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    Another Customer Win for Nokia - Indosat Ooredoo in Indonesia

    As of Q4 2020, Indosat had 60.3 million subscribers. The market share was 16.5%, making them the second largest mobile network operator in the country. By comparison, AT&T reported 98.7M subscribers by Q2 2021.

    Press Release

    Nokia and Indosat Ooredoo launch 5G network in Indonesia

    Nokia’s latest 5G AirScale portfolio to be deployed across Indonesia’s central islands delivering incredible 5G experiences to subscribers

    Nokia and Indosat Ooredoo together with Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) and the University of Oulu to launch the Nokia 5G Experience Center providing a platform for the development of innovative new use cases by local digital talent

    Nokia will supply equipment from its latest ReefShark based AirScale product range, including its AirScale Single RAN portfolio for both indoor and outdoor coverage. These solutions will offer faster speeds and wider mobile coverage for Indosat Ooredoo’s customers while cutting costs for the operator to run its network. Nokia will also deploy its dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) solution, which will allow Indosat Ooredoo to use its 4G networks spectrum for 5G services, decreasing the time it takes to get 5G up and running.
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    From Telecom TV 9/17/2021

    This may not be related to Nokia directly, but since it is related to a Nokia competitor (the dreaded Chinese Huawei) , I thought it might be interesting to read.

    Ren Zhengfi, the publicly elusive and reticent founder and CEO of Huawei, has told his top management to recruit scientists and technologists from all over the world to work (and live) in a new Shanghai campus that he described as “beautiful and suitable for foreigners”. These foreigners, hundreds of them if it all goes to plan, will work on 6G and file endless streams of 6G patents. Late last month Ren told an audience at the Huawei Central Research Institute, “We must not wait until 6G is really useful, as we are then constrained by a lack of patents”. He said this even though Huawei claims already to own more 6G patents than any other company on earth. The new “facility” will be in Qingpu, the most westerly part of the sprawling Shanghai Municipality. Qingpu itself has well over 1 million inhabitants while Shanghai has 29 million and counting. The area is famous for the Lake Dianshan tourist area and the ancient and picturesque town of Zhujiajiao. The CEO said Huawei is “in a critical period of strategic survival and development and must have talent to compete” and went on to wax lyrical about the new campus which, he claims will feature “very beautiful cafes on the roadside of the lake, suitable for modern youth and attracting all talents [so that] if there are 700 or 800 foreign scientists working there, they will not feel that they are in a foreign country.”

    Wanna bet? Before taking the plunge, prospective employees might want to watch an episode of the famous 1960’s British TV series “The Prisoner”, where an un-named man finds himself living in comparative luxury in a beautiful, mysterious seaside village that he cannot leave, whilst his captors repeatedly tell him, “We want information”
    May be Nokia should take a note.
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    NOKIA: TOWARDS 2023 GOALS AND BEYOND. A redditor asked for an investment analysis regarding Nokia. It's not easy to find free analyses but here is one by Finnish analyst house Inderes. This analyst was for a long time skeptical about Nokia and actually raised its recommendation from EUR 3.60 before q1 2021 to EUR 5.40 and from there to EUR 5.80 after q2 2021. So we are not talking about any eternal cheerleader but about an analyst who has been converted by strong quarterly results and brightening prospects. Here follows the analysis:


    We reiterate Nokia's overweight recommendation and raise our target price to EUR 5.8 (previously EUR 5.4) with forecast purchases. The strong Q2 result indicates that the company's turning point has started quickly. Thanks to low expectations, the company was now able to serve the second consecutive clear positive earnings surprise, reaffirming confidence in the success of the turnaround. Nokia's development path now seems to be moving more and more clearly beyond the level of the 2023 target forks, to which the stock still looks favorable and offers a good return expectation.

    The Q2 result clearly exceeded expectations

    Nokia's Q2 net sales increased by 9% currency-adjusted and comparable operating profit was 12.8% of net sales (Q2’20: 8.3%). Gradually, Nokia's net sales increased in all business groups, adjusted for currency, which was also reflected in profitability due to improved operational efficiency. The improvement in earnings now comes from the right sources, ie improved efficiency and revenue growth with the new organizational model, which in turn is a result of the strengthening of the competitiveness of Nokia's products and the pick-up in the market.

