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    Don't know about you, but I HATE seeing Samsung win telecom equipment deals, like today's announcement with Vodaphone in the UK.

    Samsung is a giant compared to Nokia and Ericsson. Any encouragement they get by winning deals will give them confidence to keep pouring money into R&D to compete directly with Nokia. They have the money and the resources to do exactly that.

    I was hoping that the market and the telco's would dismiss them as a Johnny come lately vendor that couldn't catch up to speed with the Industry leaders. Sadly, that does not appear to be the case. Samsung looks like they are setting up to become a formidable competitor for years to come, denting the benefit we receive from Huawei's decline.
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    Good news!
    Nordea Markets raises the target price for Nokia to 5.50 euros from EUR 5. The buy recommendation is repeated.
    It appears from an analysis.
    The share closed at 4: 512 euros in Helsinki on Friday.
    News agency Direkt
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    1. First Stage---Disaster (Deteriorating fundamentals 1–2-years prior to dividend elimination) Shares decline 40 to 80 percent in value.

    2. Second Stage----Crisis Management (1-2-years)
    Company cuts spending, eliminates dividend, cash flow improves, improved company prospects. Shares still priced at a substantial discount to pears.

    3. The Third Stage----Financial Stabilization (3 years after dividend elimination)
    Company can operate on the cash it receives from its customers. Still not earning anything for its shareholders. However, survival is no longer in doubt and investors who bought shares of the company in stage one or two have doubled their money.

    4. The Fourth Stage----Recovery (4 years after dividend elimination)
    Company is capable of earning something for the shareholders and there is reason to expect improved earnings and the reinstatement of the dividend. The shares have now quadruple from the low reached at the end of stage one or sometime in stage two. How things progress from here depend on how competitive the company has become versus its peers.


    1. Nokia’s First Stage --- Disaster (2016-2018)
    Deteriorating fundamentals, management’s fails to efficiently merge Alcatel-Lucent with Nokia and develop competitive 5G products, company in danger of losing its customer base.

    2. Nokia’s Second Stage --- Crisis Management (2017 through 2020 )
    2017 Nokia institutes an austerity program and budget, July of 2019 eliminates. Dividend, March of 2020 shares decline to $2.54, 5G products still not competitive, September 2020 loses $6 billion Verizon contract to Samsung, yearend 2020 cash flow improving. Nokia’s “second stage” ended roughly at the 3-year mark from the ALU/NOK merger.

    3. Nokia’s Third Stage --- Financial Stabilization (2021 through 2022)
    January 2021 Nokia is still not earning anything meaningful for its shareholders, however, prospects have greatly improved. At the current rate of improvement by the end of stage 3 around 8-01-2022 its survival will no longer be in doubt and investors who bought shares of Nokia in stage one or two most likely will have doubled or tripled their money.

    4. Nokia’s Fourth Stage --- Recovery (2023-- four years after dividend elimination)
    If all has gone well, Nokia is once again capable of earning something for its shareholders and investors should expect improved earnings and the reinstatement of the dividend. At this stage, the shares have likely quadrupled from the $2.54 low reached in March of 2020.

    The above represents what some analysts call a “Four Stage Dividend Recovery Cycle”. It represents the likely timelines and share price performance for a company that has executed a successful turnaround and reinstated its dividend. The timelines and stages are very common. So far, Nokia is tracking the timelines of the four stages very well. In fact, recently Nokia shares have broken a downtrend line that has existed for 21 years!

    Having a framework by which to judge a company’s performance is essential to acquiring that company’s shares “Ahead of The Crowd”. ………...Tickerguy


    It does seem Nokia is trending toward a higher market evaluation as a result of its surprisingly good numbers in Q1 and the expectation by some analysts that Nokia will revise its 2021 revenue and margin numbers upward after it reports it Q2 results. The company continues to make excellent progress in the enterprise market and appears to be in a position to receive some unexpected revenue from China if all goes well over the next few months.

    Also, it chart pattern seems bullish. The golden cross (50 day moving average crossing the 200 day moving average) is viewed by chartist as bullish and in addition the 5 year chart indicates a breakout to the upside with a price target above $6 a share in the not to distant future (1 to 8 months).

