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Mazda Motor Corporation (MZDAY)

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3.2600-0.2400 (-6.86%)
At close: 03:46PM EDT

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  • F
    MASSIVE order are coming in at the close, huge volume. Large institutions on the move again🤑🚀
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    Chicken Fly Lice
    Car brands will not survive in China market:
    1. Mazda
    2. Mitsubishi
    3. Infiniti
    4. Acura
    5. Jeep

    Auto analysts said the Japanese brands are too slow to upgrade their vehicles to the latest technology. As you see Mazda for example is too far behind the competitors. They still still use an old analog speedometer and cellphone size infotainment.
  • A
    ALF Tanner
    Mazda's new fuel efficient engine with combustion ignition technology is a game changer. Problem is the market will not care until they actually start selling them.
  • D
    Dennis stocks
    Yep John. Zoom zoom looks ready to zoom zoom. Pretty cheap stock. Half times book value. 0.2x sales. Lots of cash and lots of real estate. Manageable amount of debt. $25 billion in sales. Bought a little today. Hoping to buy more into weakness. Just something about Japanese stocks. They all pop up as cheap for me.

    Feels like my Toyota is on its last legs with 150k miles so I started looking at new cars and it’s interesting to see Mazda topping the quality list at car and driver. Price point seems great too. I’d say the fact they are producing cars in Mexico is a huge cost benefit and big benefit given all the ports nonsense going on.

    I know cathie wood and Bill gates want us all buying Tesla’s but i can’t afford one so I think I’ll stick with a solid car with good ratings that has a decent resale value like Mazda Toyota And Honda.

    And if a fun car is what I’m looking for I’ll buy a Mazda Miata over a Tesla any day of the week and twice on Sunday. I’d even take a ten year old Miata over a Tesla. I’ve heard the Miata is the most fun car to drive !
  • b
    For inquiring minds... The first deliveries in Europe for the Mazda 3, with Skyactiv-X, are scheduled for September. IMHO, this is a pretty big deal for Mazda as the efficiency and mileage specs look pretty good. Time will tell if this revolutionary new engine takes off for Mazda (and eventually others) or if it goes down in the history books like the Wankel rotary engine. I’m guessing there will be a few hiccups at the beginning but thanks to computers and Mazda ingenuity we’ll see those ironed out and this will become a real competitor for ordinary gas (and diesel) engines. Personally I’d love to see my son driving one as a graduation gift in 2020. Hopefully we have them here in the states by then.
    Mazda has opened orders in Europe for its new-generation Mazda3 compact car equipped with its fuel-saving Skyactiv-X powertrain.
    Mazda has opened orders in Europe for its new-generation Mazda3 compact car equipped with its fuel-saving Skyactiv-X powertrain.
  • J
    I was able to get a new CX-9 Signature in the Mid 40’s the Quality is top notch, by far the Smoothest and Quietest car I have owned.
  • m
    I would consider buying many cars, but as Mazda expands into more performance cars, they can undercut anyone just because of the choices they have made so far. If they bring out a 300hp car I would definitely buy it before the BMW M240i just because it’s made for a more practical purpose and true driving
  • A
    Yes, no? Maybe so.. I like Mazda. Anyone else?
  • J
    The best Japanese car
  • L
    LaByron M
    I'm seeing more Mazdas on the road. This is a steal, I'm backing up the truck on this. Toyota/ Mazda plant almost complete. My next vehicle will be the MX-5.
  • D
    Dennis stocks
    You’d think a 109 yen is a huge benefit to the Japanese auto makers and yet mzday back below $4. Pretty excited to buy more at 3.94. Hopefully it keeps heading down. Not to far away from me getting sized up in a big way!
  • J
    The MX-30 is more than what’s under the hood.
    The MX-30 is more than what’s under the hood.
  • M
    Toyota to acquire Mazda very important
  • J
    Mazda will see tremendous growth in the next couple of years. I see more and more. Better than TOY or Honda.
  • D
    Dennis stocks
    Nice quarter at Mazda. Increasing dividend to 3.5%. Continuing to build its net cash position. Forecast values the stock at a reasonable 8x earnings with the 129 yen clearly wind to Mazda’s back
  • J
    I’m looking forward to the release of the Mazda MX-30 in the USA. The use of a rotary engine to make electricity is a game changer. Cruise ships have been running off diesel electric motors for decades.