    Nokia's 2021 outlook has been an airlock of expectations management

    As a result of the strong earnings trend, Nokia raised its outlook, which anticipates net sales of EUR 21.7-22.7 billion (formerly EUR 20.6-21.8 billion), comparable operating profit of 10-12% (formerly 7-10%) and a clearly positive free cash flow (formerly “positive”). The outlook was surprisingly strong. Looking back, it would seem that Nokia tactically cleared the table last fall by issuing an over-cautious 7-10% operating profit guidance, as the company has since been able to consistently deliver better-than-expected news to investors. In part, this is likely to be tactical expectations management, but faster-than-expected strategy implementation and market headwinds have also supported Nokia this year. We now forecast an operating profit of 11.2% for this year (previously 10.5%).

    The 2023 targets now look very cautious

    Nokia's 2023 targets set in the spring (operating profit 10-13%) now appear conservative compared to the company's current profitability (H1’21: 12%). This is a fundamental change from the old Nokia, where investors were constantly in doubt about the company’s ability to achieve its goals. The strengthening confidence should continue to be reflected in higher acceptable valuation ratios for the stock. However, Nokia continued to restrain expectations, commenting that the development of the H1 was partly supported by one-off factors and that there are still a number of uncertainties in the future, such as component shortages and price erosion. In any case, we consider it likely that strong progress against the targets will continue and that the 2023 target fork will be revised upwards next year at the latest. Our forecast is already slightly above the range (13.2%).

    The stock continues to offer a reasonable return as the reversal journey continues on its tracks
    Nokia's share is now supported in two directions, namely rising earnings forecasts for the next few years and higher acceptable valuation ratios. Despite the price increase of the current year (YTD: + 64%), the valuation of the share until 2023 (correct EV / EBIT 7.6x and P / E 13.5x) is still moderate. With Nokia's improving performance, it also dares to rely more strongly on the odds for the next few years, as the risks associated with the turnaround decrease at the same time. With our current forecasts, the share also continues to provide a reasonable annual return (10%) for the next few years in the light of our share sum calculation.

    Source article translated from Finnish with Google Translate (
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    Nokia and Indosat Ooredoo launch 5G network in Indonesia
    September 16, 2021 22:00 ET
    | Source: Nokia Oyj

    Press Release
    Nokia and Indosat Ooredoo launch 5G network in Indonesia
    • Nokia’s latest 5G AirScale portfolio to be deployed across Indonesia’s central islands delivering incredible 5G experiences to subscribers
    • Nokia and Indosat Ooredoo together with Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) and the University of Oulu to launch the Nokia 5G Experience Center providing a platform for the development of innovative new use cases by local digital talent

    17 September 2021

    Espoo, Finland – Nokia and Indosat Ooredoo today announced the launch of commercial 5G services in Surabaya city, Indonesia. Under the deal, Indosat Ooredoo’s customers will experience new enterprise and industrial use cases underpinned by the new 5G network.

    Nokia will supply equipment from its latest ReefShark based AirScale product range, including its AirScale Single RAN portfolio for both indoor and outdoor coverage. These solutions will offer faster speeds and wider mobile coverage for Indosat Ooredoo’s customers while cutting costs for the operator to run its network. Nokia will also deploy its dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) solution, which will allow Indosat Ooredoo to use its 4G networks spectrum for 5G services, decreasing the time it takes to get 5G up and running.
    Nokia and Indosat Ooredoo, as well as partners, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology and the University of Oulu, will also open the Nokia 5G Experience Centre at ITS’ facilities in Surabaya. The site includes a Centre of Creativity designed for technology developers and ITS students to explore and develop new 5G use cases to drive innovation and socio-economic development in Indonesia. In addition, the facility includes a Center of Knowledge with 5G millimeter-wave capability to simulate a live 5G environment for testing a range of 5G uses cases. It also includes a Center of Excellence offering professional 5G certifications and other academic programs to support the development of local digital talent.