    It has been some time since Nokia's fundamentals and its technical price pattern have been in agreement. With the current downdraft in the market there is a very small group of stocks that have resisted moving to the downside and in fact have increased in price recently--Nokia is among that group.

    At the moment the risk to reward matrix appears very favorable for investors to expand current position or establish new positions in Nokia ahead of its second quarter report and "Ahead of The Crowd". ........Tickerguy
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    Fishman and his ugly wife NYSE
    Last year, Nokia said that it would resume
    dividend payments if the company could get
    its net cash up from $1.5 billion to $2 billion.

    We will see on its next earnings report whether
    or not, it is headed in that direction.

    If Nokia is set to resume dividend payments,
    you want to get in before that happens.

    That's when a wave of dividend investors will flood
    back into Nokia. They will also be hoping for
    solid growth.

    All in all, Nokia stock presents solid growth
    potential for anyone interested in profiting
    from 5G over the next decade.

    They will likely collect a regular dividend as well.
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    Press release:
    Nokia Corporation NOK and Ooredoo Oman have announced the deployment of 4G and 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) across the Middle Eastern country.

    Headquartered in Doha, Qatar, Ooredoo is a multinational telecommunications company that operates across the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia.

    FWA enables network operators to deliver ultra-high-speed broadband to suburban and rural areas. It uses a wireless alternative to traditional copper cables.

    In this project, Nokia will deploy its FastMile 4G FWA solution. Initially, 15,000 households and businesses will be connected. Also, 3,000 homes in urban areas are likely to get Nokia’s FastMile 5G FWA services.
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    TO ALL DESPAIRING DOUBTERS: Nokia is doing fine and increasingly is increasingly profitable. Just to exemplify this hugely positive development:

    q1 2020 EPS EUR 0.01 and net cash EUR 1.3 billion (CEO Suri)
    q1 2021 EPS EUR 0.07 and net cash EUR 3.7 billion (CEO Lundmark)


    Mobile Networks *** Network Infrastructure *** Cloud and Network Services *** Nokia Technologies *** Nokia Group

    2021: -1 to +2% *** 7 to 10% *** 3 to 6% *** >75% *** 7 to 10%

    2023: 5 to 8% *** 9 to 12% *** 8 to 11% *** >75% *** 10 to 13%

    The market will take note of the turnaround (and partly have as YTD is +36%) but who does not have patience to wait for it to unfold quarter by quarter should not invest in a turnaround company where progress is gradual. For those wo believe in the guidance: hold or accumulate and stay strong!
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    5G Security Market Expected to Exceed a Valuation of USD 5,201.4 Billion by 2026 Growing at 44.25% CAGR | 5G Security Ensures the Ability to Disable Insecure Cellular Standards
    12:30 pm ET June 14, 2021 -Globe Newswire
    Market Overview

    5G mobile networking technology is one of the key innovations in telecommunications. With its faster data rates than 4G & LTE speeds and low latency & increased bandwidth, 5G technology has exponentially improved the connectivity and connected technology. However, alongside came the cybersecurity concerns and increased vulnerability to online crimes.

    Besides, the proliferation of private 5G networks created significant market demand. Organizations are increasingly seeking to significantly improve operations through high capacity, low latency, and fast communications networks, thereby increasing the focus on the security of the data transmitted. Resultantly, Private 5G networks are expected to gain huge momentum in industrial uses.

    5G security market worldwide are estimated to garner significant traction. In this regard, Market Research Future (MRFR), a leading research firm, states that the global 5G security market is poised to reach USD 5,201.4 billion by 2026, growing at a massive 44.25% CAGR during the review period (2020-2026). With 5G networking systems incorporated into every business system and growing digitization, the need for 5G security is growing too.

    COVID-19 Impact

    5G security industry is one of those many industries which remained unaffected by the COVID-19 complications. The onset of the pandemic positively impacted the already-competitive telecom markets and so 5G technology and security markets. Moreover, the massive leap people took to make a living online during the lockdown period increased the market demand for high-speed networks and 5G securities.

