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Novo Nordisk A/S (NOVO-B.CO)

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648.80+14.40 (+2.27%)
At close: 4:59PM CEST
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    Could NVO be bought out? Is that realistic.
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    GS hiked the target. NVO last trade at 669.4 DKK. Target price is 15% upside.

    @@@08/17/2021 | 05:02am EDT Goldman Sachs is positive on the stock with a Buy rating. The target price has been raised from DKK 541 to DKK 770.
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    If you want to know the daily stock price in the U.S. just look up
    " Novo Nordisk price in Frankfurt". that trades about 5 hours ahead of the U.S. market and if you use the correct exchange rate you get a very accurate indication, yesterday the rate was 1.19 dollars per Euro
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    NVO past stock splits are as follows:

    Jan 09, 2014, 5-1 split. Price the day before $189.35 (Jan 08)
    Dec 17, 2007, 2-1 split. Price the day before $127.00 (Dec 14)
    Apr 11, 2001, 5-2 split. Price the day before $92.50 (Apr 10)
    Apr 18, 1994, 4-1 split. Price the day before $102.50 (Apr 15)
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    $101.75 in Frankfurt, Monday morning
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    When do they report earnings? Don't see it on the summary page
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    NVO splits nearly every 7 years. We are due based on timing, but the shares need to be north of $150 as well. Watch for some wonderful things for share holders over the next year!
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    I said $100 by the end of August, check that, $110?
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    I expect next year the dividend should increase quite a bit, they should stop buying back shares at these prices.
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    Facebook has a group----Ozempic / Wegovy Weight Loss Support Group--- this shows the satisfaction and quality of life changes. A good provider will quickly pick up on this fact. The SSRI group is a major prescription arena and it provides quality of life. If this type of drug becomes p.o. , is covered by insurance and modifications of the drug improve efficiency just a bit, Wegovy and its offspring will have a market larger than the SSRI's, and may well be the most prescribed chronic drug group. I am confident that there are people at NVO working on 2.1 and 3.1.
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    I saw $108.55 cross AH Friday. Could be one trade but could also mean another pop next week.
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    Did we get to the bottom of the sizeable dip on Friday? Institutional investors taking profit after it broke $100? Can’t see any news that would indicate it’s anything more specific. Either way, very encouraged by long-term prospects
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    Whats up with this premarket drop? Low volume but it probably means major profit taking in Sweeden
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    Wow! Wegovy, out to a great start. $100 pt by end of month.
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    Wegovy has 100 m potential customers in the USA. It may only reach a much smaller number because of cost. There is something in Economics called to Coase Theorem. Let's make things simple, the government is the buyer and NVO is the seller. The GOV wants the product at the lowest cost and for the most people. NVO wants profit and security. The product has XYZ cost to produce so profit is related to volume and units sold. There may be a golden spot for both sides to agree on to maximize each side's goals.
    The vaccine sales are interesting. PFE stock is not at a record and is just below its 2019 peak. I understand that the expense of developing the vaccine is from internal company pockets. The vaccine is way more valuable than what PFE is charging. What goes there?

    The U.S. health system focuses on acute care and short-term costs at the expense of preventative treatment.
    The U.S. health system focuses on acute care and short-term costs at the expense of preventative treatment.
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    What Walmart has done with Novo is great news for all type one diabetics in USA especially those who dont have decent insurance etc. Too many where running out of insulin in the past due to rationing what they could afford to buy. I used to buy a vial of insulin for about $45.00 a vial back in the 90's but then greed or something else took over and did harm some people along the way... Novo and Walmart should win some very positive award for helping the least of least in this messed up World.
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    Check my post from 10 ays ago when I said $100 by end of August? That might be late
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    Closed .40 cents below Frankfurt close. Should be $102.50 tomorrow.
    Profit taking is done
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    Amazing a GREAT company yet zero people posting on here, like its a graveyard. WHY ?.