    Indosat Ooredoo offers advanced communications services to its customers across Indonesia, including mobile and fixed, video, internet, and business communications services. Nokia has already worked with the operator on several network upgrades in Indonesia, including its IP/MPLS mobile transport network solution, as well as its LTE-Advanced network. 

    Ahmad Al-Neama, President Director and CEO at Indosat Ooredoo, said: “I am deeply humbled and proud to launch Indosat Ooredoo’s 5G services in Surabaya aligned with our commitment to being the forefront of the 5G revolution in Indonesia. This technology will help unleash many opportunities for the region’s education, people, and economy. As the result of our collaboration with ITS, Nokia, and the University of Oulu Finland, the advanced Nokia 5G Experience Center will complete the innovation and development of local content use cases relevant to the city. With the full supports from Government, Indosat Ooredoo continues to accelerate Indonesia’s transformation into a digital and 5G-enabled nation."

    Prof. Dr. Ir. Mochamad Ashari, Rector of Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with Nokia and Indosat Ooredoo to bring 5G innovation to Indonesia and specifically into Surabaya. Through such industry partnerships, we aim to provide a platform for young minds to collaborate directly with industry and business leaders and develop 5G solutions that will benefit the University and the wider community. The launch of the 5G Experience center is in line with the government’s agenda that would enable ITS to spearhead the advance learning and research and provide students and faculty an opportunity to be on the forefront of innovation.”

    Tommi Uitto, President of Mobile Networks at Nokia, said: “We are excited to launch commercial 5G services in Indonesia with Indosat Ooredoo as its trusted partner. Our AirScale portfolio will deliver best-in-class services to its subscribers and I look forward to working hand in hand with them on this project moving forward. The opening of the Nokia 5G Experience Center will also provide a platform to drive innovation in the country.”
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    Practically virgin market where Nokia is market leader:
    GLOBAL PRIVATE 5G NETWORK MARKET SIZE, SHARE & TRENDS ANALYSIS REPORT 2021-2028. The global private 5G network market size is estimated to reach USD 14.28 billion by 2028, registering a CAGR of 39.7% from 2021 to 2028. Significantly growing demand for ultra-reliable low-latency connectivity with an extremely secure network across several mission-critical applications, such as public safety, is expected to boost the deployment of private 5G networks during the forecast period. Moreover, a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, oil & gas, mining, and energy & utility, are investing a massive amount in deploying private 5G telecom service to enhance their overall productivity and operational efficiency. As a result, it is expected to foster market growth from 2021 to 2028.

    The private 5G network is expected to completely transform the transportation and logistics industry by providing seamless Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) connectivity. As such, the need to ensure a secure, seamless, and uninterrupted connectivity with ports, vessels, and ships is estimated to drive the market. At the same time, the continued deployment of private 5G infrastructure is estimated to improve the operational efficiencies in several Industrial IoT (IIoT) use cases. The IIoT use cases include Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), wireless UHD cameras, machine control systems, collaborative/cloud robots, and remote asset monitoring. Thus, the rising need for higher and secure bandwidth to ensure reliable and unified communication between IIoT devices is expected to propel the market growth over the forecast period.

    Key market players are strategically building partnerships with industry giants to set up a private 5G network to provide high-speed secure connectivity to their customers. For instance, in Feb 2020, Nokia Corporation deployed a private 5G network infrastructure for Lufthansa Technik for virtual inspection of engine parts remotely for its civil aviation clients. Moreover, the rising demand for enhanced bandwidth connectivity for secured enterprise applications is anticipated to fuel the adoption of private 5G services globally.
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    NET CASH ADJUSTED P/E IS 12.45. U-N-D-E-R-V-A-L-U-E-D IS THE WORD. Subtracting the net cash per share ($0.77) from the share price $5.5 gives a net cash adjusted share price of $4.73. Dividing this adjusted sp with the midpoint EPS for 2021 ($0.38) gives a P/E of 12.45. Why net cash adjusted? Nokia could distribute as dividends its net cash of $4350M ($0.77 per share) which should lower the sp to $4.73 and would give a P/E of 12.45 whith an EPS of $0.38. Is this the correct P/E for an increasingly profitable high tech company in the midst of an impressive turnaround?
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    short interest funds

