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NIKE, Inc. (NKE)

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  • M
    Has been and will be one of the premier growth stocks for a long time to come
  • C
    Cy Cal
    EVERY pair of nikes I ever had came unglued before the tread was barely worn

    what do they use for glue..wheat paste?
  • B
    Why is it that as a First-World nation with less than 5% of the World's population that we have more than 20% of the World's deaths from COVFEFE-45? Anyone? Bigly?
  • J
    With their plunge into social issues in this country, Nike is fast becoming a cultural thermometer for the 20 somethings, in my opinion. It doesn't play well with flyover country or older groups, but the money and the people are on the coasts. And there is nothing smarter then to continue to fuel the consumer pipeline with the next generation of decision makers and purchasers.
  • s
    This stock is way overvalued. But no one cares about financials or fundamentals. The market is now all about headlines. Nike digital sales increases. Wow. How did that happen. Is that because of the brand or the company ? Get real. It is a pandemic factor and ALL DIGITAL activity and sales were up. It is not because of anything Nike did. Actual sales were down year over year. But you will not see that in any headline. The headlines control the market, so the headlines must always be positive. So we ignore REAL sales and only use headlines that are bullish for stocks. NKE stock should be under 100 a share. But it has been pumped and pushed by positive and often misleading headlines. With the closing of stores digital sales should have been up over 200% to show any real growth. But digital sales did not even make 100%. But they make you think the 82% number is fantastic and it just is not. NKE is way overvalued for a company that sells poor quality goods manufactured in China. You have been manipulated, mislead, and fooled. swoosh
  • R
    NKE stock price was high quite a lot just due digital sales increase but not body discussed organic sales and overall sales and profits volume increase yoy which is very important to justify stock price increase. I noticed that sales and revenue has not appreciated enough compared to increase in stock price more than 100%. It means its ratios and multiples are quite high on fundamental basis. It is a matter of road block for further rise in stock price.
  • S
    A feature on CNBC today looked into sales for apparel and Nike was mentioned in the top five.
    Most desirable label among adolescent age group. Other four were American Eagle-Levi-Gap--Lu-Lu-Lemon.
  • e
    Nike screwed up by pushing their political views in their customers . Not only will the oldies stop buying Nike for themselves, they’ll stop buying Nike for their kids and grandkids so Nike can rely on the broke kids to buy their hundred dollar shoes . Good luck
  • S
    IPNFF Big announcement coming tomorrow at 12:30pm but news will likely drop in the next few hours or tomorrow morning the latest....... Get on board, easy money.

    - Partner with University of Pittsburgh in new MBA Course
    - New Advisor Chris Dill introduced (Former Portland Trail Blazers CIO)
    - New 5yr contract with WaV Sports and Entertainment (Co-founder is fromer NFL vikings coach Dalton)
    - Loop insights
  • k
    CNBC traders are saying NKE is cheap at this current price of $129. They recommend buying at this price of $129 today. Go NKE!
  • j
    wow nike posts pretty much the same quarter they have with a government stimulus fueled pandemic quarter and the stock is up like 35 percent from last year...let me buy
  • s
    invest in ipnff... the next dominate ar compnay... big news tommorow will take this to the moon
  • P
    Gonna drop tomorrow
  • B
    Nike we are liberals for social justice!

    While we make shoes in Vietnam and pay women and children 57 cents per day!
  • R
    Maybe time for a 2/1 split. Still long & strong on NKE. Been here for years! Plenty of room for this stock to go higher if viewed as a tech & direct to consumer play.
  • D
    gonna listen to my gut next time. not you guys who look at previous earnings report to predict the latest one. smh.
  • A
    Just do it. invest on NKE. its a great stock to hold for a long term
  • j
    everyone is buying Nike equipment if they still have a job or a welfare cheque or can steal enough ..sell drugs....later..they can eat their running shoes
  • f
    Lots of companies in development and clinical stage don’t make any money are trading higher. Nike makes money and you shorts/ haters saying that it’s overpriced?
    I hope $140 for tomorrow.
  • D
    Very curious "how" NKE is floating latest numbers
    Major sports shut down for NOVEL coronavirus
    Global civilians banned from sports, socializing, travel

    RICH foreigners & Network of Clever money managers
    make NKE smell like money laundry 1st
    -judging by quality of goods
    -multiple "store fronts"

    And fact Major universities [epstein] & Banks - SHOWN washing illicit cash

    docs, known as FinCen files, showed five banks: JPMorgan, Standard Chartered, Deutsche Bank, Barclays and BNY Mellon handled the most illicit funds between 1997 and 2017.
    FRANKFURT, GERMANY - MAY 18: Shareholders walk past a huge Deutsche Bank logo during the banks annual shareholders meeting on May 18, 2005 in Fr...
    FRANKFURT, GERMANY - MAY 18: Shareholders walk past a huge Deutsche Bank logo during the banks annual shareholders meeting on May 18, 2005 in Fr...