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    The modernization deal will focus initially on Denmark’s four largest cities before expanding to cover most Danish customers during 2022. It will see Nokia provide its ReefShark SoC (System on Chip) based AirScale 5G RAN portfolio including 5G Massive MIMO antennas to deliver enhanced ultra-fast, low-latency, and high capacity mobile broadband services to both TTN’s consumer and enterprise customers.
    Press Release Nokia accelerates Telenor and Telia joint 5G network rollout in Denmark
    Press Release Nokia accelerates Telenor and Telia joint 5G network rollout in Denmark
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    THOMAS HAS NO FAITH IN NOKIA? Well that is your loss as the numbers speak for themeselves if you are just willing to take a look:

    Q1 2020 EPS EUR 0.01 and net cash EUR 1.3 billion (CEO Suri)
    Q1 2021 EPS EUR 0.07 and net cash EUR 3.7 billion (CEO Lundmark)


    Mobile Networks *** Network Infrastructure *** Cloud and Network Services *** Nokia Technologies *** Nokia Group

    2021: -1 to +2% *** 7 to 10% *** 3 to 6% *** >75% *** 7 to 10%

    2023: 5 to 8% *** 9 to 12% *** 8 to 11% *** >75% *** 10 to 13%

    Besides many think this guidance is overly conservative so it would be no suprprise to see guidance upgrades in due time. One particularly important issue is Nokia's cost structure that will be much healthier in the 1-2 years to come due to job cuts and lower-cost SoC components in Nokia's 5G Reefshark chipsets.
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    MOBILE PHONES PRESIDENT TOMMI UITTO: We have more Radio Access Networks (RAN) R&D in the United States of America than Ericsson, Samsung, Mavenir, Altiostar, NEC, and Fujitsu combined. We are fully committed to ORAN. Our new #ReefShark SoCs and product platforms are all ORAN compliant. #Nokia #5g #6g

    We have opened our first O-RAN Collaboration and Testing Center in Dallas, Texas. The Center helps develop partnerships among O-RAN vendors that will support the verification, introduction and launch of O-RAN compliant solutions.
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    On NYSE...isn't it apparent that the only product he speaks of is his own personal brilliance. Rarely speaks about Nokia but only about himself. Just count the the times. Abu provides facts and supports his statements.
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    No performance
    We got Merzedes, its your turn Mr. MUSK to pay your dues
    U.S. patent application number 16/241696 was filed with the patent office on 2020-07-09 for over-the-air (ota) updates of electronic control units (ecus) in vehicles. The applicant listed for this patent is Nokia Solutions and Networks Oy.
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    I am now at 44,100 shares and holding strong - there is no doubt with their business model, the numbers, the patents, the contracts, the growth, the positive buys - everyone, it will surprise you, a little longer wait, but just you wait.....
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    They had some interesting insights about NOK on ( Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    Lack of large institutional holdings allows unsophisticated shareholders to sell off each time there is a drop in price. Especially, after gains which they are afraid of losing. Those 3 for 2 stock giveaways are also depressing this stock. That must stop.
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    NOK accelerates the deployment of a 5G joint network in Denmark. The upgrade agreement will initially focus on the four largest cities.
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    Can someone tell me what is happening to Nokia stock price? Why down to old levels with all of the news and an excellent 1st quarter!
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    Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced that it has opened its first Open RAN (O-RAN) Collaboration and Testing Center at its offices in Dallas, Texas. The center is designed to support the development of partnerships among O-RAN vendors that will help with the verification, introduction, and launch of O-RAN compliant solutions to market. In particular, vendors will be able to execute Interoperability Tests (IOT) and end-to-end testing for O-RU/O-DU Open Fronthaul as well as xAPP testing for Nokia’s near-real-time RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC). The project is the latest in Nokia’s continued commitment to O-RAN, vRAN, and Edge Cloud innovation. Nokia plans to open similar facilities at its other global offices around the world in the future.
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    NOKIA: ICYMI, here are some of our top headlines from @nokianews over the past two weeks. We’re proud to have been delivering #5G-ready networks around the globe, announcing world records, and deploying #GPON solutions.
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    1. First Stage---Disaster (Deteriorating fundamentals 1–2-years prior to dividend elimination) Shares decline 40 to 80 percent in value.

    2. Second Stage----Crisis Management (1-2-years)
    Company cuts spending, eliminates dividend, cash flow improves, improved company prospects. Shares still priced at a substantial discount to pears.