    As of the most recent reporting period, the following institutional investors, funds, and major shareholders have reported short positions of Nokia: Bluefin Capital Management LLC, Walleye Trading LLC, Millennium Management LLC, Parallax Volatility Advisers L.P., Citadel Advisors LLC, Point72 Asset Management L.P., Bluefin Capital Management LLC, Capital Markets Trading UK LLP, PEAK6 Investments LLC, Simplex Trading LLC, HAP Trading LLC, Susquehanna International Group LLP, Wolverine Trading LLC, IMC Chicago LLC, Avestar Capital LLC, Cutler Group LP, and XR Securities LLC. These positions are disclosed in Form 13F filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
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    Love the manipulation by the market makers lol. Great opportunity to buy more.
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    in 2012 Nokia was 5.61 with no contracts today Nokia is 5.61 with over 200 contracts............
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    When NOK went up to $9.Pekka made statement that stock has no reason to go up.
    Why don't company make statement and say no reason stock to go down.
    NOK and MM work together for keeping share price down for not known reason.
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    LUNDMARK ON GROWING 5G INVESTMENTS IN THE WORLD. Europe, which has been behind in 5G investments, including 5G coverage, as percentage of the total population is now speeding up, which is a very good thing. And gradually then also now when we get to the end of this year and then 2022, those parts of the world who have actually had very limited 5G investments so far Latin America, Africa, India, of course, being one big target going forward. They will gradually start making investment decisions. And we are so glad that now in this – in a way next wave of 5G, decisions will come, we will have fundamentally stronger product competitiveness than we had when some of the first decisions were made.

    On top of this come then, the big new opportunity, which is difficult to quantify, which is the industrial 5G, the 5G networks that will support automated manufacturing, robot control, logistics control, transportation, mining, you name it. There is so much productivity improvement that can be gained with next generation technology, connectivity investment in this industries, that we do believe that this will be driving some of these investments for many years to come.

    The general direction of travel in the enterprise business is that we wanted to go faster – grow faster than, than the CSP service provider business. And without giving any guidance as to how quickly that would grow, but that market as a whole is growing perhaps 10% a year. So that gives you an idea of what the ambition level roughly would be in that part of the business also, also remembering that there can be then swings between individual quarters. (Source: transcript of Citi Bank conference)
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    NOKIA: CONNECTED VEHICLES ARE ON A ROLL! By sharing our patented technologies, Nokia empowers car manufacturers to enhance the vehicles they create with seamless #connectivity.
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    What I am truly concern is ... How come NOK price can go down so fast w/o any real reason -- It is going against gravity rules... Meaning who CAN manipulate the price in such a way to move prices down by 11% WHO CAN DO THAT??? This is very important as we all know this is manipulated by MM in the AMERICAN MARKET -- Which is going against all regulations.. What we have observed during the last 3 weeks is BEYOND REASONABLE ---Definitively is does not have to deal with the CEO of NOK neither with the outstanding job the company is doing neither with the extra 5.9 billion outstanding Shares, but, something more DARK --YEST VERY DARK that can affect the true value of any company or Nokia.

    So guess that something must be done. Because tomorrow whoever is doing this, can bring the SP up or down as they apparently .. This is completely ILLEGAL AND an action again these perpetrator/s must be taken,, I do not know if ABU can do something about this... but, definitively, we as investors an action must be taken Please answers only from people with Brains, no pumpers or short sellers . Thank you.
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    IS NOKIA IN PROBLEMS? The share price is certaily low but at least the analysts have woken up to Nokia's improved performance. TipRanks has Nokia as a STRONG BUY with an average target price of $7.14 implying an upside of more than 23%. I believe upgrades are also forthcoming as soon as a strong 2022 is guided and when a raised guidance once again proves Nokia is guiding very/overly cautiously.

