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MicroStrategy Incorporated (MSTR)

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715.02-19.84 (-2.70%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
733.00 +17.98 (+2.51%)
Pre-market: 05:38AM EDT
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  • F
    MSTR earnings tomorrow! It should trade over $900. shorts will have to cover......
  • m
    michael daconti
    According to all metrics of financial investing. The fair value of this stock should be between $820-850 at current value of BTC. MSTR is currently undervalued and this should be a pretty solid arbitrage trade as soon as the big money reworks their numbers and realizes. As long as the underlying asset of the stock continues to rise there is nowhere to go but up from here.
  • N
    MSTR is superior to a futures etf in every way, holds the real deal $btc, not paper iou's, no contango, no fees, also the underlying software company is cash flowing which Saylor has stated they will continue to buy and hodl $btc
  • N
    The ETF is a futures fund, no BTC, just iou's, MSTR holds the real deal and no fee, plus underlying software company that cashflows....This is a gift, arbitrage opportunity
  • L
    WALMART Expands BITCOIN Exposure to MORE People by installing HUNDREDS of BITCOIN ATMs at its Stores and will Install 8,000 MORE!!!!
  • S
    Yesterday all the Bitcoin derivatives dropped because people pulled money to go to the new Futures Bitcoin ETF. GBTC went down. BITW also went down despite Bitcoin being up. If MSTR has about 7 Billion in Bitcoin and is about a 7.3 billion dollar market cap; it will have to eventually go up if Bitcoin goes on a bull run that is half of what the runs were percentage wise in 2013 and 2017. MSTR would have to go up, plus you can buy long calls on MSTR. If 2021 is another bull run like the last two then MSTR should do well. You can use leverage to buy bitcoin but I am not familiar how to do it in an IRA or 401K but you can do it with MSTR. Allegedly the next 3 to 5 months is when the pump would happen. I caught a little of the 2013 and 2017 pump but now that I am in it in a bigger way that probably means it won't happen again LOL, but we will see. Just my thoughts watching the market and listening to others.
  • L
    MSTR has $7.1 BILLION in BITCOIN balance sheets for its Earnings Report
  • J
    Live From #Hoboken #NJ: #Bitcoin $BTC Is Just A Few Hundred Dollars Away From New All-Time Highs! πŸ’₯πŸš€πŸŒ™

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    Live From Hoboken NJ: #Bitcoin $BTC Is Just A Few Hundred Dollars Away From New All-Time Highs!
  • f
    I am sick of all the spam on yahoo! I actually try to stay off of the MSTR message board now and exclusively use
  • N
    You don't have to have faith, just understand math, trust the protocol, not politicians.....understand game theory, Metcalf's law, network adoption, scarce digital as all of them capitulate, individuals, private companies, public companies, payment systems, banks, pension funds, bonds, ....Sovereign nations....
    Don't let them steal your BTC
  • B
    Looking at the YTD and 1Yr charts today, for MSTR compared to BTC-USD, the gain of MSTR was 84% and 80% of BTC-USD's gains when MSTR was about $750 and BTC was about $62,000. Using 82% of future BTC gains, results in the following for estimate for MSTR: (100/62 x 0.82 x 750 = 991)
    $100k BTC = $991 MSTR,
    $150k BTC = $1487 MSTR,
    $200k BTC = $1983 MSTR
  • B
    Buck Nasty
    knew this would happen. sold yesterday and it rips today.
  • J
    When calculating the MSTR market cap with reference to its Bitcoin holdings, everyone is overlooking the billions of dollars of debt that MSTR incurred in acquiring these Bitcoins.
  • j
    This one day soon will be trading with the same market cap as $RIOT and $MSTR .. longterm price target for me is $60 pps
  • A
    When FASB finally changes GAAP accounting to correctly account for crypto holdings on the balance the sheet, it's going to significantly and positively change the value of companies like MSTR, TSLA, SQ, and many others. They should be doing this change soon.
  • G
    Btc value on balance sheet is over $7.1B and market cap is 6.9B.
  • D
    Yahoo still has us 27% short the float. Who knows how close that it's. But this is a ticking time bomb for another 1300+ run. Such a small float. Such a high short % BTC poking at new highs. Who knows what will happen. But it will be exciting
  • M
    It is pumping. The market has yet to understand the significance of SEC approval of bitcoin-focused companies ETF. It has just made MSTR's holding of bitcoin at least 15% to 20% more valuable overnight. Remember MSTR with a float of 7.7 million share plus 1.3 million share shelf is a lot more scarce, more accessible, more investable(Think IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401K, and) than bitcoin. Mr. Saylor is a genius. I would follow his foot steps any given day, but of course as early as possible. Enough said.
  • M
    Michael, Thank you! You played your cards of the original $485 million cash stack extremely well, buying bitcoin. What you did afterwards loading up $3 billion worth or 114,042 bitcoin is nothing short of a genius trade, or a masterpiece!
  • D
    The pressure in the bottle is adding up! Blood in the water! I wonder how many sharks will show up!