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New Fortress Energy Inc. (NFE)

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    As of today I am all the way in. I catabolized by portfolio to add more NFE and even sold some GLNG. NFE is now my number 1 position with GLNG a close second. I have been investing for many years but I do not believe that I have seen this big a mispricing of a stock, ever (IMHO).
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    Aiysha Sheridan

    seems like several terminals are going to be started up during the second quarter of 2022, slide 14. Anyone knows what happened to the Suape terminal? That was scheduled for 2022 as well. With so many business opportunities around the corner I don't understand the current price, unless some delay in the pipeline, any clue?
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    Germany and the US have warned they could target a key Russian gas pipeline if the country invades Ukraine.

    A US state department spokesman said the Nord Stream 2 pipeline "will not move forward" if Russia were to attack.

    The controversial energy project is designed to double gas flow and runs from Russia direct to Germany under the Baltic Sea.

    It circumvents Ukraine, which relies on existing pipelines for income and is under threat from Russian forces.
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    Adding some NFE shares here today.

    Caught in the market downdraft, and no particular reasons otherwise.
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    Aiysha Sheridan
    How long does it take to complete a Fast- LNG or FLNG any idea? All NFE competitors like Shell, Petronas, GLNG built a traditional FLNG in at least 4 years (GLNG) much longer for other oil majors, on top of it there will be the commissioning time. Will NFE be able to deliver one within end of this year?
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    If NFE has excess LNG supply, it,might become very valuable should pipeline gas to EU be curtailed as a Russian weapon in escalating hostilities…
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    bought... it's under priced.
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    An EU advisory committee has recommended that LNG business involved in LNG gas for power , to release coal and diesel, be considered clean energy company’s and compliant with ESG standards.

    If approved, this would be very favorable for NFE - the worlds largest LNG gas for power enterprise.
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    NFE was not on my radar until Golar sold the Hygo project to NFE. I have owned Golar for quite some time, for better or worse. It paid a nice dividend for many years, and I hope that resumes in the near future. Is NFE worth buying at a price?

    Maybe when the yield is above 2.5% or so?
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    SP in last year has gone from plus $50..Glng original merger price to $19..
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    Me too.good luck.
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    $SLS conversation
    So many hard hit stocks to invest in
    January will be a huge month for these hard-hit stocks. 10 riskier names to load up on, from JPMorgan.
    Published: Dec. 27, 2021 at 7:23 a.m. ET
    By Barbara Kollmeyer Follow
    Critical information for the U.S. trading day

    Come and get the battered high-betas. GETTY IMAGES
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    What is strange when I get stopped out.Take cash to rebuy.I now own 32% more shares
    So at $27 I break even
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    Got stopped out at $21..Agree with Martin got back in at $19.25..Lost 3x ..maybe this time is it.New $17
  • m
    NFE made a mistake of announcing a new 15-yr LNG supply deal for one of the worlds largest aluminum makers. in northern Brazil.

    For that, their share price was summarily been down.

    Please - no more good news!
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    Stop at $21..Sale at $34..Lets see what happens..
  • m
    Stifel Note this morning on the NFE Mauritania MOU...

    Price $24.27 close 12/21/2021


    Big Step Forward on Fast LNG, Hopefully...


    This evening New Fortress Energy announced a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with the country of Mauritania to develop a Fast LNG (FLNG) production unit as well as power supply for the country, and blue ammonia. The plan includes not only LNG for export but also
    for an existing 180MW power plant as well as a new 120MW power plant. While this is certainly a strong step in a positive direction, given the
    nature of the terms of the agreement, we expect there is still much work to be done to push the project to a final investment decision (FID)
    and ultimately completion. However, given the consistent pressure on shares over the past several months and the need for New Fortress to
    show some positive commercial progress on their FLNG concept, we expect this announcement should provide a boost for shares tomorrow.

    Key Points

    • The deal. Only limited information was given in the release and nothing with respect to volumes, exact location, timelines, cash flows, or
    capital outlay. What we do know is that Mauritania has vast amounts of offshore gas reserves, but to this point none of them are developed
    to "plug and play" status with respect to LNG development. Consequently, any future progress on this front will also likely need to be paired
    with some upstream and midstream development. In the past the company has indicated that their FLNG unit with 1.2 mtpa of capacity
    would cost $625 million. Adding to that the incremental cost of power development and some mid-stream and upstream costs, we expect
    the total cost could be north of $1 billion in this case. Assuming return thresholds for company and projects in that region of the world,
    we expect cash flows would need to be north of $300 million per year. It is worth noting that MOU's of this sort are "a dime a dozen" and
    often they never reach commerciality. Thus while this announcement is a step in the right direction, we suspect it is far from a done deal.
    This deal also contemplates the development of blue ammonia (ammonia produced with natural gas and the capturing of carbon as the
    hydrogen is separated and married to a nitrogen atom). While a cool idea, you have to walk before you run, and we expect this would
    be much further down the line of development.

    • Not yet "THE" deal.

    NFE has discussed the first FLNG unit using gas that is already being produced and likely flared. Such a project
    would be quick turnaround as the company has already ordered the liquefaction equipment and contracted for the installation on the rigs.
    Ultimately, the company still believes it can delivery such a project by year-end 2022. This project in Mauritania is not that. It would certainly
    take longer to develop and is more complicated.

    However, we understand the company is still confident they can deliver on "the" FLNG
    unit on the same YE22 time line. Such a project is an elegant solution to many problems. It 1) provides gas for NFE's downstream gas and power businesses, 2) should generate a high rate of return for both the company and the owner of the gas, 3) provides a cash flow stream on gas already being produced and wasted, and 4) dramatically improves CO2 emissions as not only is the gas not being flared,mbut it would also be replacing oil or coal in downstream power applications.

    New Fortress has shown the capacity to build downstream gas
    and power developments. While organic developments have certainly taken longer than the company has expected, they are happening and we believe should continue to happen given a strong macro environment for the company's value proposition. However, the Holy Grailmwith respect to upside in the shares would be to pair this downstream business with a fixed or low gas LNG production platform which has
    proven to be more illusive on scale. Ultimately, we expect a firm commercial agreement on this front could be transformative for share price and if the company is to have any hope of hitting their target of being operational by the end of 2022, that commercial agreement
    will probably need to materialize in the next two to three months.
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    With Dutch TTF LNG prices up another 20% today, and their futures contract for all of 2022 at historical highs, surplus LNG that NFE appears to have to ship in 2022 has become golden.
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    Bones Cache
    What ever happened to the Rail delivery permit?
  • G
    Can Nfe go to $27 this yr