UK markets closed

Public Joint Stock Company Gazprom (OGZD.BA)

Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires Delayed price. Currency in ARS
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340.00-8.00 (-2.30%)
At close: 04:59PM ART

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    Broker confirmed what I had read: if the ADRs are terminated, the under6shares should be returned to investors, or the proceeds of the sale.

    So, conversion now is not necessary.

    I think conversion and transfer to Russia is generally preferable.

    They also said that they can certify the statement online. They might provide a way for confirmation by a third party.
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    Anyone else is filling out (or already filled out) the forms for the forced conversion at Citi or Raiffeisen?
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    Today Gazprom went up about 9%. What was the reason? Was it because of a reassessment of the impact of the call up if reserves?

    I don't know if this will lead to the dividend being halted again. It could be, but not necessarily.
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    Borrell is being quoted as saying that Russia's nuclear threat needs to be taken seriously and that it's better to seek a diplomatic solution.

    Not long ago he said they would win on the battlefield.

    It's starting to crack.
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    How do you mail application and documents to Russian from US?
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    Bank of New York Mellon responded that the books are closed but could be opened in the future. I don't think all is lost and there may be a good chance of reopening. Forced conversion seem difficult to acheive.
    What do you think?
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    Russia is introducing a unified e-visa for a large number of counties, including the EU. One can apply online, no itinerary, invitation or hotel reservations required. Only need insurance. The visa is issued within 4 days and is good for tourism, business, etc. The only drawback is that it's good for 16 days and is not normally extendable. Not all entry points can process the e-visa but main ones can. It should be available by year end.
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    Brian Disandro
    @SFY bagholder re: my poa. I was concerned about the Attny not receiving my payment back in July.
    Today they verified that payment didnot clear and will be returned to me. So my concern about the attny , not being trustworthy was mute.

    So, I will give him a referral even though , I have not completed my goal to unfreeze my Type c
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    Who of you went or will go to Russia?
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    Brian Disandro
    @SFY Bagholder, At this time, I believe that I will ether find a trustworthy POA or I.D. myself in person. Have you initiated the I.D. POA. process. Just Curious. Big Blue.
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    Michael Gallardo
    Sheung, how are you feeling after your great adventure?
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    Wait, you have to fill in the application in RUSSIAN? For real?
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    Today I was informed that they won't convert Surgut e Phosagro after all... For one the books are closed (what does that even mean?) and the other is under UK sanctions.
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    On Tuesday, Gazprom said its board recommended paying 51.03 roubles ($0.8558) per ordinary share in dividends on the first half of 2022, taking the overall dividend payout to 1.208 trillion roubles ($20.26 billion).
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    Hello, I'm from Russia. Do you have any questions about the Russian stock market? gazprom?
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    "Putin Has Pushed Europe Into An Inflationary Depression And Currency Collapse"
    Tyler Durden's Photo
    TUESDAY, SEP 06, 2022 - 03:27 PM
    By Michael Every of Rabobank
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    At this point I plan on using a legal entity to prepare a POA ( I shall use "POA" for the most part in the rest of this message instead of "legal entity" ) of travelling to Russia.

    I am unclear what I should require in a POA.
    It is my understanding that the POA needs to "Identify ( I. D. ) me" to unlock my Type "C" depo account and most probably create a "Ruble Account" to accept Dividends as well as other purposes. This could be accomplished with a "Liimited" in scope POA.

    Some have suggested a "Bank Account" is needed and a Bank Card.
    Temperi Legal in Germany has stated they can not do this. Can other Firms do this and if so, why not Temperi? ( Temperi has been negligent the past coulpa weeks responding to my emails...probably swamped like a lot of others doing POA's but they should at least respond minimally. More importantly, if I am not travelling to Russia, do I need a bank account or will a Ruble Account suffice?

    How will funds be credited to my Ruble Account and removed? By wire or other means? Then there is the whole currency issue!

    Optimistically, at some point I shall need a "Brokerage account".
    Should I have the POA set this up now and change from a "Limited" POA to a "Broad" POA with more expansive possibilities for the POA? Of course, if a "Broad POA", one would need a "Separate Agreement" with the firm preparing the POA in order that they could not invoke any additional actions without specific a authorization from me.

    Some have suggested getting a MIR and/or Union Pay card.
    Is this necessary if not travelling to Russia?
    Some have suggested getting a "SIM" card as necessary for online banking;
    Can online banking not be done on a computer? Back to the earlier point...
    Do I need a Bank Account or why just not the Ruble Account?

    There is alot packaged in the above message and I shall anxiously await all
    suggestions and replies.

    The bottom line is Do I need a "Broad" POA and a "SeparateAgreement" with the preparer or will a "Limited POA suffice?
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    When the market goes down then it's buying opportunity, if the market goes up then you are making money if you stay invested and ignore the market's up and down you'll make a lot of money in the long run however a severe market correction cause a lot of margin calls and sell-offs, driving the market even lower. currently I'm up 15% in my diversified portfolio. As crazy as it sounds some still make enormous returns from this seemingly unknown market gotta be greedy when others are fearful
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    I have a doubt regarding the transmittal letter, at the end it says Authorised (signature and stamp)
    I'm not sure if it should be my signature and also I don't have a stamp. Should it be the brokers signature and stamp? What date should be stated there? The settlement date in the document should be provided by the broker?
    Thanks for the help.