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Namaste Technologies Inc. (NXTTF)

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  • J
    JJ if you're so bullish on this company please go ahead and keep adding shares, help push this stock to $1 so we can all get out. Go and get a line of credit from every bank, mortgage everything you got and buy up the shares until its $1.
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    Something to think about. With labs finally up and running what will be the impact on the company? Having a close look at a competitor in this field it looks very promising. Adastra labs is exactly in this field and they are doing very well right now. Cheap input materials and high margins are ideal right now. I'm more wondering if labs can scale this up fast enough. 20000g a month can only be a start.
  • B
    From company website ....As an influential superstar athlete, Jose brings Mikra a unique ability to reach high-performance athletes and develop solutions that will assist in their recovery and performance at a cellular level...

    High- performance athletes, we know who they are, everybody else will follow them.
    It will be powerful and least expensive advertising method .
    On one of videos MM mentioned profitability, he said that it's not a problem, but the company would be small and profitable, so he doesn't want that.
    I think in Q4 we will see less expenses and more revenue. If they have one or $2 million losses in Q 4 it would give stock price boost.
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    When Brandon Spikes bought 500,000 shares for $40,000 stock price went up 20% and the next day 10 or 15%.
    So, with investment of C$40,000 value of shares went up by $8 million plus.
    Stock price is detached from the value of the company, doesn't reflect anything about Lifeist.
    We get bit closer to the really value, after CELLF TM hit the market.

    ...With twenty years experience working as CIO for Elon Musk at Zip2, PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX where he helped pioneer, architect, and build some extraordinary technology, Branden brings experience, perspective, and a unique skill set to his endeavors..
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    ...Businesses that will be processing cannabis and food products (including beverages) at the same site must ensure that production, packaging, labelling, and storage of cannabis products and production, packaging, and labelling of food products are conducted in separate buildings. This requirement applies to all classes of cannabis (not just to edible cannabis). This means that any cannabis production (edibles, extracts or topicals) must occur in a separate building from any non-cannabis food or beverage production. This measure will help minimize the risks of cross-contamination of Canadian food products with cannabis, as processes will be completely separated and isolated...
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    The Billiam
    Not Stadammy... Yes, agreed. If Buck's non-sequiturs are intentional - it's genius.

    He shall also be the author of all our fortune cookie fortunes.
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    The Billiam
    Ok you guys... Help me out here... Sam and Ha - thank you for the web links for the insider buying.

    I was able to see the ones posted by Sam.

    But... but... but... is this volume hidden on the exchanges? It says purchase price per share at 0.16 (CAD??)

    But, that's not what we're holding at?

    I will say, I'm very impressed by the speed the information is posted at - and that you both as so quick to share it - nice!!! Thank you kindly.
  • J
    Market down doesn’t matter if the market were up it would be no different we do not follow the sector.
  • N
    Not stradamus
    If anybody wants to make money -just short any of my stock suggestions I was pushing psychedelic stocks in the low dollar range -now trading low .80s. I have a 2021-22 resume that even the ink is bleeding
  • J
    Back to 7 cents CAD this week like I said it will.
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    Not stradamus
    There is a post suggesting Lifeist “pushing financials back til end of March”. They aren’t pushing them back -it’s the legal timeframe companies have for releasing end of year financials-120 days from Q4 end (end of Nov) = end of March = the same timeframe as last year, etc
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    The Billiam
    Just read an interesting article about a letter to shareholders Warren Buffet wrote regarding times of high inflation. Obviously holding cash in high inflation is losing money - but what types of company stocks do well in this milieu?

    Buffet said (and it makes sense) - companies that can increase sales without great expense and that can control their pricing (more than others) will do very well in high-inflation times.

    I think Lifeist/Mikra/Findify/CannMart fit those two criteria quite well. We are a scalable company and can grow a great deal with very little increase in expenses. And pricing always has to meet the consumer's buy threshold, but management can raise or lower prices as they need to steer this puppy into bigger waters and profitability.

    Good things ahead here - and rather soon. Still, be patient - hold - and be rewarded here.
  • H
    Billiam I'm curious as to what isolated part of Canada your from.I understand if you don't want to divulge that info
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    Tiny Turtle
    Weed stocks beginning to turn green EOD.
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    The Billiam
    When translating English to Pig Latin - the smaller words in a sentence - words like: is, of, the... Those little words remain unchanged, right?

    No reason for asking, just wondering.
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    La Crémerie
    Health Canada Is Now Allowing Doctors To Give Some Patients Access to Psychedelics
    This includes MDMA and mushrooms!

    Who knew doctors could be so chill? A recent amendment to Canada's Food and Drug Regulations means that doctors can now provide access to psychedelics like MDMA or psilocybin (magic mushrooms) to their patients.

    In an email to Narcity, a spokesperson for Health Canada explained the recent rule change as being due to an "increasing interest in the potential therapeutic uses of psychedelics such as psilocybin and MDMA to treat various conditions, such as anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and problematic substance use."

    Under the new regulations, medical practitioners can request special access to these restricted drugs through Health Canada's Special Access Program (SAP). However, access to these drugs is only available when all other options have been tried for these conditions.

    The spokesperson said, "The SAP is meant to provide potential emergency access to drugs that are not available for sale in Canada for patients with serious or life-threatening conditions when conventional therapies have failed, are unsuitable or are unavailable."

    -Narcity Canada
  • r
    Latest News Release is Amazing !!! It confirms what i initially thought Cannmart B2B is the focus with access to 73% of the Canadian provinces and working on Accsess to Quebec (22% of population). B2B market increases mean more revenue through Cannmart and Pushing Sister Brand Labs in house Products means more and Gross Profit Margins. I am absolutely happy with the current news release and format in how it was written. This signals that the company is not only making progress but is noticed by many industry peers by winning the Addcan Award. Great things still to come regarding Mikra and Findify. Wya Optic Nerve 😉
  • D
    The only people left in this trash are the people down 90%+ so they might as well hold… face it, it’s not because they “believe” in the company.

    The fact that there’s almost no volume daily means no one cares. It Mikra was so great, and revolutionary, we would have been hearing it all over the news/social media to generate hype.