down -2.8% on this eps beat instead of being up 2.1% when accounting for yesterday’s bleed out.
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    Profit rose to $3.59 billion, or $2.01 per share, in the quarter ended Dec. 31, from $3.27 billion, or $1.81 per share, a year earlier.

    Despite the blow from trading, Morgan Stanley's earnings came in ahead of expectations.

    Analysts on average were expecting the bank to report a profit of $1.91 per share, according to IBES data from Refinitiv.

    Revenue rose to $14.52 billion on for the quarter compared with $13.59 billion in the year-ago period.
  • g
    The flakes are out. $100 today
  • R
    Reality Check
    First JPM and then GS today. What are the odds MS will buck the trend?
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    110 soon - the financial winner
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    Fox News' Sean Hannity was no match for economist Austin Goolsbee on Friday night.

    Goolsbee gores Hannity:

    "Hannity repeatedly tried to attack president Joe Biden over energy production and gas prices, only to be fact-checked by Goolsbee, a professor at the University of Chicago.

    "He inherited energy independence, and we were a net exporter of energy, and now he's begging OPEC," Hannity said of Biden at the beginning of the clip.

    "He inherited an economic downturn bordering on catastrophe and in times like that, the price of oil tends to go way down, that's for sure," Goolsbee responded.

    "We need to focus," Hannity said. "Did he or did he not inherit — well, three vaccines and monoclonal antibodies — did he also inherit that we were a net exporter of energy, and did he cut energy production by 40 percent? The answer is yes."

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    "Then why is he begging OPEC?" Hannity said of Biden. "Donald Trump didn't beg OPEC. Why is he begging OPEC?"

    "He's not begging OPEC," Goolsbee said. "He convinced OPEC, and OPEC is increasing their production."

    "They keep rejecting him," Hannity claimed.

    "They didn't reject him. They said they're increasing production," Goolsbee said. "Why are you complaining about that, Sean? You're all over the map here. You were saying you didn't like to pay high gas prices. I told you gas prices went down and Biden convinced OPEC to increase production, and then you said, 'Why is he asking them to increase production?'"
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    John Smith
    when is dividend payout?
  • g
    Dividend soon
  • S
    You ever have one of those mornings when you wish you had bought more before close yesterday?
    Yeah, my whole portfolio is looking like that pre-market.
  • B
    nice to see this bounce.
  • g
    Winner, Winner, Chicken dinner
  • f
    We are $100.00 today !
  • p
    Absolutely knuts how this and many other stocks takes a beating but the indexes manage to stay just a few hundred points off the century's record high.