    On the other hand, the economical setback that occurred due to the coronavirus outbreak worldwide contributed to the market upend, causing many lost jobs and downward discretionary income, thereby fueling cyber-crimes and data theft. With vast transformations in the IT & telecom industry and the digital transformation of the global economy itself, cybersecurity risks are rising across industry verticals.

    The coronavirus pandemic has also fostered digitization and automation across the manufacturing sectors, which increased 5G deployments and the need for 5G security solutions. The automation has further increased the uptake of 5G networks and the need for cloud-based 5G-enabled security apps and services.

    The 5G security market is witnessing a constant uptick over the past few months, and solution providers are seen increasing investments to foster R&D activities to develop 5Gsecurity solutions.

    Market Segmentation

    The 5G security market is segmented into components, network component security, architecture, end-user, deployment type, vertical, and region. The component segment is sub-segmented into solutions and services.

    The network component security segment is sub-segmented into RAN security and core security. The architecture segment is sub-segmented into 5G NR non-standalone and 5G NR standalone. The end-user segment is sub-segmented into telecom operators and enterprises. The deployment type segment is sub-segmented into cloud and on-premises.

    The vertical segment is sub-segmented into manufacturing, healthcare, energy & utilities, retail, automotive & transportation, public safety, media & entertainment, and others (BFSI, agriculture, and education). The region segment is sub-segmented into the Americas, Europe, APAC, and the Rest-of-the-World.

    Regional Analysis

    North America is projected to retain its dominance over the global 5G security market. The proliferation of 5G technology and consumer base is a major trend increasing the market demand. Besides, the presence of a large number of 5G security technology & service providers, alongside advances in 5G security sensors and 5G privacy technologies, drive the growth of the market in the region.

    Moreover, the increased demand for 5G security services and Internet connectivity with high reliability across industry verticals boosts market growth in this region. The US accounts for the country-level leading market, while Canada is the fastest-growing market in the region.

    Asia Pacific has emerged as a profitable market 5G security solutions globally. Increasing focus on improving internet connectivity and 5G privacy, alongside high R&D investments, act as a major influencer. China, Japan, and India account for leading country-level markets in the region, heading with growing investments in telecommunication infrastructure and digital transformation.

    Furthermore, factors such as the strong presence of key players, technical expertise, and increased industrialization foster the growth of the market. The rising demand for 5G security services in some emerging countries such as South Korea is likely to boost the region's 5g security market
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    TELEFONICA ESPANA TO DITCH HUAWEI IN FAVOUR OF ERICSSON AND NOKIA. Telefonica Espana (Movistar) is expected to discontinue its long-term partnership with Chinese vendor Huawei, and hand new 5G contracts to Nordic tech firms Nokia and Ericsson. The development has been reported by business daily Expansion and comes as Huawei continues to face security-related scrutiny over its alleged links to the Chinese government.

    As previously reported by TeleGeography’s CommsUpdate, Spain’s auction of 5G-suitable 700MHz frequencies will commence on 21 July. The auction represents the country’s second 5G spectrum sale, after an auction of 3.5GHz licences back in July 2018. The first 5G auction generated a total of EUR437.6 million (USD511.8 million), while the base price for the 700MHz sale means that it will raise at least EUR995.5 million.
    Telefonica Espana (Movistar) is expected to discontinue its long-term partnership with Chinese vendor Huawei, and hand new 5G contracts to Nordic tech firms Nokia and Ericsson.
    Telefonica Espana (Movistar) is expected to discontinue its long-term partnership with Chinese vendor Huawei, and hand new 5G contracts to Nordic tech firms Nokia and Ericsson.
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    NOK is the stock of the year. I'm positive that it will move above $10 this year, and still will be a hold on.... It's not worth selling until $20 mark.... and will still be a hold on... If you wish to sell some part, that will be a big gain to the buyer from you.... NOK will have some very bright life... (like AMD that went all the way to $90 level). Look forward....
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    What else to make this stock move !!! Everyday the have a new deal and nothing change !!!!
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    GERMAY'S UNITED INTERNET WILL NOT HAVE TECHNOLOGY FROM CHINA IN THE 5G NETWORK. United Internet does without technology from China when setting up the fourth mobile network in Germany. "We are planning the network without Chinese providers," said company boss Ralph Dommermuth in an interview with WELT AM SONNTAG. The Internet billionaire (1 & 1,, GMX) countered speculation that he wanted to equip his network with cheap technology from Huawei or ZTE. Critics have long been calling for a ban on suppliers from China, fearing possible espionage or sabotage by the Chinese government.

