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Micron Technology, Inc. (MU)

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  • v
    MU is outperform stocks. The internet things is the way of making profits. The chips price will increase in the future. Shortage of chips. The best is yet to patience.
  • A
    Micron -> New 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS EV with 24GB DRAM and 320 SSD NAND

    Essentially, the electric version of the automaker’s esteemed S-Class.
  • D
    Some of you "the skyiss falling" traders are really laughable. Today's action had NOTHING to do with Micron specifically. It was a concerted effort by money managers to make tech stocks more attractive. The sky is not falling and Micron trading in excess of 120 by next earnings is guaranteed. If you do not see the similarities in growth with Nvidia you are blind. I have had to alter my level of patience to allow me to be a continuing part of Micron's rise to 200 and beyond. This is a given over time. Share buybacks, expanding product line, new factories, higher sales and profits, lower margins, etc. Do you see it now.
  • D
    Duke Silver
    Short term reaction to MU upward earnings estimate revisions makes no sense. In the last 30 days, earnings estimates for FY 21 bumped by $.78 and $2.03 for FY 22.

    Just applying the current PE to the incremental revisions should have produced an upward move of about $15. Yet the share price is essentially flat over that period.

    MU should appeal to both value investors and to growth investors as the PE at which it currently trades is ridiculously low and it's set to double earnings this year and next.

    I have to believe the market will wake up and push this higher sometime soon - where it belongs.
  • A
    Not sure I understand all the comments about MM manipulation there really a Wizard Of Oz behind the curtain controlling who buys and sells 20 million shares a day and at what price ?
  • S
    You folks that keep trashing this equity: ok, fine. Hope you make a little money, too. However, I need some solid proof that you think it’s going to crater. Nothing but ‘buys’ and three ‘holds’ from Wall
    Street. AS A GROUP, this bodes very well. There’s going to be some bumps in the road, including days when the market, overall, is weak. If you make money shorting the stock, fine, but don’t stick with that position. Also, if you don’t like the equity, what should we buy? A 10-year treasury note? Give us YOUR ‘buy list.’
  • j
    Gap is closed. It is time to buy MU tomorrow before the market open.
  • C
    Chief Empty Glass
    Wow, look at the great effort of MU to break the red streak. Congrats to all longs
  • S
    Well did you sell today; the big boys are trying to push you out of MU? Well; I bought 300 more shares at $92.7025, up to 3000 MU. Let's see if we go to $100.00 plus or back to the $82.00 - $85.00 range. Place your bets because MU could be up $4.00 tomorrow and we have seen this play before. Still believe we are on a upward staircase to the right. Time will tell. Good luck and good health to MU shareholders; playing this hand out til at least $120.00 - $125.00. Thumbs up or thumbs down; let's see who has the edge.
  • A
    Patience, grasshopper! Anyone who bought before Valentine's Day is still up. Those who bought after that could be up or down, but 2 months is not enough time to evaluate a position. I bought some of my MU in Feb 2020 at 58, and it took until Nov 2020 to get back to 58 ! 5 short months later it sits at 90. But if your investing horizon is days and weeks and not months and years, you might want to bail
  • T
    Stock price movement is most often effected by news. Merge announcement, new product, or ananyst recommendation. And the most important is earnings report. A stock such as MU is lacking news. So between EAs the price is largely driven by option trading. Without news MU will most like driven lower until close to EA. Close to EA the traders will take cautious aptitude to not take MU down further. Without this pressure MU will move higher if estimates are good. So after EA you should watch MU less often. LOL
  • G
    The main options expiration is tomorrow. There are 86637 call options expiring out of the money above $90. This is why the big boys are holding it down just below $90. Next week it can go back up.
  • S
    It will be interesting to watch MU share price when people realize that MU is no longer a commodity or cyclical company and that MU's superior technology will be in demand like never before. Those traders and investors that constantly worry about the past of MU stock performance will eventually see the new paradigm Sanjay keeps referring too. MU has evolved into a powerful cash generating machine and when MU keeps removing stock from the market; MU's earnings will continue to surprise on the upside. MU has prepared for this perfect storm for the last 3 years and guess what; we are seeing it unfold right in front of our eyes. As difficult as it may be; shareholder's strategy should be trade these constant swings and build your MU position for higher prices in the future. We are seeing the tip of the iceberg and we have a focused management spending their money wisely; the past is gone, hope others can see the vision. Let the numbers speak for themselves and don't be fooled by others. Look at MU's advantage in memory technology, the demand for their products, higher prices and a focused management team; by the way, will benefit from all the positive trends that are occurring from a digital world, 5G, expanding memory and new applications for MU's products and services. I'll post when MU goes over $100.00 a share. As always Good health and good luck.
  • B
    Micron is in the business sweet spot where the world can't run without it! Our economy now is dependent on computer chips, especially memory to run cars, boats, washing machines and a ga-zillion other products!
    Short, medium or long term this stock is dynamite and a no-brainer!
  • m
    Dividends coming soon, then pension funds will move in to form a more solid base. Stay long you will be rewarded. Go MU!
  • J
    Just curious with everyone's theory on "the big boys", "the M&M's holding it down" "it's because of option expiration" Why doesn't the same thing apply to AMD which was up big today. Is it just a Micron thing? LOL
  • A
    35 years is a long time trading MU, congrats. Think I was still too busy chasing my wife-to-be back then, but the memory is vague .... I sincerely hope you loaded up the truck at $9.50 in 2016 ... and held on to some of them
    ps she's stuck with me, but apparently not for my stock-picking prowess!
  • Y
    Did you listen to same shorts barking here last summer when mu was around 40-50’s? Look where mu is now.
    Case closed.
    Stay long!
  • A
    DJ Intel Cut to Underperform From Market Perform by Raymond James April 15, 2021 07:33 ET (11:33 GMT).
    Micron next???? $MU #Micron
  • A
    MU Trading at less than 9x its 2023&2024 forecasts paired with very strong revenue and yoy growth and unprecedented demand make this a clear buy.