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MicroStrategy Incorporated (MSTR)

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205.44+17.13 (+9.10%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
207.25 +1.81 (+0.88%)
After hours: 07:59PM EDT
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  • A
    Uuuuups, 200 USD are coming;-))))) ...
  • L
    If Saylor wants Regulation and exposure to Bitcoin, why didn't he just buy RIOT or MARA? They're regulated.
  • J
    How does Saylors tiny software company service billions of dollars of debt used to purchase an asset that is now completely underwater for him? That’s the part I can’t figure out…
  • O
    Two years ago before "investing" in Bitcoin Microstrategy was valued at $150/share. Since then they have lost $1.4 billion or $124/share on their investment. Yep 129k Bitcoin at an average price of $30.7k.
  • T
    On the brink of being margin called and this gains 10%???
  • W
    William Wallace
    Saylor's problem is that he invested during Covid Stimulus money era. If you take all the Covid-19 stimulus money out to the equation (post March 2020) Bitcoin could easily revisit $5K to $10K
  • J
    I heard Saylor is dating Cathie Wood.......
  • T
    Btc now 19’s should bode well for a strong MSTR opening on Monday !!!

    Lololol 🤣

    MSTR sub $50 coming soon to a market near you !!!!!!!!!

    Saylor soon to be toast 🔥
  • L
    Looks like debt now exceeds their ‘digital gold’ and shareholders equity is around zero. Retained earnings are wiped out. I don’t see how this doesn’t go to zero. The debt is real. What am I missing?
  • A
    AndrewF (real)
    I predict crypto is toast. I am estimating it falls to anyway from $3000-$6000. And stays there. I'm normally not a believer in tulip mania but there are times when it is relevant and this is certainly a ripe case. People selling off all their assets to invest in crypto, which has no real value and is far away from being accepted as a currency....not only is that speculation but in an inflationary environment nobody is willing to pay for tomorrow's price. Today's price is all that matters. Bitcoin has no intrinsic value and because of that will be slaughtered. Saylor is nearing the point of getting a margin call. The warning signs have been there for months...if you still haven't liquidated out of crypto and crypto stocks and ETFs you are going to be living in a homeless shelter. These Grayscale commercials need to be taken off the air. As far as I can see promoting crypto in this environment is like promoting propeller airliners to fly long distance routes when jets are available. Past their prime and obsolete. Crypto for its incredible run I think is no more than a fad. Digital currency I agree is the future, I'm just beginning to question if Bitcoin is really the crypto that breaks through all the red tape.
  • D
    $BTC I hear bitcoin is going to 1 million.
  • C
    I spent so much time reading up on Bitcoin and talked to so many of the smart crypto fans, and I still don't understand how exactly the price of a Bitcoin is determined and what is the use case of this so-called currency. I think this is nothing but a musical chair game and you have to make sure you have a chair when the music stops.
  • H
    Buffet was right about bitcoin!
  • m
    Nobody has ever been able to explain bitcoin as a business to me. They have always tried to throw in the word blockchain which could be used in businesses or payment systems which this is not, it is some sort of currency with no backing at all. It has always interested me that they could convince so many that there is something real about a digital currency that almost never gets used and that its value would have any real reason to rise other than they convinced larger groups of people to partake in the greater fool game. Anyone who treated this as a trader could have done well playing on this being speculative and knowing that the money supply has been expanding for over a decade due to quantitative easing and the punch bowl was taken away in January which has caused many higher priced or more speculative investments to come back to earth. This is even more speculative than overpriced stocks as no one seems to be able to explain what is being bought and why the value should go up, there is no driver other than convincing others the price will go up, there is no company, and if this is a commodity there seems to be no use of it other than a trading vehicle. I have been told that I am too old to understand, my take is that I have been around the block enough times not to be fooled by this Fugazzi investment. I am sure that I will be fooled by some other investments down the road, but not bitcoin.
  • w
    he borrowed & invested $4 billion in bitcon w/average price of $30k, its now $19k. Auditors will force the write downs & he will seek new accountants & everybody will be too scared to touch it cause you know the SEC is watching this in real-time. This is better than the movies.
  • J
    Can you imagine a tech company saying, rather than invest a billion dollars in developing innovative new products, we're going to buy a bunch of Japanese Yen and hope that it goes up in value
  • m
    I heard Saylor's new crypto strategy is to load up on Chuck E. Cheese digital tokens. Mortgage your house, they going to a million.
  • z
    I assume Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger are not interested in this company.
  • w
    down to $18.3k could easily see $15 - $16 by tues.
  • k
    Tulip mania is over. Crypto is a ponzi scheme.