    According to Dommermuth, construction of the new cellular network will start in the third quarter. In contrast to conventional cellular networks, the company wants to build a new type of network in which different manufacturers are combined. They want to work exclusively with standard hardware, such as those found in data centers, and use clearly defined interfaces for antennas. All network functions should be in the cloud and controlled by software. In the industry, this is known as Open-RAN. "And specialized providers from the western world are currently leading," said Dommermuth. It will take several years before the new network is up, said Dommermuth. "There are millions of 4G smartphones on the market, so we are building a combined 4G and 5G network so that our users don't necessarily have to buy a 5G device."
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    There seems to be a squeeze, NOKIA has a problem to break the ceiling at $5.60. It's pushed back down to the $5.40's ish. It would be a major accomplishment to hit $6 and stay there for more than 5 mins. It could be done if some stop selling and hold, letting the stock push up. The shorts would leave NOK alone. Or get hurt. Other MEME stocks have done this recently.
    No matter, shorts, the news on Nokia is good. Future revenues look good. Dividend maybe reinstated, but I hope not. I'd rather have the management/company use that money for present and future investment, in the future strengthening of the companies revenue stream.
    Nokia is presently running well, with a bright future. I see long time growth and value. Management is working moving Nokia in the right direction. Applause to management, keep going forward.
    This is in my option.
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    Telefónica has chosen Nokia and Ericsson as providers of its 5G radio network in Spain, which leaves out of this part of the system the Chinese technology Huawei, which it will have for example in two of its main markets, Germany and Brazil, .

    The award to Nokia and Ericsson, which has been advanced this Monday by the newspaper Expansión, occurred at the end of last week.

    These two providers are the same as telefónica had for its radio access network in Spain, so the sources have interpreted that the operator has followed a continuous line.

    As for the "core" of its 5G network, Telefónica has not yet closed the award process in Spain, although the idea is that it has different suppliers, unlike the previous generation (4G) in which it depended solely on Huawei, according to the sources.

    Already in 2019 the Spanish multinational announced its intention to reduce "progressively" until eliminating in the horizon of 2024 the presence of Huawei of the 'core' of the 5G network, as confirmed to EFE then sources of the multinational.

    Telefónica has already chosen the suppliers in this part of the network in its four main markets: in Brazil it will have Huawei and Ericsson; in Germany with Huawei and Nokia, and in the United Kingdom, with Ericsson and Nokia.
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    I'm long Nokia stock, but time to time I'm selling covered calls out of money)) Nokia is oversold short term and yesterday I closed most short covered calls with some profit. Nokia should trade over $5.55 today IMHO
    My target $5,73 this week and $6 + in July
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    The reason this stock doesn't move, is because I have it. Once I sell, it will immediately sky rocket.
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    @RobertVG Robert, a few things in play here and this is all just my opinion but others feel free to chime in. Computerized trading doesn't know that Nokia recently signed a five-year deal with AT&T, nor does it know Nokia and AT&T today announced that they have successfully completed the first call on AT&T’s network utilizing C-Band spectrum. You really had to expect there would be a pullback from the recent run-up. Where and when it would happen was anyone's guess but we now know at $5.60 we ran out of steam and it appears we have settled at 5.40ish. Not too bad coming from $4.90. So I like to look at things in a positive light. Good thing we announced the deal for ATT C-Band today or we may have settled at $5.35. I strongly believe Nokia is now sitting on a ton of good news but felt no need to release it during and on the heels of the jump from $4.90 to $5.40ish. The last real news that would have a big impact was the Daimler settlement 8 days ago! Good things ahead for this company fantastic job by the PR department knowing just how and when to release news. I couldn't be happier right now with the performance really clicking on ALL cylinders.
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    Nokia offers its technology to Malaysia's 5G network deployment

    Such an emphasis on security: ✅