    Some may have noted I write somewhat less than I used to, but this has just to do with the fact that I believe Nokia already has proven to the market it has made a turnaround. Now the market is waiting for further confirmation on how fast and extensive further improvements in profitability will be.
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    Well this drop is incredible but, I have been buying all the way down from 5.89 to 5.76 to 5.63 over 7000 shares now with 30000 altogether .. And still have of plenty dry power to follow this stock. AS I am sure it will jump to $10.00 in maybe 1 or two more years --It is better to have the money in Nokia than in the bank as with the brutal inflation we are experiencing thanks to the lousier government we ever had after Jimmy Carter -- well this is the best chance to wait it out. All longs feel really confident about this baby.
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    Dividend on the way??? Anything to pop the price of the shares, Jesus. 5 years and this hasn't done anything...only the WSB thing, whatever that was, moved this stock. Great quarter and now all gains lost. Amy other tech company wd be in double digits in this market.
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    Mobile Networks president Tommi Uitto: NOKIA AND O-RAN: AN UNWAVERING COMMITMENT.
    In recent weeks, O-RAN and the O-RAN ALLIANCE have been top of the telecom news agenda – and, alongside them, Nokia has been in the news too. For a short time, we had to pause our technical activity with the alliance while important legal issues were ironed out. While much has been written in recent days about that decision, I want to re-iterate something that has not – and will not – change: Nokia is fully committed to O-RAN and a believer in the potential of O-RAN. It is for that reason that we welcome the encouraging news that the O-RAN ALLIANCE has announced changes to its O-RAN participation documents and procedures, ensuring technical activities can continue in compliance with U.S. law. This important announcement enables us to get back to the exciting work we had to pause. Nokia’s technical contribution to the alliance restarts right now, right where it left off with energy, determination and that same unwavering commitment to O-RAN.

    Nokia has long been a believer in – and champion of – open and interoperable technologies. We believe that Open RAN technology has the potential to enrich the mobile ecosystem with new solutions and business models, and an expanded multi-vendor ecosystem. This is what customers and consumers want – and it is something we are committed to seeing through. Nokia’s commitment to both O-RAN and the O-RAN ALLIANCE, of which we were the first major vendor to join, remains just as strong today as it did when we first leaned in to these initiatives. Indeed, Nokia was the first large, established supplier to endorse and help to found the O-RAN ALLIANCE when it consisted of only five operators. Today, 26 of the 29 CSPs in the alliance are Nokia customers. We also remain the strongest contributor to the alliance’s technical work. Nokia’s technical contributions are visible across most of the alliance’s ten working groups and four focus groups. Let me provide you with more details:

    - Nokia co-chairs two of the ten working groups under the alliance: one focused on Near-Real-time RIC (RAN Intelligent Controller) and E2 interface development, with the other focused on open fronthaul interfaces.

    - Nokia initiated the RIC co-create project with AT&T, which provided the first RIC implementation successfully demonstrating use cases on a live network.

    - Nokia created the xApps concept as a way to monetize the architecture shift being led by O-RAN, and open up the RIC for ecosystem developers.

    - Nokia launched the RIC xApps, a suite of plugins that offer CSPs advanced control of 5G radio network use cases, along with a commercial Service Enablement Platform earlier this year. The xApps project provided the foundation for the subsequent O-RAN Software Community (OSC) RIC development, where Nokia is an active contributor.

    - Furthermore, Nokia is working to ensure alignment and leverage of synergies across O-RAN ALLIANCE, ETSI ZSM and 3GPP as this is essential to ensure cross-use cases, cross-domains, cross-planes, interoperable, unified and consistent AI-empower automation.

    O-RAN specifications are still evolving and there are technical challenges to overcome and of course the ecosystem will take time to mature. The speed with which the O-RAN ALLIANCE has been able to resolve recent issues speaks to the spirit of community and co-operation on which it was founded. Rest assured that Nokia will continue to play a leading role in shaping its exciting future.
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    At the present time quarterly revenues and earnings reports are the most important news items to affect the stock price. We must be patient until significant growth is realized.
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    I thought Nokia would be be at $8 by year end, guess I'll reassess, we may be lucky to get to $6.