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Nestlé S.A. (NESN.SW)

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At close: 05:30PM CEST

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    Have you guys ever heard of ( The picks on there are way better than NSRGY
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    Hi can anyone give me anam of a good trading platform to by Nestle shears.
  • P
    NSRGY seems to not be on anyone's radar! Ill be on the sidelines for a bit longer, but its getting more attractive as it drops. Anyone know why its floundering?
  • K
    OMG look at Chinese stocks now - BABA BIDU DQ PDD JD LI guys....
  • J
    Mostly Nestle buys today with good reasons. YTD 15.75% and 1.62% dividend after paying U.S. foreign tax of 30%. Nestle has tons of superb products and holds 30% of L'Oreal stock. Good way to invest in ex-U.S.
  • O
    The nice thing about investing in stock Nestle is that you don’t have to worry about your investment.
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    Nestle: The Swiss consumer goods company had six factories in Russia as of 2020, including plants making confectionery and drinks, according to its website. Its 2020 sales from Russia were worth about $1.7 billion.
  • R
    Why is Nestle stock price going lower and lower. Anybody? Thank you
  • J
    When ever you feel down just check our Nestle 5 year chart! Nestle does it the old fashioned way. Was that E.F. Hutton?
  • L
    Why is it so lonely in here? All the Nestle investors just park their money and go on with their lives instead of monitoring the price 24/7?
  • C
    I think they sell a lot of nespresso machines in this lock downs maybe will reflecte on future reports.
  • W
    The Chinese/Hong Kong version of this stock is $TGGI better grab them shares before NASDAQ uplist
  • e
    I wonder if I buy premarket on the ex div date if I will get the dividend?
  • j
    Im curios what Nestle Shareholders think of an investment into a CPG Cannabis company (Aphria- APHA). Leveraging THC in Candy products like ‘crunch, laggy taffy and dreyers’ and CBD wellness in powerbar, garnier at and pet supplies? Yah/Nah and why?
  • A
    Is this the one without dividend witholding tax?
  • S
    Nestle, just wanted to let you know.
    Something is wrong with Kit Kat bars here in the US. The small ones in an 8 pack.
    The chocolate is really bland. Maybe its Nestles formula or maybe its Hersheys, either way, its bland.
    really bland. I had gotten one about 2 weeks ago, and regretted it as soon as I tasted it, because the time before it was bland also.
    I know sometimes, depending on the month, Hershey kisses can be a bit bland, or nice and sweet. But Kit Kat has been bland for a while now. If its not the source of your cocoa, its your formula. And the taste inside the chocolate is lacking too. Are you like MacDonalds now, where you'll make a product good for a while, get people to like it, then reduce the expensive ingredients and take the cost down, while making the product bland ? When I notice that, I stop buying something for a long, long time. You should have a warning label on your candy, telling people the last time you changed the formula. Otherwise, it can be a gamble. But making it cheaper, and less appealing, is like bait and switch, isnt it ? There should be some guarantee when you buy a product, its going to be similar, until they tell you otherwise. Or did we toss truth in labeling ? or did we ever enforce it. I love chocolate, but I wouldn't eat a small kit kat bar now if it was free, and even if you paid me.
  • a
    With the new launch of plant base shrimp! how many of you are tempted to try! I believe its gonna be a good product for this food giant! Check out the latest video!
    The latest news of nestle launching their plant base shrimp called "vrimp" another new plant base food innovation thats changing the food industry and consum...
    The latest news of nestle launching their plant base shrimp called "vrimp" another new plant base food innovation thats changing the food industry and consum...
  • b
    NSRGY bets on goldenberries. Hint to management... it'll take a lot more than goldenberries to make the company shine again.How about some THC-laced spring water?

    @@@Nestle’s acquisition of a 60 percent stake in Terrafertil, which which owns the Nature’s Heart brand and is the world’s largest buyer of goldenberries, closed Tuesday. “Consumers these days are increasingly looking for organic and natural food with high nutrient content,” said Laurent Freixe, CEO of Nestle Americas. “We are looking forward to exploring with Terrafertil the potential of their products.”
    Quinoa is so 2017. Nestle SA’s new superfood candidate is the goldenberry.
    Quinoa is so 2017. Nestle SA’s new superfood candidate is the goldenberry.
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    Steve F
    I still love Nestlé ice cream drumsticks, but I purchased my last dijorno pizza ever last night.
    If I wanted a pizza that's 85.00% crust, I'd buy my own pizza crust & smear a little pizza sauce on it.