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    NOKIA will give an upbeat report on the future. The investment houses are calling for the mid $7 range with the possibility of restoring the dividend and possibility a buyback.
    why would you sell your position now??
    I bought more on this last dip. I honestly believe we will finish this year in the double digits. Good luck to the LONG"S.
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    Today's Press Release
    Nokia selected by GO Malta for nationwide 5G deployment in seven-year deal
    Nokia to supply equipment from its latest AirScale portfolio delivering 5G connectivity to Malta 19 January 2022
    Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced that it has been selected by GO Malta (GO) as its sole strategic partner for a nationwide 5G RAN rollout in a seven-year deal. The deal will see the introduction of scalable, ultra-reliable, high-speed and low latency mobile connectivity to GO’s consumer and enterprise customers. The move will also support GO’s ambitions to drive new business opportunities via 5G networks by introducing innovative new use cases such as digital automation, Internet of Things (IoT), remote monitoring, and ‘immersive’ technologies such as virtual reality. Nokia is the incumbent vendor in this expansion deal.
    Nokia will consolidate its existing infrastructure and expand and accelerate the deployment of 5G services in Malta with the delivery of equipment from its latest ReefShark System on Chip-powered AirScale equipment portfolio. Nokia’s AirScale RAN portfolio, which will cover GO’s network nationwide, covers all deployment scenarios including dense-urban environments and wide-area coverage and is designed for seamless, simple, and efficient ‘plug-in’ deployment and reduced power consumption.
    Nokia is a leading global 5G supplier and has been GO’s trusted mobile partner since the introduction of 3G in 2007. GO’s 4G mobile network has been repeatedly ranked as the fastest and most reliable network by independent accreditors. GO recently launched its first IoT product which enables businesses to track valuable assets in the field and utilize real-time data to inform better decision-making.

    Nikhil Patil, CEO, at GO Malta commented: “GO is one of the biggest investors in Malta’s digital infrastructure. This is another step forward in our efforts to enable, enhance and improve our customers' lives through the latest technologies, with the fastest, uncapped mobile speeds. We are pleased to announce that through our partnership with Nokia, one of the leading 5G suppliers in the world, we are now delivering 5G services to our customers.”
    Tommi Uitto, President of Mobile Networks at Nokia, stated: “We are delighted to continue our partnership with GO with the introduction of 5G services in Malta. Our latest AirScale portfolio will support GO’s ambitions for super-fast mobile connectivity that will support the foundations for cutting-edge new use cases. We look forward to delivering on this project and introducing a range of new use cases underpinned by our technology.”
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    too much Spam on this board and too little technical analysis of Nokia stock
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    Where Nokia needs to expand is in commercial contracts. They only have a couple in the Americas. It's early on in the adoption phase but once companies and private institutions learn and know how to use 5G to automate and be more efficient, it will take off. Perhaps Nokia needs to help them understand how and why they need it. I think the current environment is also a reason companies don't want to invest right now. But, that should go away in the second half of this year. Nokia has way more of these contracts in Europe.

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    unreal. all gains gone. Maybe this is a great company. Maybe it's not. But growth appears to be imppssible. Ill wait for the next surge to $6 then out. enough is enough. Too much time burned and money tied up holding this bag.
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    day traders if course are panicking....I'm v happy with price as it gradually increases...2 years time and we'll be up another 50%
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    Nokia shareholders saw a 50%+ gain in 2021 and if you didn't think it would see some profit taking when the calendar turned (Pushing Capital Gains to 2022), then you need to stop investing in individual stocks & stick to 401K & Index investing. Nokia is well positioned for another 50%+ gain in 2022 and this recent pullback for those that locked in gains above $6.30 has set up perfectly for the next run higher in February.

    Smart Investing.
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    Nokia's Cash Position & Growth in 2021 & 2022

    At the end of 2020, Nokia reported having 2.5B EUR in Net Cash on the books and Total Cash of 8.1B EUR.

    In 2021, Nokia management shared that they would be investing in the business by increasing their R&D budget especially on 5G solutions which Q1 thru Q3 2021 saw an increase of 7% to 3B EUR. While this was happening, Operating margins, profits, FCF , & Cash were growing as well and YTD thru Q3 2021, Net Cash grew to 4.3B EUR (130% growth YoY) and Total Cash grew to 9.4B EUR. (16% growth YoY as Nokia paid down debt in 2021)

    With the FY 2021 results due on 2/3/22, Net Cash is expected to exceed 5B EUR (100%+ Growth YoY) & Total Cash to exceed 10.5B EUR.

