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    Well it looks like over the weekend OPEC+ finally hashed out a deal. It is still a ways off before any oil comes back on the market. But it at least I hope put a little bit of a bottom on this stock. I'm about TIRED of seeing it close in the red.
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    3.23% shares short.
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    Monday, July 19, 2021

    Dear Shareholders and Investors,

    Rates for our suezmax ships may change very quickly as communicated in the message below.

    1) A few days ago we signed a contract for one of our suezmax vessels going via the Suez Canal from the West to the East – with planned discharge in China.
    The net TC rate to us is about USD 17,000 per day for 40 days which could extend to 60 days.

    2) Last week, we also signed a contract which is lasting for minimum six or could last for seven months at a net TC rate to us of about
    USD 17,000 per day.

    The average operating costs for our ships are about USD 8,000 per day per ship. The two ships load the cargoes more or less immediately. Our contractual partners are first class companies.
    Our rates – 1) & 2) - are strongly up compared with some reports, indicating rates of USD 4,000 to USD 5,000 a day or even lower in reports produced by outside parties.

    Our two recent contracts are at very different levels (USD 17,000/day), a strong signal for the way forward.

    NAT has 25 suezmax vessels, including two newbuildings to be delivered in 2022.
    Herbjorn Hansson
    Founder, Chairman & CEO

    Nordic American Tankers Ltd.
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    Herb says I bought a tickets with both Branson and Bezos and will take NAT up to outer space twice before the year is over
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    what's going on with NAT?
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    I can tell you one thing for sure: The 2 ships Uncle Herb referred to under contract of $17,000.00 per day are NEW ships, the rust bucket ships are below $8000.00 per day. NAT will report a huge loss this quarter and the Balance sheet is exposed with weakness. Herbie will need money and he will get it one of 2 ways: issue more stock and start savaging the older ships. The market is down big this A.M. and companies like NAT will continue to fall in price. Anything weak in this market will struggle. Good luck to the shareholders of NAT; you will need it.
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    I have to admit that I do get some satisfaction watching a company that plays fast and loose with the truth go down. Remember folks - the truth and reality have a way of catching up on things eventually. That said NAT share price still has a long way to fall in order to accurately reflect its true financial condition.
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    day is coming fast dividend will be halted
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    why stock price dropped so much? I don't see any news. Anyone can enlighten us?
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    “Billionaire Izzy Englander initiated a new stake in Nordic American Tankers Limited (NYSE: NAT) in Q1 2021, buying 42,640 shares of the company, worth $139,000. In Q1 2021, 10 hedge funds in the database of Insider Monkey held stakes worth $7.11 million in Nordic American Tankers Limited (NYSE: NAT), up from 5 the preceding quarter worth $7.56 million.”
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    I was doing some math again. If Herb sold just 8 of the old rust buckets for just $12.5 million each. That would bring in $100 million. Take all that and pay down the loans that are around 8%. That saves $8 billion a year. $8 million divided by 156 million shares comes up to 5.1 cents. That right there is about what we will receive all year in dividends. And freeing up payments on that $100 million in loans he could use that to double up on the payments of what is left over.

    Bottom live HERB SELL THE SHIPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do you guys agree?
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    I hear massive surge begins next week

    get your Maserati order in early
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    this forum is top heavy with short sellers... don't believe anything you read here. I have to be bullish even if the west world economies seem to be effected by the virus. all it is is a conversion from old to new. heard immunity will be for all and damage done to the environment will be limited due to lower fertility rates. its amazing how the world keeps its equilibrium... just don't get caught in a storm. cybertruck looks like a good bet
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    Nat currently has two vessels in drydock, the Nordic Breeze for the 10 year since June 28 and the Nordic Apollo for the 17 1/2 year intermediate survey since July 12.
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    Why don’t we all vote against Chairman to be chosen, especially he seems to be a hurdle reading all the posts here
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    I truly hope that some of you NAT rust bucket shareholders trimmed your position in NAT. You have been warned and we will see NAT in the 1's before to long. NO bank in there right mind will lead money to the dividend king Uncle Herb; your only hope is NAT sells some of the old ships to scrap, stops paying a dividend and leads NAT responsibly. I'll bet Uncle Herb tries to sell more stock; but for the sake of Nat's shareholders, he scraps the old ships and waits for higher shipping rates.
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    Just muted Stephen
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    My guess is rates dropped yet again and Herb doesn't want to show how far rates have dropped. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Either scrap 10 ships or park almost all of them and just wait this out. Right now operating a ship you are just losing money. There is no point in moving oil at a loss.