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Newmont Mining Corporation (NEM)

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64.18+1.32 (+2.10%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
63.63 -0.55 (-0.86%)
After hours: 07:56PM EDT
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  • R
    $GOLD conversation
    Can't believe that $NEM holding 50 P/E in this market where as $GOLD struggling @ 17 P/E.
  • j
    $50 will be sweet
  • R
    Looks cheap on a forward basis.
  • M
    1. Not enough Gold to go around for every person on the planet.
    2. Governments do not like high Gold prices. It makes their currency look weak. They paper trade it lower.
    3. If traders took physical possession Gold would go higher than Bitcoin ever did.
    4. Gold / Silver / Pt /Pd / Copper Coiled spring.

    Patience Grasshopper
  • T
    Make no mistake , gold has not seen its best days by a long shot .
  • J
    what stands out is NEM is higher priced that AEM
    NEM Pays out a higher % in divs
    NEM has less loss of earnings growth
    Operating margin equal
    NEM has about 3 time the % of debt

    AEM has just merged with KL with only one effected Q and many merger cost
    in that report.
    The next Q should be surprisingly better
  • k
    Low 60s will be nice gift to buy in.
  • B
    Do you think NEM a buy here?. Thanks for your input
  • e
    Gold down $11 overnight my responses = yawn 🥱
  • I
    I Bonds
    Gold pricing consolidates above the 200-day moving average”
    Very bullish action. Target cutting prices goes along with a drop in fridays inflation report meaning fed rate hikes will be done in Sept at 1.75% and 2%.
    Anyone not heavily invested in gold for the ride up will miss a huge spike to new all time highs...
  • B
    Here is my take on gold and its intimate relationship with interest rates. Anybody with a pulse that has been paying attention has got to figure that tomorrow, on Wednesday 05/04/22, the Federal Reserve is going to raise the discount rate by ½% or 50 basis points. That brings the Fed Funds rate up to 1%. They may signal that for the future that there will be another rate hike in June for another 50 basis point hike. I heard some governors at the Fed have set a target of 3.5% by the end of the year. Remember that inflation is in all reality well over 10% despite official measurements. Without interest rates going positive, inflation will not stop. OK, here is the nitty gritty. The rest of the world is not raising interest rates, and that is why they are buying the US dollar being pressured higher, and why gold is getting pressured lower. The Euro is going to continue lower, because they want to bolster employment. Here is the real problem. We are not going to get to next year before the recession occurs. That recession that has been forecast by some to occur next year, is going to occur later this year (we already had negative 1.4% GDP growth). The Fed will stop raising rates and go back to QE protocol. The dollars that were bought by FX traders, are going to be sold. The dollar will drop and gold will go up. I know that I am way out on the limb here, and likely to be eviscerated later this year if wrong, but if I am right, will anyone give me credit? Probably not. Bottom line is to think for yourselves. That was the primary purpose of the communication.
  • P
    Pancake Rachel Corrie
    up we go
  • A
    Trying to understand the gold market is frustrating and almost an exercise in futility. That is because we are on the outside of global power, not within. We are individuals, and perplexed that our government is not responsive to our need for common sense and action in the best interests of our republic. Conspirare is a latin word, and the root of the word conspiracy. It means essentially to breathe as one, to act as one. Is there a Washington establishment or a shadow government? I would argue yes! High level cabinet positions and key government posts are most often filled by trilateral commission members. The last I heard, the trilateral commission was composed of around 415 active members, and only about 120 are from north America, fewer yet of this group from the United States. Yet this group “breaths as one” and has control over some of the most critical departments in government. Imagine group members from Europe, Asia, Japan and other countries having part of the group influence that controls your supposedly duly elected government. Within this mysterious secretive group are some of the most powerful and wealthiest people on the planet. At the apex of the pyramid are the big banking interests. They control your currency, and to these money changers, gold is a shackle or hindrance restricting their control over global FX money supply. So, if you trade in gold, don’t become frustrated, but rather understand that you are playing in a sandbox owned by the big banks and globalist interests. To some this sounds like wacko remarks and time for the aluminum foil hat, but I assure you that people like Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, George Soros, etc. understand what you cannot see.
  • G
    WEF wants us all broke... Schwab needs a silver spike in his chest
  • a
    At today's cloing price NEM is currently -23.46% below its intraday high of $86.37 that was reached on 4/18/22 (i.e., NEM is itself in a bear market -- and has been since the last two weeks, like many other gold miners). Hope you all took the opportunity to sell into today's bear market rally.
  • J
    Don't know why the market likes the rate hikes. same people who will be begging for them to be lowered when the economy starts to collapse. the economy can't handle interest thos high with this much debt. it's an economic impossibility.
  • W
    $GOLD conversation
    If this gets too cheap, $NEM might buy it and merge.
  • H
    UGANDA has more GOLD than all the Gold ever mined.... That's some NEWS!
  • L
    It really beats me a bear market punished gold stocks day in and day out.
  • G
    Big day coming