    How again does Nokia have a market cap of $32.4B with Annual Revenue of $25B? FCF greater than $3B? Operating Margins of 12.5%? All while raising guidance throughout the year?
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    Question - looks like NOK added 25,000,000 shares of stock in the last 2 years.
    Where did they go?
    I was looking into investing in this stock - but do not understand the numbers
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    Increased guidance but lowered revenues. Smooth move
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    Interesting that Robert Sanders from Deutsche Bank just raised his price target on Nokia to $7.42 today and Alexander Duval from Goldman Sachs raised his price target to $7.30 on Friday. With 2021 earnings a few weeks away.
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    “We anticipate that Nokia will restore its dividend and announce a share buyback program in 2022. Despite its progress and the likely continued ramp-up of 5G spending, investors continue to give Nokia little credit.”

    This is coming from Bruce Kaser who has been a value investor for 25+ years and managed a $3+ billion dollar fund.
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    Allow old NYSE to repeat, reinstating the dividend at this time would be the worst thing for Nokia and Nokia stock.
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    This week could get crazy with the Options Expiration on Friday & these price target increases should move the stock price higher, but why come out with these 2 increases on Friday night before a Holiday Weekend in the US and on MLK Day (Monday) when markets are closed. I mean, these are 2 Top Tier Banks (GS & DB) which don't seem to want to draw much attention to Nokia by these announcements. Very Odd.

    I'll be watching to see if the Daily Volume in Nokia takes off starting tomorrow.

    Looking back to last year when Nokia shot up to $9+ on January 27th, 2021 with volume of 1.1B shares, on Jan. 25th it traded 296M shares, & on Jan 26th it traded 397M shares.

    On Friday, January 22nd,2021, Nokia traded 29M shares. Last Friday on January 14th, 2022, Nokia traded 27M Shares.

    Will it be Deja Vu? A lot of eyes on Nokia this week.
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    Nokia Down ! Great )) I'll buy more shares at $ 5 , 71
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    CSCO downgrade impacts Nokia price today ))
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    I think it is a good time to add some Nokia shares prior ERIC's earnings
    ERIC should report earnings in 4 trading days on Jan. 25
    ERIC stock is up today at 104.16 +0.16 (+0.15%) and up over 10% during past 3 weeks ) Nokia is next )) reports earnings on Feb. 3
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    Nokia Dec 28, 2021 = $ 6, 40
    Nokia Jan. 20 2022 = $ 5 , 63 ( - 12% !! )
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    13 January 2022

    Espoo, Finland – Nokia has been selected by WINDTRE in Italy to deploy a new, high performance optical backbone. At the heart of WINDTRE’s nationwide network infrastructure, the photonic backbone will bear traffic from the entire country, addressing the growing demand for ultra-fast connectivity as well as delivering high capacity services to business customers.

    The cost-effective DWDM solution will leverage Nokia’s fifth generation PSE-V super-coherent (PSE-Vs) chipset to support programmable line rates up to 600G on a pure photonic infrastructure, optimizing power consumption and footprint. With redundant nodes in a wave router configuration, a mesh structure and GMPLS-based restoration, the new backbone will be able to instantly re-route traffic as needed, providing the high reliability and robustness required in this business-critical part of the infrastructure.

    Benoit Hanssen, Chief Technology Officer at WINDTRE, said: “Nokia’s solution based on industry-leading coherent technology will help us provide next generation broadband services to both consumer and business customers in the most efficient way. It will also enable us to grow our subscriber base and provide best-in-class experience to WINDTRE’s existing customers."

    Sergio Solivera Vela, Vice President Mediterranean Region, at Nokia: “We have a long standing and successful relationship with WINDTRE and are very happy to expand this by deplolying its new optical backbone. Our latest coherent technology solutions will provide WINDTRE with massive capacity that grows as subscriber demand increases, without sacrificing reliability.”

    The Nokia PSE-V is the industry’s most advanced family of Digital Signal Processor (DSP), powering the next generation of Nokia high-performance, high-capacity transponders, packet-optical switches, disaggregated compact modular and subsea terminal platforms. The PSE-V Super Coherent DSP (PSE-Vs) implements the industry’s only second generation probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS) with continuous baud rate adjustment, and supports higher wavelength capacities over longer distances – including support for 400G over any distance – over spectrally efficient 100GHz WDM channels while further reducing network costs and power consumption per bit.
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    From the article: encryption capabilities, where each wavelength is encrypted before transmission across the fibre optic network. This is critical to business and government network users with the growing surge in data theft.