    3. The Third Stage----Financial Stabilization (3 years after dividend elimination)
    Company can operate on the cash it receives from its customers. Still not earning anything for its shareholders. However, survival is no longer in doubt and investors who bought shares of the company in stage one or two have doubled their money.

    4. The Fourth Stage----Recovery (4 years after dividend elimination)
    Company is capable of earning something for the shareholders and there is reason to expect improved earnings and the reinstatement of the dividend. The shares have now quadruple from the low reached at the end of stage one or sometime in stage two. How things progress from here depend on how competitive the company has become versus its peers.


    1. Nokia’s First Stage --- Disaster (2016-2018)
    Deteriorating fundamentals, management’s fails to efficiently merge Alcatel-Lucent with Nokia and develop competitive 5G products, company in danger of losing its customer base.

    2. Nokia’s Second Stage --- Crisis Management (2017 through 2020 )
    2017 Nokia institutes an austerity program and budget, July of 2019 eliminates. Dividend, March of 2020 shares decline to $2.54, 5G products still not competitive, September 2020 loses $6 billion Verizon contract to Samsung, yearend 2020 cash flow improving. Nokia’s “second stage” ended roughly at the 3-year mark from the ALU/NOK merger.

    3. Nokia’s Third Stage --- Financial Stabilization (2021 through 2022)
    January 2021 Nokia is still not earning anything meaningful for its shareholders, however, prospects have greatly improved. At the current rate of improvement by the end of stage 3 around 8-01-2022 its survival will no longer be in doubt and investors who bought shares of Nokia in stage one or two most likely will have doubled or tripled their money.

    4. Nokia’s Fourth Stage --- Recovery (2023-- four years after dividend elimination)
    If all has gone well, Nokia is once again capable of earning something for its shareholders and investors should expect improved earnings and the reinstatement of the dividend. At this stage, the shares have likely quadrupled from the $2.54 low reached in March of 2020.

    The above represents what some analysts call a “Four Stage Dividend Recovery Cycle”. It represents the likely timelines and share price performance for a company that has executed a successful turnaround and reinstated its dividend. The timelines and stages are very common. So far, Nokia is tracking the timelines of the four stages very well. In fact, recently Nokia shares have broken a downtrend line that has existed for 21 years!

    Having a framework by which to judge a company’s performance is essential to acquiring that company’s shares “Ahead of The Crowd”. ………...Tickerguy


    It does seem Nokia is trending toward a higher market evaluation as a result of its surprisingly good numbers in Q1 and the expectation by some analysts that Nokia will revise its 2021 revenue and margin numbers upward after it reports it Q2 results. The company continues to make excellent progress in the enterprise market and appears to be in a position to receive some unexpected revenue from China if all goes well over the next few months.

    Also, it chart pattern seems bullish. The golden cross (50 day moving average crossing the 200 day moving average) is viewed by chartist as bullish and in addition the 5 year chart indicates a breakout to the upside with a price target above $6 a share in the not to distant future (1 to 8 months).

    It has been some time since Nokia's fundamentals and its technical price pattern have been in agreement. With the current downdraft in the market there is a very small group of stocks that have resisted moving to the downside and in fact have increased in price recently--Nokia is among that group.

    At the moment the risk to reward matrix appears very favorable for investors to expand current position or establish new positions in Nokia ahead of its second quarter report and "Ahead of The Crowd". ........Tickerguy
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    Guidehouse Insights Names Nokia, Sierra Wireless, Cisco, and HPE the Leading Industrial IoT Networking Solutions Vendors
    Leaders have taken a holistic, forward-looking view of IIoT networking solutions to advance operational intelligence in heavy industry
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    With significant 5G contracts, with good Q4 2020 and Q1 2021 and with all the upgrades.....this is tanking now?
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    "Based on years of AI innovation from Nokia Bell Labs, these chipsets embed the highest quality, performance and efficiency in each network element - massive Multiple Input Multiple Output (mMIMO) antennas, radio and baseband.
    The ReefShark chipset decreases mMIMO antenna size by half, with an 50-60 percent reduction in energy use, giving many more deployment options to CSPs."

    Patients (sic) will pay fat
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    Now would be a good time for Verizon to announce that they have selected Nokia as the primary vendor for their C-Band network buildout.

    Aside from a blowout earnings release, this may be the best potential near-term catalyst for Nokia.
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    Accumulate. It will definitely go to $7 and beyond. Once a dividend is re-instated it will get there quickly and right now they are only making money on 40 or so of their deals. Just wait until the others hit.