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    Excellent news and we drop?πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
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    Why the huge jump today in NGG?
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    National Grid reached a 52 Week high at 78.79
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    This company needs new leadership at the top!
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    The uncertainty caused by Brexit and the weak British Pound (relative to the US Dollar), are the primary drivers here. Another, is the potential for a Labour Party victory in the English Government (specifically, Jeremy Corbyn). Corbyn has stated that he plans to nationalise utilities (electricity, water, mail, etc), this would include National Grid. So there is some political uncertainty in this stock, as it is unknown how nationalizing electricity would play out, if it would be fair to NGG shareholders. NGG for it's part, has been diversifying away from the UK, and into the northeastern US. NGG received some favorable rulings over the summer on US rate increases, and that should start showing up in the bottom line soon. I think considering the worldwide proliferation of electric vehicles coming into the market, electricity demand is only going higher. I think that ultimately Brexit issues will subside, and the pound will regain some of its lost value. I don't think Labour will nationalise the utilities. Given my opinions, I see this period of sustained 52 week lows in NGG as a buying opportunity. At a nearly 5% yeild, I can sit back and collect while some of these other issues right themselves over time. I think in a year or two, this stock will be back in the 65-70 range, and still paying that solid divy.
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    such a neglected stock and sector. while everyone else complains of overvalued growth, bank, recovery and industrial stocks with thier portfolios slowly getting milked. all my recent utility plays are all growing up and have great dividends.
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    This is enough to drive a fellow into CD's and short term treasuries. Is there no such thing as a safe investment?
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    ADR shares of NGG are trading at a 20% discount to the 52 week high. Using round numbers to simplify, roughly 50% of the company's earnings are generated in the United States. Let's assume the socialist Labour Party is successful in nationalizing this utility at a 40% discount to book value. Since only half the company's earnings are affected the 40% discount is reduced to 20% of the overall value. At 8 times earnings and a 6.18% dividend I will patiently accumulate more shares at these fire sale prices. Thank you for this opportunity Mr. Corbyn. Best wishes to the good people of Britain in their battle against those EU overlords.
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    Nice dividend coming in August. Should promote a share price move up.
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    IMHO NGG should go to a quarterly dividend payout like the majority of top companies. Stock would likely go up if this were done.
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    For those interested in the underlying security to the NGG adr, just add the symbol NG.L to your watch list on Yahoo. This will give you the current price of National Grid (in pounds) on the London Exchange. The London Exchange opens several hours earlier than the US exchanges, and also closes several hours earlier. You can get an idea where NGG is going by watching the price in London before the NYSE opens. However, you also have to take the exchange rate into consideration. Even if the stock is up in London, the US price may be down if the pound has declined relative to the dollar.
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    Down 4% this morning.

    No news that I saw. Nothing’s really changed on Brexit.

    What happened?
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    This is a solid utility company that currently pays a 5.11% dividend. They are positioning themselves into renewable energy, and moving away from carbon. They are a British company that has a U.S. presence in New England and New York State. They currently have Mr. Jonathan Silver on it's Board of Directors. He was in charge of the U.S. Dept. of Energy's $40 million clean renewable energy fund. He is also on the Board of Plug Power. National Grid is transitioning into a clean renewable energy company. They have partnered with Geronimo Energy and Sunrun, a solar company. In the last few months their stock has gone from $53/share to a current $61. They are a great Company.
  • O
    Bought in as good consistent dividend stock, never going anywhere
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    It's a dividend paying stock and with the market doing so well, people can put their money into short term stocks with better returns at the moment. NGG will rebound when the market drops. The big question is not 'if' but 'when' that happens.Holding NGG is still better than CDs or anything banks can offer. The question is are you looking for a quick turnover or are you prepared to hold longer term. As far as stocks go, it's safer than the tech stock stocks which are booming. Tech stocks rely almost all on appreciation while NGG pays a strong dividend and will appreciate some (only will not double or triple like some stocks do). It will also not lose a lot of value when the crash comes (it will lose some but rebound faster). When the crash comes, you'll be glad you have some NGG. Remember, nothing in the stock market is a guarantee. It's all about managing risk. I would not hold 100% of my investments in NGG, but some is OK.
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    New 52 week low for a monopoly energy distributor. Sold some of my shares and re-invested elsewhere. As a small shareholder I couldn't sustain these losses any longer despite the divided yield. Unsure if the company has engaged in a recent share buy back. How low will this stock go and where is the accountability from the board?
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    Got word they sold the RI business area and UK gas transmission
  • b
    What is with this POS. Its on a steady down trend to oblivion. Does the management of this company have any clue at all ? Time for a whole new BOD and management team because the current BOD and management team obviously don't know what they're doing.